The 10 Wall Colors Homeowners Must Have in Their Bedroom in 2022

The 10 Wall Colors Homeowners Must Have in Their Bedroom in 2022

Finding the ideal wall color for your bedroom is a must if you want to feel cozy and fulfilled when you go to sleep every night, and when you host people in your room.

That being said, many people have a hard time finding the right color for their personality, and bedroom needs. Thankfully, there are tons of fantastic wall colors to choose from in 2022:

1. Dove White

Dove white has become a go-to wall color choice for homeowners who enjoy a white shade in their bedrooms.

This color is a one-size-fits-all option, as it can match practically any color scheme or style setup that you can imagine. Dove white is the most versatile wall color choice on the market today.

2. Sage Green

Sage green has quickly positioned itself as one of the most popular wall colors for bedrooms. Not only does it help bring out the bright greens of houseplants, but it matches popular neutral and bright color schemes as well.

For those who want to pull off a sage green wall coloring in their bedroom optimally, take your time to plan out the perfect look.

3. French Gray

Do you love to mix neutrals, DIY decorations, and family heirlooms in your bedroom’s setup? If so, the amazingly stylish neutral color provided by french gray is worth looking into.

Many artists and loft owners are especially fond of french gray. In Europe, the color has become incredibly popular with those that live in apartments.

4. Neutral Ground

For the true neutrals out there, having a bedroom wall color that keeps them calm and collected at home is essential. Neutral ground shades are a great way to add a sense of balance to your bedroom. It’s not loud, but it’s classy. This perfect mixture has made it popular among more conservative homeowners in particular.

5. Blush Pink

Those who want to look cute, stylish, and sophisticated will want to keep their eyes on blush pink wall color setups.

While many people think it may be too poppy at first, looking directly at bedrooms with blush pink walls will help convince you of its classy nature almost immediately.

Many top-tier designers have used blush pink walls fantastically over the last decade when designing celebrities’ homes (making the color that much more attractive to stylish homeowners).

6. Caramel

For those who love neutrals, but want something just a bit quirky and unique, going with a caramel color bedroom wall is an excellent option.

The caramel blends with other neutral shades, and darker reds perfectly. Hotels, Airbnbs, and other comfort-focused bedrooms have been using caramel much more recently, but you can add this cute flair to your home’s bedroom as well.

7. Chocolate Brown

Do you want a sensual but noticeably laid-back feel to your bedroom? If so, chocolate brown is perfect for those who keep romance on fire throughout their life.

It invites you to relax, and enjoy your time in bed. Even for those who just want a hyper-comfy look to their bedroom, chocolate brown is a classy, impressive, and widely-accessible choice.

8. Peach

Quirky homeowners, especially those that love soft palettes, will love the peach wall color. You can use this shade perfectly with black-and-white art, and other DIY decorations as well.

It’s a bit brighter than white, but still provides that stylish, quiet neutral look that you desire. For this reason, peach wall coloring has also become highly popular in art galleries.

9. Marigold

The popularity of marigold for bedroom walls has exploded over the last decade. This sunny, energy-providing color is perfect for those who enjoy a casual but satisfying lifestyle.

If you’re a fan of pop culture, you’ll get a kick out of using this notable shade of yellow in your room. Marigold paint can be hard to find, however, so this is often a more expensive wall color to invest in.

10. Lemon Yellow

If you want a hyper-bright, inviting color to welcome you into every day, you need to consider a fantastic, bubbly shade of yellow for your bedroom.

Lemon yellow has become especially popular recently and can match other quirky, loud color schemes in your room as well. Just make sure to avoid too many neutrals when pairing furniture with this wall color.

Find Your Dream Bedroom Wall Color

The selection of fantastic wall colors available in 2022 is absolutely insane. If you have a vision, you can make it happen with the right color. So here’s to your journey toward finding your dream bedroom wall color in 2022.

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