What’s Clogging Your Drain & How to Fix It-Find Reliable Plumbers in Austin, TX

What's Clogging Your Drain & How to Fix It-Find Reliable Plumbers in Austin, TX

Most Austin homeowners don’t pay a lot of attention to the drains with their plumbing system unless a block develops. Once that happens, many people are hard-pressed to figure out what’s causing it, how to unclog the drain, or even if they should try to do so on their own.

How do you know if a block is serious enough to reach out for help? Trusted, reliable plumbing companies like  Rooter-Man Plumbing have seen virtually any kind of clog, minor and severe. These Texas professionals can typically diagnose the problem swiftly and resolve it with relative ease and minimal hassle.

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Clogs are common and can be a frequent occurrence in many households, with the recommendation to use an expert to free the blockage to avoid creating extensive damage and the possibility of expensive repairs.

If a clog is developing, the water will be slow to drain, an early sign of trouble and an indication to call your local plumbing expert to troubleshoot the issue. The sooner the block is caught, the easier it will be to resolve, ultimately being less time and effort-intensive, resulting in possible cost savings for you.

What Are Signs It’s Time to Contact a Plumber for Your Clogged Drain

Blocked drains can be a frequent issue with many Texas households with the suggestion that homeowners reach out to plumbing professionals to diagnose and resolve the clog for the most straightforward and least expensive fix.

The sooner you recognize an issue, the easier it is to remove the block, saving time, effort, and costs. The primary sign that a clog is developing is that the water will slowly drain. When you notice a warning sign, finding a reliable plumber to diagnose the underlying cause and fix it is vital.

Prevention is the key to adequate upkeep, as with any primary system in your Austin home. Here are methods for avoiding clogs from everyday items that often result in blockages.

The bathroom

Hair is a major reason for blocks in the sink and tub drains as is soap scum. Over time, the water gradually slows down as it drains. Before showering, brushing or combing your hair will remove the loose strands that can fall into the drain while shampooing your hair.

The toilet shouldn’t be used as a catch-all for flushing anything other than toilet paper. Everything else has the potential to clog the system. It’s important to pay close attention to kids with the toilet. It’s common for toys to go in the basin to see where flushing might send them.

A preventive measure in the bathroom to catch debris, particles, hair, and soap scum is to use a mesh drain cover. This will prevent these items from getting into the drain. It’s a simple, straightforward, and affordable fix.

The kitchen

A recommendation from plumbing experts is not to throw food in the drain. Developing an adequate waste management process will prevent the possibility of serious clogs in the drain. Many homeowners set up compost for food wastes that won’t be used for leftovers.

In no uncertain terms should oil or grease or coffee grounds be put into the drain. These can result in severe clogs that can damage the piping system, resulting in the need for extensive repairs and great expense.

Like a mesh screen for the bathroom, the plumber can install a drain screen for the kitchen to prevent oversized food particles from falling into the sink. This screen will need proper care and upkeep with routine cleaning to prevent foul odors from developing in the sink.

A recommendation for regular household maintenance is to regularly (as often as possible) pour hot water into the drain to eliminate grease and small food particles.

Chemical-based cleaners

Chemical-based cleaners

Chemical-based solutions are not meant for cleaning household drains. Many remedies are available for resolving clogs, but these solutions are harmful to the piping system and, more importantly, your health.

Before resorting to any treatment, it’s recommended to contact your Austin plumber when you have a block.

The professional will diagnose the problem using specialized tools and equipment. Once the problem is assessed, the licensed plumber can resolve the clog and offer instructions so the problem doesn’t recur.

Final Thought

Prevention is key to ensuring the primary systems in your Austin home remain functional including your plumbing. A common problem that happens all too often is clogged drains. Go here for plumbing problems to be aware of within your home and how to diagnose these.

Fortunately, reliable Texas plumbing professionals perform preventive drain cleaning to avoid what can be an exceptionally damaging situation. These experts assess potential defects in the system and resolve them before a problem develops, ultimately saving not only time and effort but considerable expense.

No one wants a severe blockage to develop, leading to the possibility of water overflowing into the house with resultant water damage. Staying ahead of issues before they arise gives you peace of mind that you’ll have a healthy system for the long term.

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