6 Signs That You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

6 Signs That You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Are strange sounds keeping you up at night? Do you smell a foul odour in parts of your home?

You might want to contact your local plumber before you call for the pastor. This is a plumbing issue and not something supernatural.

The origins of plumbing problems are hard to discover until the situation becomes dire. Since most of the plumbing system is hidden by the walls or under the flooring, you might find it difficult to detect any signs before it is too late.

Your plumber comes equipped with the knowledge to detect the signs and track the source of the issue. Based on the issue, your plumber may suggest a pipe-patching service, pipe-relining service, general plumbing services, or even emergency drain repair services.

Six signs that you need emergency plumbing services

Every homeowner has at least one emergency plumber’s contact information on their phone. These are the six signs that you need to call him right away.

1. A blocked drain

Your bathroom drains carry down shampoo, soap, every other product you use, and hair. This debris can easily clog a drain if proper maintenance is not conducted on regular intervals.

You might notice a very slow draining or even a clunky sound coming from the pipes. Your kitchen sink drain catches food scraps, oil, and vegetable skins, alongside water and suds. All this debris drains into the main drain and can create a huge mess.

All pipes in your home lead to the main drain. When the debris from your bathroom and the kitchen sink accumulates here, it becomes a hard task for any plumber. Hence, it is recommended that you get regular maintenance done by your local plumbers.

2. A blocked or overflowing toilet

Your toilets often need to flush down foreign materials like kitty litter, sanitary pads, diapers, etc. These, in all likelihood, can be the cause of a serious blockage. The oil, fats, and flushable wipes get clumped together into a large mass often called the fatberg.

This fatberg is the main culprit behind most cases of blocked toilets. Besides the fatberg, roots from the plants growing in the tiny cracks in your sewers can also cause a blockage.

In case your flushing is slow, or you see waste and water coming back up, call the emergency drain repairs.

This way, you can prevent the next step, which is an overflowing toilet. You wouldn’t want to stand in a pool of dirty, stinking water, retching in disgust. What’s more, the water can affect the foundations of your home.

3. Burst pipes

If you keep hearing the sound of running water in your pipes, it is probably because you have a leak. You might also notice wet spots on the walls, floors, or ceilings.

You might have a leak in hot water pipes if the wet spot feels warm to the touch. In such a case, you should turn off the heater and call for the plumber.

You might notice mould or mildew in your house. These grow whenever there a leak remains unnoticed for some time.

4. Sagging ceilings

If the ceiling looks like sagging or there is discolouration, it is a sign of leakage.

You will need the assistance of both a professional cleaning crew to take care of the damage and emergency drainage experts to clear the water. If you are living anywhere near Kent, Any drains direct ltd  comes highly recommended.

5. Leaking gas

Difficulty breathing, dizziness, headaches, nosebleeds, and irritated skin are tell-tale signs of gas leakage. If you notice any of the following symptoms in yourself or your family, call for help immediately.

This is a profound issue that requires emergency management. Unfortunately, gas doesn’t emit any odour, so chemicals are used to track the source of the problem.

The smell is similar to rotten eggs or the smell of sulphur. You may also observe whistling sounds in the gas line or orange flames instead of blue.

6. Low water pressure

If you are getting a low pressure of water, it is a sign of leakage in the pipes. A clog in the pipes may also be the culprit. Whatever the issue, you will need the assistance of a plumber to address this issue.

Call Emergency Plumbers for Help

In this guide, you have read about the six major signs to look for before calling for emergency drain repairs. Hence, if you notice any of the signs mentioned here, call for help immediately!

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