How To Update The Look Of Your Kid’s Room With Wallpaper

How To Update The Look Of Your Kid's Room With Wallpaper

Decorating bedrooms for kids doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style; it is the perfect excuse to indulge their imagination and choose children’s bedroom wallpaper designs that are bright, bold, and fun.

Although it is a good idea to avoid anything that is overhyped, such as cartoon characters they might grow out of. A beautiful choice of designs can open up a whole new world of design possibilities and provide your child with a stimulating and magical environment to grow up in.

Using innovative, eye-catching designs mixed with a color palette that inspires creativity, you can transform your kid’s room with wallpaper – it’s that simple! In this article, we’ll be focusing on using wallpaper in a child’s bedroom. Let’s get started!

What can wallpaper do to your kid’s room?

1. Wallpaper can feature a child’s favorite colors and shapes.

2. Wallpaper can provide a canvas for a child’s art.

3. Wallpaper can celebrate a child’s original artwork.

4. Wallpaper can stimulate your child’s imagination.

5. Wallpaper can reflect a child’s favorite hobbies.

Pro tip-1: If you’re not papering the walls, applying wallpaper that has your child’s favorite colors and shapes can be a great way to dress up mundane areas and nooks, such as the backs of bookcases and shelves.

Trendy ideas to modernize your kid’s room with wallpaper

1. Put your hands on an all-over-print.

There are no rules when it comes to kids’ room ideas. However, it’s recommended to steer away from decorating with stimulating colors, as children can be hard enough to put to bed as it is.

One children’s bedroom custom wallpaper technique works well with one color and is used all over the room. As well as looking sweet, the key to making it all work is color: each print is underpinned by either a mauve or crimson, tying disparate elements of the room together harmoniously.

2. Go for an educational feature wall!

Create an attractive feature wall that will excite curiosity. A world map can work particularly well in a child’s room, acting as an educational aid and colorful décor. Track down a good-quality custom wall murals company that can create a bespoke design to fit your entire wall perfectly.

3. A subtle pattern will never ditch your kid’s feelings.

Forget stereotypes of cheap fabric and tacky design. Animal motifs can add a real sense of sophistication to a scheme if used in the right way. Moreover, these subtle patterns can add a fascinating touch to your kids bedroom.

A child’s room is an ideal setting for a strong print, and  kids room wallpaper is an easy way to work in animal motifs.

4. Introduce a botanical theme

Lauren Watts from believes that using botanicals for your wall decor ideas is on-trend right now – with maximalist motifs becoming more popular than classic florals or smaller repeat patterns as people become more adventurous with their decorating ideas. Botanicals are usually styled in greens or natural shades, so it is best to pick colors that would naturally complement these colors outdoors.

5. The idea of the monochromatic wall is worth investing in.

A black-and-white color scheme can work equally well in a children’s room. The space should have a neat, tailored finish that is smart and practical. Break up the black with as many colors as possible to create a striking look.

Wallpaper tricks that are in trend

A small pattern on all four walls or just one feature wall won’t make the room feel more prominent, and neither will opt for a large design.

Instead, try these wallpaper tricks:

1. Hang a subtle stripe across the shortest walls of a narrow room to make them feel longer – and the room wider.

2. Pick out wallpaper for a child’s small bedroom with a diagonal pattern – making the walls seem broader and taller.

3. As we said above, hang a striped wallpaper vertically to make a child’s room with low ceilings look taller.

4. Pick a wallpaper with a thoughtful design that will bounce light around the room, making it feel larger.

5. Choose children’s bedroom wallpaper with a white or pale background – this will make a small room feel bigger.

6. If you have a little more room to play with, or if the print isn’t too bold, you can afford to hang the design on two or more walls. If in doubt, start with one wall and work up from there. You can always paint the adjacent walls in a coordinating shade.


It’s easy to update your child’s bedroom with removable wallpaper. Wallpapers can change the look of your kid’s room instantly. Choose a fun pattern and get started now! We hope you enjoyed this post on how easy it is to update your child’s bedroom with wallpaper.

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