The Foundation of Capital Commercial Led by Norm Ebenstein

The Foundation of Capital Commercial Led by Norm Ebenstein

Located at 3018 Javier Rd. in the municipality of Fairfax, Virginia, in the United States. Capital Commercial Properties’ legal office and Ladybug Academy Family Day Care share a two-story building.

Capital Commercial Properties, a real estate company located in Boca Raton, Florida, owns the property on which it resides. Since 1961 with founder Norman Ebenstein of Capital Commercial, the corporation has expanded and converted its properties into assets that benefit the community.

About Douglas “Doug” Ebenstein, a Floridian

Douglas “Doug” Ebenstein is the President of both Douglas Ebenstein – Legal Office and Capital Commercial Properties, Inc., the Florida-based company that builds homes and mortgages. These are merely two of the several businesses he is now managing.

Since Norman Ebenstein founded Capital Commercial Buildings, Inc. in 1961, the company has built a range of commercial buildings, retail centers, and multi-family private residences all throughout the United States. Nonetheless, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia comprise the majority of the company’s focus.

Doug became president of the family-owned property management company after his father’s passing in 2016. Since then, he’s worked hard to maintain the standards his father established over a half-century ago.

Doug’s services to the community have been beneficial

Doug Ebenstein has also had a tremendous impact on the citizens of the neighborhood in which he resides. He likes tennis and many other sports and hobbies. Florida’s Boca Raton is visited annually by the Brown University tennis team as a result of his aid.

Participant in the events occurring at the Florida Kantor Family Center, Douglas Ebenstein is involved with the local Jewish congregation, and he also gives money to the Morgan Pressel Foundation. This is an agency that works to fight cancer and raise money for research into the disease.

Morgan Pressel’s annual golf tournament brought nearly $600,000 in charity donations last year. Over the length of this event’s thirteen-year run, it has directly contributed to the accumulation of an astounding figure of $9.5 million in donations that have been made to charitable organizations.

Within the realms of real estate industry development, Douglas Ebenstein has been a well and respected person.

One of the enterprises owned and operated by Mr. Ebenstein, notably Capital Commercial Properties as well as Eden Center Inc., is responsible for operating among the most successful Asian shopping malls on the East Coast.

One of the company’s most well-known attributes is that it has been among the most significant cultural, educational, and informational centers in the world.

Also, there are about 100 tenants in the building, and 24 of them are well-known restaurants that serve Vietnamese food. The Eden Center as well as Capital Commercial Properties should both be recognized for their outstanding achievements by receiving awards like:

The Washington City Paper’s readers chose this mall as the “Best Shopping Center” in 2014.

The Washington City Paper named it “Best Shopping Center” in 2015, and Falls Church, Virginia, named it “Most Improved Commercial Property” in 1997. Like many other successful businessmen, Douglas Ebenstein is always on the search for new possibilities in the real estate and development industries.

Doug’s first objective is the long-term development of his enterprises; thus he invests heavily in real estate in regions expected to gain. This strategy is important in real estate ( since a property’s value might change at any moment.

Because Mr. Ebenstein has remained unwavering in his commitment to this strategy throughout the course of his career, each one of the businesses that he is in charge of and directs has had a high level of sustained success.

Doug is responsible for the leasing and administration of shopping centers in the United States. The following are examples:

There is the Hillandale Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Timonium’s town square, situated in Timonium, Maryland. There is the Hillandale Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Mr. Douglas Ebenstein could undoubtedly serve as a motivating factor for a sizable number of younger people who are considering a career in the real estate market. He acts as a role model for younger people, but also for many seasoned real estate entrepreneurs.

Doug’s professional future is bright if he maintains up this pace. He works hard to have a positive impact on as many people’s lives as he can because he is driven to succeed. As a result, he does not take his success for granted.

The extent of a man’s participation in philanthropic projects and the society in which he resides may reveal his thoughts and emotions towards other people.

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