Tumble Rugs Reviews To Read Before You Buy

Tumble Rugs Reviews To Read Before You Buy

The new washable rugs from Tumble is one of the hot types of machine washable carpets available. Tumble is now trending everywhere at all homes. People are comparing it to another washable rug brand called Ruggable.

If you have seen the Tumble Washable Rug online and like to know about it to buy it, you have come to the right place. Continue reading this article to look at the best tumble rugs reviews before you buy one for your home.

Tumble Tabriz in Sea Blue/Ivory in size 8×10 review from Karis

After looking at fresh options for décor and style, I knew I wanted a new rug to serve as the focal point of this area. For my part, I prefer to start with a more neutral foundation and add flashes of color.

I had intended to furnish this space with blue accents, so when I came across this rug, I knew it was the perfect starting point.

This washable carpeting is a great option for someone looking to add subtle color because it adds interest without being overtly colorful and makes other accents look great with it! We got the Tabriz in size 8×10′ in Sea Blue/Ivory.

In addition to the exquisite colors and design, the texture and quality are outstanding. Bodie has expressed his admiration for our new rug and its softness to me on several occasions.

Every tumble-dryable rug satisfies safety requirements by being non-toxic, and for added comfort, each one is packaged with a ¼-inch thick non-slip rug pad.

Because the pad is non-porous, it won’t absorb any moisture, further safeguarding your floors. All rugs are spillproof and machine washable (simply toss them in the laundry).

In the event of an accident, the liquid simply runs away because it beads up on top of the rug rather than seeping into it. I deliberately exposed and verified this assertion, and I can attest that it is entirely accurate!

Talk about a rug that can withstand significant mishaps as well as regular wear and tear. In my tumble rugs reviews, I’d like to say that having a rug like this is really helpful when you have kids, pets, and snacks.

I’m all for functionality without losing style when it comes to clothes and décor, and Tumble delivers on that front! If blue isn’t your thing, Tumble has a wide range of hues and patterns in addition to several sizes so you can discover the ideal rug for your room!

Tumble Amara Ash/Natural Rug Review from Haley

I placed an order for the 8×10 Amara Ash/Natural Rug. It is really lovely to hold and features shades of gray, ivory, and navy. Priced at $375, it was $64 less expensive than Ruggable.

Furthermore, Tumble Rugs genuinely provides free returns and exchanges. It’s really great that there are no unstated costs. I discovered that many other washable rug retailers charge a restocking fee even though they provide free returns.

Upon receiving the rug, I observed that its packaging was unlike from other washable rugs I had previously purchased—it was enclosed in a box! When I opened it, I saw right away that the rug portion felt and looked almost just like the popular Ruggable washable rugs.

The rug itself has four slips in each corner and is plush on the bottom, resembling a hefty blanket. To keep the rug in place, the four corners slide onto the jigsaw foam pad I previously stated. Although it is somewhat thin, I don’t mind because the pad is the thickest washable rug I have ever seen.

The rug pad was easy to set up. The foam “puzzle pieces” have numbered labels, and an accompanying sheet is included. In essence, you are assembling a large puzzle!

The rug portion simply slid over the sides of the pad and was placed on top of it once it was assembled. The rug is quite soft and lovely underfoot. The pad is very incredible! It is extremely soft and ideal for my one-year-old child, who spends endless hours playing on the ground.

Tumble Tabriz 10′ runner in Sea Blue/Ivory review from Emma Grace

Are Tumble Rugs That Good? In a nutshell, YES, THAT’S GREAT! My house is always balancing bringing in something new and sparkly and promptly throwing that new item back out to the trash since I have two enormous dogs and three little sons.

It’s adorable—we have muddy feet, spills, and a dog that still urinates inside the home! Of course, I was intrigued by the washable rug trend and thought that this was the only option. Our way of living does not allow us to continually spend hundreds of dollars on maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our house.

Coming out of the box, I was astounded by the rug’s exceptional craftsmanship! Given that it is waterproof, I had anticipated a harsher, less comfy material, but this is definitely not the case!

It can be put straight in the washing machine and is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch! I give it a cold, solo wash and use low drying heat. It cleans up like new and lays flat right away, with no corners curling.

I didn’t realize how fantastic the rug pad would be. It comes in square pieces that are simple to put together by simply aligning the notches and pressing them together, exactly like a kid’s play mat.

It’s thick enough to make you feel like you’re on one of those foam sink mats, but still thin enough for my robovac to easily vacuum over.

It provides traction and cushioning and is simple to clean with a cloth or wipe and some cleaner (much like a yoga mat). I appreciate that it is devoid of velcro, unlike some other brands I’ve seen.

My pad was rather unclean while I was cleaning my runner, but it was quite simple to vacuum and clean up. Cleaning the velcro must be more difficult.

Additionally, this does not keep the corners as tight as Tumble’s pocket feature does. The built-in corner pockets on the runner itself are where the mat goes into to keep the rug corners flat and in line with the pad.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these tumble rugs reviews should help you buy the right rug. You should give tumble washable carpets a try right now since they provide free shipping and returns!

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