13 DIY Tips to Organize the Cables at Your Home Like Never Before!

13 DIY Tips to Organize the Cables at Your Home Like Never Before!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the mess of cables and wires at your home?

Or, Are you tired of untangling cords every time you need to charge your phone or use your computer?

We have all been there – a jumbled mess of cables tangled behind the TV or cluttering our desks. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be a major tripping hazard!

However, the good news is that you don’t have to live with this chaos forever. Instead, with a few simple DIY tips mentioned below, you can organize the cables at your home and say goodbye to the clutter for good!

Best Ways to Organize Your Cables

Cable Hangers – Overall Best

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try, your cords always seem to get tangled up?

Well, that’s where slotted cable hangers come in handy! These nifty little gadgets are great for tying up excess cords and keeping everything neat and tidy. Plus, they are super easy to install and can be placed anywhere you need them.

Whether you are dealing with a huge mess of cords behind your TV or a cluster of cables on your desk, these cable hangers can be a game-changer in keeping your space organized.

All you need is a few screws, and you are good to go!

Toilet Paper Rolls – Keeps Cords Untangled and Organized

We have a DIY tip that might surprise you: toilet paper rolls.

Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, toilet paper rolls can actually be really useful when it comes to organizing your cords.

All you need to do is gather a few empty rolls, label them according to the device they belong to, and then wrap your cables around them.

This keeps your cords untangled and makes it super easy to identify which cable goes where. Last, but not least, it’s a great way to repurpose something you might have thrown away without costing you a dime!

Bread Ties – Help Sort the Power Bar Cords

If you have a power bar with multiple cords, you know how frustrating it can be to sort them all out. This is where the bread ties come in!

Simply collect a few of these little plastic clips, then label each one with the name of the device it belongs to. Wrap the tie around the cord, then clip it in place.

This will help you keep track of all your cords and ensure that you are plugging the right device into the right outlet. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution since you are repurposing something you already have at home.

Label Maker – Offers a Professional Look

For a more polished and professional look, investing in a label maker can make all the difference in keeping your cables organized.

Labeling each cord not only makes it easy to identify which device it belongs to but also adds a touch of elegance to your setup.

Moreover, these label makers can be used for more than just cable organization – you can use them to label drawers, shelves, and even food containers.

It’s a simple but effective way to make your space look more organized and put together, especially if you have a lot of cables and wires in one outlet.

Fabric Storage Pouches – Perfect DIY Cord Organizers

If you like to sew or craft, creating your own fabric storage pouches can be a great way to keep your cords organized.

All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and a little bit of creativity. You can customize the pouches to fit your needs, making them as big or small as you need them to be.

Once you have created your pouches, simply label them with the device they belong to and store your cords inside. This will keep your cords organized and add a fun DIY touch to your space while protecting them from getting tangled or damaged!

Clothespin Clips

Are you looking for a simple, low-cost way to keep your cords organized?

Look no further than these humble little clothespin clips.

Simply clip a clothespin onto each cord and label it with a marker. This is a great option for someone who wants to keep their cords organized without spending a lot of time or money on fancy gadgets.

And for the best part, these clips are readily available at most dollar stores, making them an affordable option for anyone.

Cable Sleeves

Cable sleeves are a handy way to keep your cables organized and tangle-free. They come in a variety of materials, such as Nylon,

Neoprene, and PET, and can be used to group multiple cables together.

Simply insert your cables into the sleeve, zip it up, and voila!

You have a neat and tidy cable bundle. Cable sleeves can be especially useful for organizing the cables behind your TV or computer desk, where many cables are running in different directions.

Binder Clips

Have you ever found yourself digging through a mess of tangled cords just to find the one you need?

Well, fear not, my friend, because binder clips are here to save the day! These little office staples are surprisingly effective at keeping your cables organized and tangle-free.

All you need to do is clip one onto the edge of your desk or table and then thread your cords through the metal hoops. Not only will this keep your cables tidy, but it will also help prevent them from falling down behind your aesthetic furniture.

Ribbon Twist Ties – Efficient and Practical

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to keep your cables organized, then ribbon twist ties are the ultimate way to go. These handy little ties are made of soft, bendable wire covered in colorful ribbon.

You can use them to bundle together your cords and cables, keeping them neat and tidy. Plus, you can easily twist and bend them around even the most awkwardly shaped cables because they are so flexible.

And since they come in so many different colors and patterns, you can even use them to add a bit of style to your cable organization game.

Sunglass Cases – Keep Cords in Order

Don’t throw away those old sunglass cases just yet! They can actually be repurposed to help you organize your cables.

These cases are, in a word, perfect for storing smaller cords like earbuds or phone chargers. Simply coil the cord neatly inside the case and snap it shut.

From keeping your cords tangle-free to protecting them from getting lost or damaged – you can easily stash these cases in a drawer or on a shelf. So all your cords stay out of sight and out of mind.

Cable Management Box

If you have a lot of cables and cords that you need to keep organized, a cable management box can be a great investment. These boxes are designed to hide your cables and power strips from view while allowing you to access them easily when needed.

They usually come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose one that matches your décor and fits the number of cables you have. Some even come with built-in power strips, so you can keep all your devices plugged in and organized in one place.

Simple Fabric Cord Wraps

Looking for a low-cost solution to keep your cords neat and tidy? Well, what can be a better solution than fabric cord wraps?

These handy wraps are made of soft fabric and can be easily customized to fit any size cord. Simply cut a piece of fabric to the desired length, fold it in half, and sew the edges together.

Then, you can slip your cord inside the fabric sleeve and wrap it up. These wraps not only keep your cords organized, but they also help protect them from damage or wear and tear.

Moreover, you can easily make them in different colors or patterns to add a bit of personality to your cable organization system.

Lego Figure Cords Holders – Extra Fun!

Lastly, we have Lego figure cord holders. This one is extra fun, especially if you’re a fan of Lego. All you need are some Lego figures with hands that can hold onto your cords.

Simply slot your cords into the hands, and you’ve got yourself a fun and functional cable organizer. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for when you have guests over!


With these thirteen DIY tips mentioned above for organizing cables at home, you will be able to create a clean and clutter-free space that you will simply love spending time in.

No more tripping hazards or tangled messes – just a tidy and organized living space.

Whether you prefer cable ties, cable boxes, or cable sleeves, there’s a solution for every need and budget. So why wait? Start tackling that cable chaos today and enjoy a more organized, streamlined space.

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