Should You Let Home Contractors Use Your Restroom?

Should You Let Home Contractors Use Your Restroom?

If you are doing a major home improvement project, you’re expected to invite remodeling contractors into your house and share some facilities.

The restroom is among the most important facilities that contractors should access. However, should contractors use your restroom?

Restrooms, together with bedrooms, are personal spaces in your home. Therefore, it isn’t surprising if you have reservations about who can access and use them.

Generally, it is good etiquette to allow home contractors to use your restroom while working. If you are uncertain about this, you should give them alternative options, such as allowing them access to guest bathrooms or hiring  portable restrooms.

Why You Should Allow Home Contractors to Use Your Restroom

You should consider allowing renovation contractors to use your restroom for the following reasons:

1. It is courteous

Barring your contractor from using your restroom is harsh and inconsiderate, especially if they are working on internal renovations.

While you may have reasons for restricting them from using the restroom, such as having only one bathroom or saving on water bills, you should find a way to accommodate your contractor.

For instance, if you have one bathroom, you can give them an alternate access route that doesn’t pass through your living room.

2. Improves contractor relationship

Working harmoniously with your contractors is a receipt for better, quality services. You’ll also get better deals from the contractor if you need their services in the future.

Contractors will enjoy working in an accommodative environment and readily accept to work on your future projects. Giving them access to restrooms is better than tipping the contractor.

3. Saves on costs

Allowing your home contractors to use your restroom eliminates the cost of renting a portable restroom. Beyond this, it also saves more on labor.

Generally, most renovation contractors work on hourly rates. Therefore, they’d spend more time if they have to look for nearby public restrooms, increasing the costs of your renovation project.

Allowing them access to your bathroom ensures that they resume their tasks immediately.

That aside, you should allow your home contractor to use your restroom if:

Your home is far – you should give your contractor access to the restroom if your home is in the middle of nowhere.

Having them drive several minutes to a public bathroom is cruel. Unless your home is a walking distance from public restrooms, give them access to your bathrooms at home.

1. You have a guest bathroom – if your home has a guest bathroom with easy access, there’s no need to restrict them from accessing it.

2. If you hired a reputable company – if you did the groundwork and are confident that you hired a reliable company, you should be at ease letting them into your house.

Most contractors have an outstanding reputation because of providing satisfactory services and how homeowners feel about their presence in their homes.

3. If you are home – you shouldn’t have an issue letting contractors into your restroom if you will be present home.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Home Contractor Use Your Bathroom

You should restrict contractors’ access to your bathroom in the following situations:

1. If your teenage children are home alone – most parents won’t feel comfortable opening their homes to strangers if kids are alone at home.

2. If the whole family shares the restroom – you can restrict bathroom access if your family shares the bathroom and has personal effects like medication and toiletries.

3. If there’s a pandemic – sharing the bathroom with other people exposes your family to risks if there is a contagious disease.


Allowing contractors to use your restrooms shows some human decency. It also shows that you trust and respect the hired workers. However, you should be cautious when hiring these contractors to have peace of mind sharing such personal spaces.

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