Wood Cladding Ideas For House Exterior

Wood Cladding Ideas For House Exterior

With the focus always being on the inside of the home, we can often fall short with the exterior. The home exterior is the first impression your home gives to visitors, so it’s important we put as much love into the home’s bones as we do into its interior decor.

Sprucing up the exterior of your home can dramatically increase market value, improving the curb appeal for future homebuyers. As well as offering a pleasant aesthetic and a welcoming feel for those walking by.

When it comes to renovating the structure of your home with a natural feel, you may want to consider wood cladding.

Wood cladding is an easy and cost-effective way of transforming your home, whilst also adding a degree of insulation and a level of weather resistance and protection from the elements. best home wood cladding ideas to get your cogs working.

Types of Wood Cladding

When it comes to home exterior wood cladding, there are various different materials that can be used. Each material offers a different aesthetic and level of protection to your home, for a range of costs.

When planning your home cladding journey, it’s important you choose the best wood for your style. A joiner can give optimal advice on which wood is best, so hop online and search for ‘a joiner near me’. The best types of wood cladding materials commonly used are:

1.Western Red Cedar Cladding

2.Oak Cladding

3.Siberian Larch Cladding

4.Thermowood Cladding

5.Yellow Cedar Cladding

Wood Cladding Inspiration

Finding your preferred cladding styles for your home can be exhausting, so we’ve done the work for you.

Combine Natural Wood With Brick

If you love the traditional brick style of your home but want to add some extra flare, consider partial wood cladding.

Adding a soft, natural wood, such as Timber, to the exterior of your property both compliments the brick and adds another level of depth and dimension to your home.

Adding the timber wood to a protruding structure of your home, such as a conservatory, extension or front porch, can separate the two spaces, offering a mix between the classic original brickwork and the newer build.

To avoid a cluttered look to your home exterior, keep the cladding design to a minimum. Opt for horizontal or vertical natural wood, rather than an array of patterns, as this can tend to look quite busy when paired with a brick finish.

Go Urban

If you’re looking for that ‘urban jungle’ feel to your home, infuse your wood cladding with an element of industrial. Industrial metals can offer that modern, urban feel to any home when paired with soft, natural wood.

The two textures balance each other out well, creating a stunning, contemporary look, and giving the home a more dimensional aesthetic.

Refresh your conservatory or extension with a dark metal structure, and counterbalance this with a section of horizontal timber wood cladding.

Compliment the cladding with a simple but green look to your garden. Keep lines between sections clean, with a combination of greenery, and natural and industrial materials. Add an abundance of leafy plants for that extra urban jungle feel.

Come to the Dark Side

If you’re not a fan of the light and airy, why not try something a little more sleek and edgy? Wood cladding doesn’t have to be natural in colour. You can still reap the benefits of the textures of wood cladding, all while staining or painting a less natural colour.

Turn the exterior of your conservatory or extension into a bold, statement piece, with some deep, black wooden cladding. For a modern feel, keep it minimal.

Original brickwork and black material pair well together when done right, mostly when exempt from clutter. To keep in theme, paint your window and door frames with black paint, to match the cladding and bring the entire look together.

Extend Your Cladding

The cladding look doesn’t have to stop at just your home. Extending the cladding outwards and constructing a fence or deck in the same material can really make your property flow. Rather than creating an eyesore with multiple shades of wood adorning your home.

You can do this with any species of cladding wood, texture or colour depending on your preference of style. Keep it light and zen with soft, airy timber, add a sense of class with rich red cedar, or go dark and contemporary with a lick of black paint.

Have a Rustic Moment

If you’re opting for that rustic, ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ feel to your home, try out some weathered wood.

Weathered, older timber can bring that perfect woodland vibe to your property exterior, when added to a section of your home, such as an extension, front porch, or the front of the building.

Wood doesn’t always have to be fresh and new. Reclaimed wood has sparked a huge trend throughout 2022, which is expected to continue to rise in popularity.

This type of wood inspires a ‘non-perfect’ feel, for those homeowners who prefer to keep things traditional and blend their home with the surrounding nature.

Opting for reclaimed wood is also a great way to refresh your home in an environmentally friendly manner.

Try Half and Half

Cladding the exterior of your home doesn’t always mean cladding your home in its entirety. If you’re thinking of wood cladding your house, why not try half and half?

Clad the top or bottom half of your home in a wood cladding material that compliments the current structural build.

Or, clad a section of your home that protrudes out further than the rest to create a divide between the two areas. This can create depth in any home, creating an illusion of a larger property.

It can also offer a different style to your property, without removing the notes of the traditional look completely. You can keep your traditional brick foundation, and simply spruce it up.

Go For Color

Who said cladding had to be a one size fits all scenario? If you love a little adventure in your life, why not opt for some colour? Add some pizazz to your property with some wooden cladding and a bold lick of paint.

Light pastels can create the perfect, seaside feel, whilst bright can add a sense of fun which will be sure to make your home stand out amongst the crowd.

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