6 Tips To Fix Awkward Living Room Layout With A Corner Fireplace

Tips To Fix Awkward Living Room Layout With A Corner Fireplace

The addition of adjustable cabinets and shelves in the appropriate places can provide you with ample storage and decorative space. However, what is an appropriate place where I can place them?

An awkwardness depends on the living room structure, hence, it doesn’t matter the size and shape of the room. The correct adjustment of the furniture, and prioritizing of the needs and requirements can adjust even awkward living with a corner fireplace into an eye-pleasing sight with the maximum comfort level.

Therefore, don’t forget to read the article till the last to unravel the secret taken from the web of architecture and Interior Designers.

How To Fix An Awkward Living Room With A Corner Fireplace?

It doesn’t matter whether you have an L-shaped, circular or square-shaped living area with a corner fireplace, you can always enhance the decorum by using correct interior designing tips and tricks that will not only make the place brighter but also aids in avoiding the awkwardness in your living space.

Tip-1: Custom-Built Accessories For Rectangular Room:

This solution is definitely for you if you have a narrow and long with a rectangular fireplace at one end. As you are struggling with less storage capacity, the majority of your space is covered with a corner fireplace. Going for shelves or a custom-built media center in the living room over the readymade pieces will assist you in redesigning the layout.

The ready-to-fit material will restrict your ability to create a spacious area, further compromising requirements and creating awkwardness. Moreover, the cost factor in both situations will be more or less the same.

Additionally, this will provide an enormous area for the television equipment and adjustable shelves in your living room to place antiques, candles and other show pieces that will supplement the beauty of the area. This will further fill up the empty walls acting as a source of attraction for guests.

Tip-2: Chairs and Tables to Eliminate the Awkwardness in Square Area:

In case you have a small square living room, firstly you must buy two mini chairs and a table facing opposite and place them near the fireplace, making a romantic sweet dining area.

Now, take advantage of glass-doored cabinets to volumize the space. The appropriate seating arrangement with a display of decorative items will bolster the beauty and provide a cozy and warm vibe. Accessories like small cabinets will be a valuable addition to your living space in terms of adding capacity.

Tip-3: Add Space in Circular Living Area:

If you are struggling with a circular and rectangle-shaped living area and are fond of decorating the living space? Then you must try this trick. Start decorating your place by putting two comfy sofas together near the fireplace area. This will not only make your living room spacious but will also provide you with more decorating space to upgrade its look.

Furniture must be placed ahead of the adjustable sleeves of the living room, making it look colossal even within a limited area. With custom-designed cupboards, you can increase your storage to the next level, and it is suggested to place them at the end of the room to obstacles in the path.

Television, floating shelves, unique artwork, candles, and movable shelves are the recommended items you can add to your room, as they can create a delightful impact on onlookers.

Tip-4: What for an L-shaped Living Room with a corner fireplace?

You can definitely give mindful thought to placing an L-shaped couch in the living area with an inbuilt media center near the fireplace. A bookshelf in the side area of the room is also recommended, to keep your valuable things such as a book, tv remote, gaming remotes, keys, and periodicals.

With the presence of a fireplace in the corner of your area, you can create your living room as a focal point for coping with your daily routine. Chairs, along with the sofas, will also be a wise decision as they will increase the seating capacity of the living room, and will ultimately make your living room look like heaven on earth.

Tip-5:Rearrange the Space in the Oblong Living Room:

Redesigning the oblong-shaped living rooms with a corner fireplace could be the most tiring and trouble-oriented task. Nevertheless, there are some solutions you can keep in your mind while rearranging your living area. You can put accent chairs in the area along with moving your furniture to the centre of your living room, creating a wider look, further ignoring the flaws in the living area.

A designer Rug will be a great addition in oblong-shaped living rooms as per the experience of architecture. To take your living room to the next level, build a custom media center, so it can hold your things.

Tip-6: Turn an Awkward Living Room into an Office Room:

If you use your living room as an office to do your necessary work, here are some of the recommended points you must follow:

Start with adding up various quotes on the walls of your living room, to keep yourself motivated and focused on the work. Additionally, get your components designed custom so that you can have proper structure and arrangement to make your living room more eye-catching.

With the awkward corner fireplace, keep your desk and chair near the firepit and enjoy working till late at night or on snowy nights.

A shelf will be a great add-on in your living area and it should be placed above the desk so that you have the facility to keep your essential work material near you. Leisure furniture including sofas must be placed aside, so you can attain workaholic vibes.


Living rooms in some houses or apartments are connected to the kitchens of the house. If you live in such similar conditions, With the help of these valid points you can definitely enhance the beauty of a parallel living room connected to the kitchen along with the fireplace and replace the awkwardness with convenience.

I hope all these tips help you in redesigning your place, adding storage and a more exquisite look to your living area.

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