6 Security Tips to Consider When Constructing Rental Properties

6 Security Tips to Consider When Constructing Rental Properties

Designing new rental properties gives you many opportunities to attract new tenants and provide them with impressive homes. While rental properties’ interior layout and design are often heavily considered, security should be scrutinized equally.

Safety is a priority, and setting your tenants up for a secure home environment is necessary. Both multi-family units and single-family homes need property security measures in place before being rented out.

6 Security Tips To Consider When Constructing Rental Properties

#1: Protect All Entry Points

The first thing to consider is the security of all entry points to the buildings, property, and other on-site amenities.

In the event of a burglary or other security issue, entry points are the first thing to be targeted. Implementing basic security protocols for all entry points when constructing can prevent future problems.

Top home security tips often include upgrading windows, doors, and hinges to modern fittings. This isn’t a concern when dealing with new construction, but it is essential to ensure you start with solid protections from day one.

Design properties with as few entry points as possible without reducing the livability of the rental units. This will make it easier to protect the property. Consider installing double deadbolts, control access systems, and other measures to secure entry points.

#2: Consider Community Security

Are you planning a multi-unit rental property? Do the plans include multiple buildings? In either situation, thinking beyond securing each property is important. You must also consider what should be done to secure the rental community.

Access control systems are great for buildings containing multiple rental units. They reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to the building and lockpicking problems. Credentials are recorded as the building is accessed, leading to better building management.

Security solutions for a multiple-building property may include HOA gate access systems to properly manage the traffic flow into and out of the community.

Large open spaces included in the community should be protected with chain link fences to secure the area as much as possible without reducing its usability.

#3: Design for the Local Environment

Have you considered how environmental disasters like floods or earthquakes could cause safety and security risks for your tenants?

New rental construction should exceed all local standards for dealing with these types of natural disasters. You cannot predict if or when they will occur, but you can ensure properties are well-structured and secure if these events occur.

Ensure that emergency evacuation plans and routes are clearly indicated in multi-family units, and distribute this information to tenants when they move in.

#4: Install Security Cameras

Building operations and security are best managed with the help of security cameras. Cameras installed by professional security companies cover optimal angles and create a user-friendly experience for property management staff and tenants.

Consider where to install security cameras inside and outside at all newly constructed rental properties.

Some property owners even offer camera installation to tenants, allowing them to take their home’s security into their own hands. Security is an attractive feature for tenants, so this investment will pay off.

#5: Offer Secured Parking

Multifamily rental properties often have shared parking facilities as well. Parking lots and garages should be secured to reduce the likelihood of vehicle theft or damage.

Tenants expect to be able to park safely while at home, and designing new rental options to meet this need is optimal.

Utilize gated access options to limit unauthorized access to tenant parking. Parking garages are more straightforward, but even a standard parking lot can be secured with fencing and gates.

Single-family units with on-site garages should be secured with the latest garage doors and locks, while those without garages will have limited options for extra parking security.

Supplementing these security measures with security cameras will ensure any instances are properly documented regardless of the parking situation.

#6: Provide Proper Lighting

Finally, make sure that your properties are well-lit. Proper lighting is a crucial security measure for all types of properties; new rental construction is no exception.

Crimes are most frequently committed in areas where the act will go unseen, so unlit regions are more likely to be affected.

Ensuring you have bright lights in parking lots, walkways, entrance areas, hallways, lobbies, and any other risk area will help reduce the likelihood of crimes.

Motion-activated lights save electricity, but make sure you find lights with enough sensitivity to be functionally secure.

Floodlights aimed at potential entry points are key. These areas should be impossible to trespass without being lit up. Combining good lighting with video cameras ensures that any crimes committed are thoroughly documented.

Investing in the safety of new rental construction will not only protect your investment, but it will also appeal to prospective tenants. Tenants rely on security measures to stay safe; show them you can provide the best security options.

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