What To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

What To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Are Christmas bells already ringing in your region? For most of the population, Christmas is one of the top festivities of the year. It’s often filled with happiness and kindness towards family and friends.

How do you plan to prepare for Christmas? One way to do this is by decorating your home, indoors and outdoors. You’ll find various Christmas decorations when you visit stores, which vary in size, color, theme, and others.

Suppose you plan on decorating your outdoors. How will you know the right one for you with all the many options? Well, you’re in the right place. This article will assist you by highlighting the factors to consider when choosing outdoor Christmas decorations.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Holiday Decoration


The theme refers to the setting you want to achieve with your Christmas decorations. Are you looking for a laid-back outlook or a distinctive one?

With Christmas decorations, you’ll often find traditional and modern themes. A traditionally themed outdoor Christmas decoration more or less represents how people decorated their houses in ancient times during Christmas.

Some traditional Christmas colors are green and red, with a touch of gold. If this is your preferred theme, consider adding braided garlands along the length and width of your main door.

A Christmas wreath will also come in handy at the center of your main door. Christmas inflatables are a fun addition to your decorations.

Therefore, buy a Santa Claus inflatable with his elves and arrange them in your front yard. After all, it’s said that there’s no Christmas without Santa Claus.

For a modern theme, adopt shiny, metallic decorations. Instead of a real Christmas tree outdoors, buy a big one or several small ones made of shiny metal. Place the small ones along the sides of your entrance, preferably on your porch.


A budget is an important addition during the festive season. In this season, there’s always so much to buy, often on sale. Without proper planning, you might spend more than you intend, leading to financial strain.

As you shop for outdoor Christmas decorations, prepare a budget and set a limit to what you’ll spend on them. Your budget should factor in the decorations’ short- and long-term costs. In the short term, you’ll incur the cost of buying and installing the decorations.

You might also incur transportation costs if you buy large outdoor decorations. In the long term, expect to spend more on your electricity bills, especially if your decorations include lighting.

Ensure your decorations’ costs fall within your budget. With a minimal budget, reduce the number and size of decorations you buy. Also, opt for LED bulbs. They’re more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and will reduce your energy bills.


It’s said that many accidents happen during the festive seasons when everyone is happy and most people have put their guard down. You don’t want to have to run down the emergency room due to an accident caused by your outdoor Christmas decorations.

It’s best to adopt safety precautions as you put up the decorations. One safety issue arises with possible electrocution. If your decorations are lit, ensure the wiring is well placed on the ground and covered or at a high level to prevent tripping.

Also, encase the wiring to prevent exposure to water, be it from rain or surface run-off. It’ll prevent electrocution.


It’s important to find a suitable place to host your decorations. The outdoor weather might be harsh to your decorations, so you must find an ideal location.

If Christmas comes when it’s sunny in your region, it’s best to have your decorations in a shaded area. It could be your patio, pergola, or deck. This way, your ornaments won’t fade and remove all the shiny Christmas glory.

Suppose it’s the wet season—it’s either snowing or raining. Be wary of the lighting of your outdoor decorations. It’s best to use LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones.

LED bulbs don’t get too hot when lit; hence, they won’t burst due to the cold temperatures of the rain or snow. With incandescent bulbs, expect several of them to explode since they emit a lot of heat.

Available Space

Outdoor Christmas decorations come in different sizes, and some can be quite huge. As a result, you should consider the amount of space on your lawn, patio, or front yard.

The chosen decorations should fit your space without distracting traffic flow. Here, traffic flow applies to your household and your neighbors’.

The decorations shouldn’t hinder how they go about their daily operations. Otherwise, some might take action against you.

If you fear a decoration will touch your neighbor’s property, ask them about it beforehand. You want to ensure peaceful co-existence during the festive season.


Outdoor Christmas decorations are one of the ways to get into the festive mood. They spread joy, in one way or another, to you and those who see them. However, these decorations will only give you optimum joy if you buy the right ones.

The right decorations fit your budget, style, and space without interfering with your safety; the discussion above has established this. Consider implementing this guide during your purchase.

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