Wooden Fences: Price, Process & Uses

Wooden Fences: Price, Process & Uses

There are many reasons to install wood fencing in your yard. Security is always important and depending on where you live will likely influence the type of fencing you install.

Wooden picket fences are popular for curb appeal along with custom options for decorative charm. Privacy is also a concern in many developed areas with options to block out the view of prying eyes.

With wooden fencing you will need a way to access your property of course with the installation of a wooden fence gate. Below is a handy guide of what to expect when installing a wooden fence.


There are different options available to you such as finished or unfinished. Finished fencing has been coated by the manufacturer to resist the elements such as rain, pollution, and sun damage will be the more expensive choice.

Coated wood maintains a natural look being sealed from the elements and also resists pests such as termites and carpenter ants. Be sure to look for a wooden fence gate that is treated as well.

The less expensive option is unfinished fencing. Being more exposed to the elements this type of wooden fence will take on a weathered appearance if left untreated.

There are options to treat the exposed wood yourself with a sealant or paint. Using unfinished materials will require more maintenance on your part with occasional sealing and repainting according to the climate where you live.

Wooden fence gates also come in both treated, and untreated  varieties.


When hiring a professional to install a fence on your property look for someone who specializes in fencing. Ask for references and make sure that they are licensed and insured in case of injury or accident that could happen on your property.

If you have more than one company available to choose from, be sure to get estimates and quotes from each. You choose the style of wood fencing that you like, and they will take care of ordering the materials and having them delivered.

They will also check for underground cables and file for the necessary building permits. Additionally, they should be familiar with the local property codes and restrictions in your area.


Fencing is a great deterrent to keeping unwanted visitors out of your property and protecting your family. Fences are not only for security reasons, but also for curb appeal, but can also be a sound barrier against traffic.

If you are a pet owner, or have children, building a wooden fence is a great way to keep them in bounds and away from danger.

Wooden Wonders

The value of fencing is a considerable addition to your property. If you are using it for security or decorative purposes there are many styles of fencing to suit your needs.

With both finished and unfinished fencing available you have options for color and styles such as picket, split rail, and privacy with board on board or dog eared fencing.

Do it yourself, or find the best wood fence installer in your area, remember to look for a wooden fence gate to match your choice of fencing.

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