Why You Should Have Proper Drainage Around Your Swimming Pool

Proper Drainage Around Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have grown in popularity thanks to their ability to offer people of all ages a place to hang out and have fun during the hot months. If you have a pool in your backyard, you should maintain it regularly to boost its efficiency.

If your pool is well-maintained, you’ll enjoy the comfort it offers and schedule swimming sessions any time with friends or family members. One issue that can cause your pool to be unsightly is poor drainage.

If you’ve not installed a drain, the chances are that foreign particles and dirty water will drain into the pool and cause a host of problems. In this article, you’ll learn why you should invest in a pool drain.

Visiting plumbing websites like https://www.cleanlineplumbing.com/ can also help you build the perfect drainage system around the swimming pool. Plumbing websites often contain articles, guides, and tutorials created by plumbing professionals who specialize in various aspects of plumbing systems, including drainage. These experts have the knowledge and experience to offer advice on designing, installing, and maintaining effective drainage systems for pools. Plumbing sites often feature product reviews and recommendations for drainage-related components, such as pipes, fittings, grates, and drainage covers. These recommendations can help you choose high-quality, durable, and efficient products that are suitable for your pool’s drainage needs.

Protects the Areas Surrounding the Pool:

Most pools are surrounded by a yard, deck, or patio. These structures can be damaged if water constantly floods around them. They may also be prone to mildew and mold if they remain wet for long periods and entirely ruined if water freezes and thaws around them.

If your pool has a water feature such as a fountain, the lack of a drainage system may make these features create constant moisture that may cause issues, especially if the water flows under a patio or deck.

A pool drainage system will control how the surrounding structures divert water. Pool service professionals can analyze your yard to determine its drainage needs and recommend the best system that meets its requirements.

They may also install an anti-siphon device in your drain to prevent any water from flowing outside of the pool onto the surrounding areas. The result? You won’t have to worry about damaged structures, and your pool’s water will be kept clean.

Promotes Safety:

Pools that have poor drainage can be a threat to anyone using them. The water that accumulates on the tile may make the surrounding areas slippery and lead to accidents.

These accidents may lead to severe injuries or fatalities if they involve minor children. If you’re sued for negligence, you may incur substantial financial expenses on legal costs and compensation.

Poor pool drainage systems can also be breeding grounds for bacterial growth. If your pool isn’t maintained, bacteria, such as protozoa, E. coli, and giardia, may develop and bring several illnesses to pool users.

Installing proper drainage systems can keep you safe from all these issues. You won’t have to worry about puddles of water everywhere because these systems will release excess water quickly. Additionally, bacteria won’t be able to grow in the pools because these systems will not allow the water to stagnate.

Protects Landscapes:

Pool water is unsafe for plant health and hardscaping features because it’s chemically treated. Without proper drainage, the water may splash out of the pool into the surrounding landscape and cause the plants to rot. If the hardscaping features are damaged due to corrosion or other effects of the chemicals, you’ll use hundreds of dollars to repair them.

Pool drainage systems will ensure that your landscape is kept safe from any splashed waters. Most of these systems come with features such as automatic shut-off systems, drip emitters, and valves that will protect your pool from overflowing and dispersing away from your pool.

This will keep your property and landscaping safe from excess water damage and ensure that the soil moisture levels are under control. The hardscaping features will also be protected from any excess water and damage.

Several Ways of Installation:

Pool drains can be installed in various ways, including above ground, underground, or in the ground. The type of drain you select will depend on your landscape’s design.

Above-ground gutters can be sized to fit your pool and are set up using PVC piping. They offer a quick way of eliminating excess water from the pool without digging out the yard or disturbing landscaping features.

Underground drains are installed in concrete pipes that run under the yard into an underground stormwater drain pipe. These drains get rid of water quicker than above-ground drains because they use a hose connection that goes directly into the underground stormwater drain pipe.

Moreover, you can improve your pool’s drainage system by installing gutters, adding french drains, or investing in improvements to minimize the amount of water collected in your pool. You can also keep your pool’s water levels up by adding a filtration system or a surge diverter.

The Bottom Line:

Proper drainage significantly affects your pool’s condition. If you want it to last for longer and continue serving you, you should ensure it’s properly maintained and well-drained at all times. To get the best results, hire a Jonite pool drain professional to do the job for you.

They have the skills and knowledge required to maintain your pool and keep it in top condition. They’ll also tell you about mistakes that can ruin your pool’s condition and how to avoid them.

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