Problems and Solutions for Speed Queen Washers: Troubleshooting Guide

Common Problems and Solutions for Speed Queen Washers: Troubleshooting Guide

Speed Queen is a popular brand for household and commercial use of washers or laundry machines. A Speed Queen Washer is one of the toughest, best, and long-lasting machines to do laundry.

You may face some common problems while using these washers. The article throws light on some of these common concerns and how they can be solved.

Some common issues with Speed Queen Washers are that this washer is not draining properly, the washer is not filling with water, it is not spinning at top speed, it stops in mid-cycle, or there is excessive noise while using the machine.

The best part is that these issues have some simple solutions. So, let us explore these common problems and their solutions.

Speed Queen Washer Problems And Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Them

The Speed Queen Washer proves to be an amazing addition to your home for washing clothes. However, it may face some common issues as there is natural wear and tear over the years.

The Washer may need a drum replacement too. But, these issues can always be fixed easily as the brand offers client support through a network of professionals to fix the machines. Some common Speed Queen Washer problems include:

1. Washer Not Draining Properly

Some common reasons why the Speed Queen Washer does not drain may be that it has a faulty drain pump. In the Washer spin cycle, the water pumps out of the drum into a drain with the help of a hose.

The water will not drain if the pump’s bearings are worn out. You need to replace the drain pump if it is defective.

Another reason can be a clogged drain system. At times we drop a small item into the washer, causing water to stop flowing. The problem can be easily solved by removing the hose and checking for clogs.

Another issue can be a kinked drain hose. The drain hose will not function when kinked, bent, or twisted. Straighten out the hose to resolve the issue.

2. Washer Not Filling Properly

If the washer is not filling enough water, the first thing to do is check your detergent tray. The fabric softener must be full, and check the hose for any clogging.

Another problem can be a blocked filter. Check that the hose is not cracked or damaged. Open cold and hot water faucets to see for any standing water in hoses.

There may be a problem that the washer lid is not closed properly. The inlet valve regulates the water supply, and if it is broken, an overflow condition can flood your house.

3. Washer Is Not Starting

If your Washer is not starting, then it may be due to some common reasons like the lid has not been closed properly while using the washer. The washer won’t start if the lid is open. Your washer may also emit a burning odor.

Turn off the washer immediately if you sense a burning odor. Another thing to check is the lid switch. If it is locked, then the washer won’t turn on. If you still experience these problems, check for the main switch and replace it if burnt or damaged.

4. Speed Queen Washer Not Spinning

Another common problem can be that the Speed Queen washer is not spinning. You can troubleshoot this problem at home or may contact a professional.

First, you need to check for the reason behind the malfunction. The first problem can be that the lid is not shut properly. Always turn off the switch before checking for the washer lid and disconnect the wires leading to the switch assembly.

Another reason could be a defective drive belt. The washer will not function properly if the drive belt is damaged or broken. You need to replace it as soon as possible.

Another problem can be with the motor control board of the washer, which may cause trouble spinning. You will need a replacement if the motor is burnt.

5. Washer is Leaking

The washer may face a common problem of leaking. This problem may be faced due to a lot of reasons. If the washer is leaking water from beneath, it could be that the pump of the washer is cracked, faulty, or broken.

It may also be possible that the bearings are worn out. You may also need to replace the seal of the inner tub with a new one.

Professional Repair For Speed Queen Washer Problems

Speed Queen Washers may face some common issues, but the problems can usually be resolved at home. The washer also displays some error codes that denote the issue in the machine. You can refer to the user manual and check for the errors.

Speed Queen also provides continuous customer support and has a team of experts who can visit your home to resolve the persistent issues. Always look out for an expert if you are not able to resolve the problems.

Prevention and maintenance

Prevention and maintenance of the Speed Queen Washer is equally important to let it function properly over the years. The tips are simple and practical. What you must ensure is:

1. Check for the door lock on a daily basis.

2. Check that the water inlet hose has no leaks or cracks.

3. Leave the door open after wash so that the moisture can evaporate.

4. Check and clean the filter annually and replace if needed.

5. Check the hoses for any signs of cracks, wear and tear, or blisters.

6. Call the authorized service center for an annual cleaning.

7. Clean the lint compartment daily to avoid overheating.

8. Check the exhaust duct and clean the dirt if necessary.

All these preventive measures will help in the easy maintenance of the washer.


Speed Queen Washers are known for their quality and durability. They are a low-maintenance product, but at times, you may face some issues with their functioning.

Common problems faced with these washers include the washer not filling with water, the washer not draining properly, not spinning at a good speed, stopping in the mid-cycle, or making excessive noise during the wash.

All these problems can be resolved by simple preventions and checks or call for an expert if the problem persists.

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