Tiny House Laundry Dilemma: Solutions for a Common Problem

Tiny House Laundry Dilemma: Solutions for a Common Problem

The essence of living in a tiny house, simple and minimalistic, draws more attention. It encourages people to simplify their lifestyles, reduce environmental impact, and save money.

However, behind the resourcefulness, minimalism, and sustainability it promotes, there are several trade-offs and challenges of living in a tiny house.

Doing laundry is one of the challenges when living in a tiny house. Well, this dilemma is easily solved with  laundry delivery services.

However, this may not be suitable if there is no pickup and delivery from the laundry service near you. Hence, we have listed the common problems and solutions when doing laundry in your tiny home.

Problems and Effective Solutions For doing Laundry In Tiny Home

It looks dreary

A small laundry space is not a problem; how it looks makes us procrastinate. Give your tiny space a makeover to make it appealing and comfortable. It does not have to be grandiose; it needs to be simple yet highly functional.

Sometimes improving the lighting, rug, or artwork does the work. Do not neglect installing proper lighting. If you have overhead shadows, this casts shadows on your workspace. All you have to do is to make the space more inviting and pleasant.

Lacks functionality

Laundry space in a tiny house has a washer and dryer and leaves you barely a space to do sorting and folding; it only makes laundry more difficult to do. There is always a way to enhance the functionality of your room. In a tiny space, you can:

  • Install a pullout ironing board to save space.
  • Open shelving to organize laundry essentials easily.
  • Hanging rods for hanging space for delicate garments.
  • Pullout laundry hamper. Hidden storage is the key to a clutter-free area.

Less storage space

Among the common complaints is having insufficient storage for laundry supplies.

You can remodel the built-in cabinets in your dedicated laundry room; open shelving and pullout shelves are the common solutions for remodeling. However, even when you have it remodeled, the storage is still not enough if it is disorganized.

Space is too tight.

Not a shocker if you have this problem. Space is always a challenge for tiny house dwellers. If you think of remodeling, go vertical.

Using vertical space helps you ease up the floor estate. You can make use of the space. Build a cabinet all the way to the ceiling for your hidden storage.

If you are used to dumping your things in the laundry room before, you cannot do it in your tiny house, especially if you have a small load capacity washer. You have to do laundry several times a week than before.

Final Takeaway

Laundry is already a daunting task, and having a limited space to do it makes it more stressful. But knowing the solutions to common problems makes them bearable.

Do not adapt to the common laundry room problems; see what you can do and take action. Now, you do not have to rely on laundry services solely. You can do your laundry on regular days without stressing out.

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