Troubleshooting a Clogged Sink: Clear Pipes, But Still Not Draining

Troubleshooting a Clogged Sink: Clear Pipes, But Still Not Draining

One of the most annoying home issues is the bathroom or kitchen sink not draining. The better way to deal with the sink not draining issue is to address it quickly and work on it to ensure it is rectified as clogged sinks can disturb your peace of mind and hamper your routine.

Fix the problem immediately and have a free-flowing, better-draining sink again. The bathroom or kitchen sink has to be well drained to have fast kitchen functioning. Have a glance over the four most common reasons for water not draining from the kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Possible Reason Why Sink Not Draining But Pipes Clear

Food Waste Blockages

The main culprit behind this problem of water not draining from the kitchen sink is accumulated food wastage. Tiny food particles get collected without our realization and obstruct the water flow.

It starts with cleaning the dishes, small or big food wastes go into the sink and end up stuck. Over a while, all the food waste such as butter, rice, and saturated fat molecules goes down the kitchen sink during dishwashing. This creates a blockage that stops the water from draining from the sinks

The Build-Up Of Soap

Butter, fat particles, or soap build up and clog the pipes several times. Soaps build- up somewhat similar to butter and other fats over time and shrink the passage of water flow. the sink will be clogged with soap, if it doesn’t get treated timely and water will not drain properly or not at all.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects can be there other than food, soap, and fats, can obstruct water flow in the sink. Water flow may get slow, or water may not go down at all from the sink. Different household things can end up going down the pipes and jam the sink and water draining.

Household items like cotton wool, broken glass pieces, kitchen towel pieces,l or threads, small plastic particles, food wrappers, tiny toys, etc.

Matted Hair

Hair is also one of the most common reasons for sink blockage. The bathroom sink, particularly gets cluttered with hairs and stops the water drainage.

Hairs are quite thin, they can easily accumulate from hair washing, clipping, or shaving hence getting tangled and matted. Further, it causes a blockage that obstructs water not draining from the bathroom sink.

Professional assistance is required to get rid of the issue. Sometimes it can be just slow draining but the sink is not cluttered with any waste or garbage. This problem needs to be corrected at the right time, otherwise, it can give a real headache.

Here Are Some Of The Ways You Can Employ Them To Unblock The Sink:

Here are some of the ways you can employ them to unblock the sink

Use Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is a good way to keep all sorts of waste material separate from water. The first step is to use the waste disposal unit attached to your sink, to clear the sink. There can be a build-up at the bottom of a disposal container which can cause a small obstruction in the system if it has not been used in a while.

Check if waste disposal is working fine by running the waste disposal, if the sink doesn’t drain still you will have to see a different method to clear the sink.

Pour Hot Water

The fastest way to clear up a clogged sink is to pour hot boiling water into the sink which can easily clean some sinks, especially the ones that are blocked by the built-up of fats. Pour hot water slowly and let it be there for a while, after some time open the hot water tap so fat deposits in the pipes can be melted and cleared out.

Homemade Unblocking Solution

A homemade cleaning solution of baking soda and vinegar works wonders several times. Mix baking soda and salt, or baking soda and vinegar to unblock the sink. Take care of removing any excess water before pouring the unblocking solution so the solution can work on the blockage directly in the pipes.

Start by pouring a cup of baking soda in the drain, then a cup of vinegar, and put the rubber plug. The Mix should fizz and push the clutter down the drain and finally clear it up. After a while pour boiling water in the drain down to clear the solution completely.

Mix a cup of baking soda and a cup of salt mixture and put it down the sink to clear the blocked sink. Leave it at least for a few hours to break down the blockage, and then run the hot water to clean out the debris.

Use a Plunger

Plunger is quite an effective way of flushing out a kitchen or bathroom sink that is clogged and not draining or slowly draining. Sometimes you may have a lot of standing water in the sink which you are not able to remove.

You need to cover the drain hole with the plunger and plunge it many times until you see the water receding and draining on its own.

Several times it’s a good idea to insert a thin pipe consistently into the blocked sink, and physically clean out the garbage that is stuck in the pipes using a pipe snake.

It’s a flexible and thin wire which you can insert down the drain and it will mold with the pipe shape and break up the stubborn waste particles and debris. Insert it into the drain, it will help to move the pipe up and down to break down and remove the clogs. Clear it up by flushing the drain with boiling water.

Use Unblocking Products

Unblocking the sink with products, you can buy them from the local supermarket or hardware store. These products are quite effective in removing debris and clearing the sink. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for unblocking the sink and flush the drain by boiling water later.

The cost of unblocking a sink not draining depends on the severity of the sink and pipe condition. Damaged pipes need to be changed, hence it will incur some cost.

Hiring a professional plumber to come and clean the sink may cost you approx £50 per hour. You may need to replace the kitchen sink or taps, which can cost around £ 570 for installation and materials.

Final thoughts

All the outlets in a house help to drain out the debris and waste particles. It is essential to have a clean, unclogged sink and pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms. Several ways have been described in the writeup to flush out debris and clean the sink and pipes.

Even after that if the sink is clogged one should hire a plumber and get help in cleaning the outlets and feel liberated. Hiring a plumber will have cost involved but at the same time, they are quick in identifying the problem and suggest the appropriate solution to your problem.

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