Types of Floor Hatches for Basement Construction

Types of Floor Hatches for Basement Construction

Basements impose a lot of benefits for your establishment and home. It can provide extra space for a recreational area or room for mechanical systems such as plumbing or storage.

Not only that but having a basement can also increase your structure’s value if you’re thinking of selling it in the future.

Contractors recommend having floor hatches to have easier access to your basement. When selecting the appropriate floor hatches for your establishment, you must first find out the purpose or reason why you are installing them.

Knowing the best material that will provide you with the characteristics you need is also essential, mainly if you base it on the location where you want to install it.

Types Of Floor Hatches That You Might Want To Consider Installing For Your Basement:

1. Flush Aluminum Floor Hatches

This floor hatch is a sturdy door choice suitable for areas or floors where foot traffic is expected and rampant. You can choose from a diamond-plated door finish, which is excellent for safe walking in a commercial setting.

Its doors and frames make it the perfect solution for existing cement floors or poured in concrete with its thick aluminum material.

2. Fire-Rated Floor Hatch

A fire-rated floor hatch is the best at helping your commercial building have improved fire safety. Nearly all industrial and commercial buildings require a fire-rated floor hatch.

In addition, it also had other benefits, such as having a recessed panel in the door to hold a square of floor material.

Once installed with the flooring material surrounding it, the closed hatch becomes flush with the floor.

To work seamlessly, you can choose different materials to fit the door with, whether tile, concrete, stone, or other thick materials.

3. Recessed Aluminium Floor Hatch

If you want to have a floor hatch that will fit well with your flooring material so it will blend with your building’s aesthetic design, then this floor hatch is for you.

If you wish to have a secret basement, you should opt for this floor hatch. Recessed aluminium floor hatches can come in either hinged or removable options.

This floor hatch type can adapt to any floor coverings such as ceramic, vinyl, and even concrete. It is usually made with the same durability as other floor hatches in the market, but it offers additional design features.

4. Floodtight Floor Hatches

If your commercial building is in an area with high risks for flood, this is the floor hatch you need. Not only that, it has the durability to withstand regular foot traffic.

This floor hatch is ideal for interior and exterior flood-tight applications where water can rise above the surface opening. It can hold up to 10 feet head of water.

Its door panel can extend over the frame, compressing the gasket, providing a flood-tight finish.

Choosing the correct type of floor hatch for your basement can be a difficult task. Before purchasing, make sure you lay out all the characteristics you need in a floor hatch.

The prices usually vary on each floor hatch’s material type and purpose. You can seek advice from reputable contractors to assist you in this process.

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