Maintaining Your Ride-On Mower & Things That You Can Do Yourself

Maintaining Your Ride-On Mower & Things That You Can Do Yourself

If you have a large garden or you have lots of grass to take care of around your business then a push mower just won’t do the job and so you need to go for something a little bigger so that you can complete the job more quickly.

This is why many people decide to invest in a John Deere ride-on lawnmower because they know that this particular manufacturer provides quality pieces of equipment that last many years.

They also require less taking care of but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to keep it clean and to perform some simple maintenance.

This is an expensive piece of machinery after all and  John Deere parts are readily available to you from local suppliers in your local area. This is why people choose to buy any kind of John Deere machinery and they can choose from agricultural equipment to mining equipment as well.

Thankfully you can get all of your servicing done at your local service centre but the following are just some of the things that you can do to lengthen its lifespan.

Check the oil –

This is a relatively simple thing for you to do and it is important that you check the oil levels to make sure that the engine doesn’t seize up. You generally change the oil on your ride-on lawnmower if it is too old or has been contaminated in some way.

If your machine is brand-new then always take it in for an oil change after 10 to 15 hours of use. Generally speaking, if your lawnmower has done 50 hours of work then it’s time for an oil change.

Empty out the fuel tank –

If you haven’t used your lawnmower in some time but the rainy season is coming back around again then it would be an excellent idea to empty out the fuel tank because old fuel is not good for your engine.

It’s also a good idea to drain out any fuel that is in the tank when it is your intention not to cut the grass for some time. When the time comes to use it again, you can put fresh fuel in there for better performance.

Take the time to read the manual –

Many people when they buy any new piece of equipment often just take the manual and throw it to one side. Many do it because they never intend to service the machine by themselves and they will always take it to the dealer.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn about your ride-on mower and lawn for the common problems that you might come across and how you can easily diagnose them.

Give the air filter a clean –

If the air filter is blocked then your machine has to work twice as hard and so it will burn a lot more fuel.

It is very easy and straightforward to check the air filter and all you have to do is to remove it and take out any debris that might be caught there. Under no circumstances should you use any kind of compressed air on it as you will damage the filter itself.

Change out the spark plug –

Once again this is maintenance that you can do very easily by yourself and you can actually buy a spark plug removal tool so it’s easy to get out. If you’re not sure what a spark plug actually does, it helps to be able to start the machine more easily and make sure that you don’t over-tighten it as you put it in.

Always keep your mower clean –

It will need a clean all over but especially so underneath the lawnmower where the blade is and where all of the grass cutting happens.

Many people don’t clean this out regularly and so if you can try to set aside some time every single month and clean all of the old grass and other clippings away. This helps to cut down on rust and this means that your deck will last you much longer.

Always keep your machine inside –

You may feel tired after cutting the grass all day but don’t be tempted to leave your machine outside because this is when it can get damaged by the elements.

Don’t even think about leaving it out overnight because moisture will cause it to wear and if you happen to get caught in a thunderstorm while cutting the grass, always make sure that you dry down the machine before putting it away.

If you follow these seven pieces of advice then there’s no reason why your ride on lawnmower shouldn’t last you many more years and especially so if it is a John Deere piece of machinery.

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