Why Are Shower Enclosures Installed Near Swimming Pools?

Why Are Shower Enclosures Installed Near Swimming Pools?

As summer approaches, more and more people head towards the water. It’s not only the beach that becomes overcrowded with people having a fun day out, but many go swimming in a nearby pool.

It’s a healthy and great way to cool off the heat of summer, but you may have noticed an increasing trend of installing an outdoor shower enclosure near the pool.

Have you ever thought about why even such showers are necessary near a swimming pool? Perhaps, there are many practical reasons for it.  Our blog discusses why having a shower enclosure near the swimming pool might be good.

Washing Off Before and After Swimming.

Many people visit community shower pools, while others may have them in their houses. Both of these have different purposes. There are the following benefits of outdoor  shower enclosures near the swimming pool.

The main purpose of installing shower stalls is to provide a place for washing off yourself before and after swimming. And it is not without reason. By having a shower before the pool removes perspiration, body fluids, cosmetics, and other impurities from the body that will otherwise mix up with the water in the swimming pool.

A pool that many people share can possibly be full of infection-causing bacteria. Therefore, anyone with a weak immune system may fall ill after visiting a pool. Therefore, health associations and bodies recommend that everyone using the pool should have a shower with soap before getting into the swimming pool area.

Similarly, when you get off the pool, a shower helps you clean yourself from any impurities on your skin from contaminated water. So, it is a way to prevent you and others from getting an infection from each other.

Although chlorine is often mixed in pool water to kill bacteria, it cannot completely disinfect it. Moreover, you would not want to take such chlorine residues on your body while going home after swimming.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of germs and bacteria that can spread in a swimming pool. Showering afterwards is definitely recommended,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of auctioneers in the UK Property Solvers.

Why Install a Shower Enclosure Near the Swimming Pool in Your House?

If you don’t use a community swimming pool and have a swimming pool in your house, there is still a need for an outdoor shower enclosure. Here are the benefits that you can expect from it.

Keep Your House Clean.

An outdoor shower enclosure is on-trend and still necessary even if you use the swimming pool alone. Other than showering yourself after swimming, you can also use it for rinsing off your kids after they come back after playing outside at home.

You may also need to rinse the dirt off their bikes and sports equipment before letting all these things into your home. Otherwise, rinsing off dirt and sand from outside can make your house dirty and cause bathroom

Wash Your Pets.

Many experts recommend against washing off your pets at the same place that you use for yourself. There are several reasons for it. It is not only messy but may lead to drain clogging over time.

Therefore, a shower enclosure outside can be a great place to rinse them without much problem. Perhaps, a cubicle may make it possible even in colder months.

Wash Off Yourself Before Entering.

There are occasions when you would like to clean yourself before entering the home. It may be after a visit to a beach where you want to rinse the sand off to keep the house clean.

Or after some DIY project or any other similar thing, you don’t want to take dirt inside the house.

Things to Keep in Mind About Outdoor Shower Enclosure.

So, do you think an outdoor shower enclosure can be a good addition for you? You will need to keep a few things in mind before planning for the one.

1. You will first need to decide the suitable location for a cubicle. It should be a firm-level surface that can withstand water. Due to exposure to sunlight, there will be less risk of mould problems. You should also check whether the plumbing is possible at your desired locations.

2. If you have a colder climate in most months of the year, you should wisely choose the materials that can help keep it warm.

3. There are many ways to make a shower stall aesthetically pleasing with the use of plants, stones, and bricks. It will help you perfectly blend with the front or backyard décor.

4. You will need to keep in mind privacy while planning for the enclosure. If you have neighbors nearby, you may not feel comfortable having visibility from outside. Therefore, you should opt for a frosted shower glass instead of a transparent one.

5. It is important to decide your budget forehand to avoid any problems. The installation cost varies greatly depending on the complexity of the task. It will generally cost less if the location you have chosen already has water supply connectivity available.

Final Thoughts.

Whether you have a swimming pool at home or not, installing a shower enclosure outdoor has become a new trend. While it is necessary for communal swimming pools that prevent you and others from various diseases, such enclosures may be a great addition to the home to provide a space for washing off before entering the house.

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