The Best Roofing Solutions in Boston and the East Coast

The Best Roofing Solutions in Boston and the East Coast

Roof solutions designed for use in Boston, as well as up-and-down the East Coast region, should be capable of withstanding everything from humid summer heat waves to bitterly cold winter conditions, and be resilient against salty sea air and winds commonly experienced along coastlines.

Roofing Solutions Boston

Wood shingles and shakes offer distinctive curb appeal while being energy efficient, eco-friendly, and windproof. However, due to being made of natural material they require additional support during stormy conditions. The following list goes over several popular solutions for your roping needs.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are an economical and hassle-free choice for residential properties, offering a range of colors and styles to complement the aesthetic of any home. Plus, their installation can even be handled by amateur DIYers!

Shingles are composite products composed of fiberglass or cellulose mats, asphalt and mineral granules that come together in three major categories.

Strip shingles (sometimes referred to as three-tab) are the least costly option and lightest weight available, typically installed across roofs in courses of four to six strips across its entire span for increased watertight seal creation and structural support.

Architectural shingles offer more options such as designer roof coverings with designer features.

Architectural shingles feature multiple layers that work together to form a more contoured appearance on your roof, offering increased resistance against hail damage.

Available in multiple styles and textures such as Art-Loc, Tie Lock and Signature Cut – architectural shingles feature special locks which connect them together, preventing them from lifting up and exposing their undersides.

Manufacturers can increase the benefits of asphalt shingles by including additional special features.

These features may help inhibit algae or moss growth or reflect heat back from the sun to lower energy bills and air conditioning costs. Some shingles are manufactured to be more fireproof, which can help safeguard your property in case of a wildfire.

This feature can prove invaluable and even save money on insurance premiums. A well-designed shingle roof can drastically increase the curb appeal of your home, lower energy costs and protect you and your family from harsh elements.

If you would like more information on different types of shingles available to you, reach out today and arrange for a complimentary roofing estimate from us!

2. Wood Shakes & Shingles

Wood shakes can add an elegant aesthetic to your home. Their rustic, hand-split appearance is popular among those seeking a natural feel in their surroundings; this durable roofing material stands up well against heavy rainfall and windstorms.

Shakes and shingles are natural insulators that help your home to remain warm during the winter and cool during the summer, providing insulation benefits while also being eco-friendly roofing options that reduce energy costs.

Selecting the ideal wood shingle or shake for your home can be difficult, and various factors like wood type, color and thickness will have an impactful impact.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, get quotes from various reputable roofers near you so you can explore all available solutions to find one best suited to your needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing it will keep out the elements for many years ahead.

3. Metal Roofing

Homeowners searching for a metal roof should select one with colors and finishes that complement their home.

Many companies offer high-performance paint systems designed specifically to reduce fading, chalking, and other forms of color degradation; bright or earth tone colors may be chosen depending on a structure’s architectural style. Metal roofs often last up to 50 years with little maintenance required!

Homeowners in areas prone to hail storms should invest in a roof with a class 4 impact rating, meaning that it can withstand the impact of dropping a 2-inch diameter steel ball from 20 feet without tearing or fracture.

Homeowners should also seek out metal roofs with various warranties available, from lifetime limited warranties to transferable guarantees (explained here: that can be transferred onto subsequent homeowners.

A roof with these warranties will give a buyer peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. Homeowners should ideally choose a metal roof system with concealed fasteners if possible, such as clips that conceal screws from view.

Exposed screws may pull out as panels expand and contract, leading to costly replacement costs. Standing seam metal roofs offer greater security as their ribs can be locked together by clips before seaming mechanically – this creates an aesthetically pleasing solution unlike screw-down panels.

4. Tile Roofing

Tile roofs made of clay or concrete offer unmatched longevity and durability – according to this link, known to last up to 100 years in coastal climates while remaining environmentally-friendly options.

Tile roofs make an eye-catching architectural statement, adding style and distinction to a structure’s overall aesthetics.

Available in an array of colors, materials and blends – from traditional clay tile roofing to exotic blends – tile roofs can be tailored to suit any style or design in a building’s architecture or design, further increasing visual appeal for homes or businesses alike.

When choosing the ideal roof for your home, it is crucial that all relevant factors are taken into account. Make sure the material chosen suits the climate in which you reside, while ensuring it can withstand heavy winds and hailstorms. Find a roofing contractor with experience working with your desired type of roofing material.

Hire An Expert

Professional roofers must be hired in order to properly install all roofing – especially shakes and shingles roofs – due to their distinctive textures. Professionals are the go-to or repair & restoration services as they are aces with safety.

Wood shakes must be handled delicately during installation and require an interlayer such as felt that will protect them from moisture intrusion – this step helps guarantee that your shake roof will stand the test of time.

When considering installing a tile roof on your home, it’s essential that a professional roofer inspect your structure first. They can determine if your home’s framing can support its weight as well as recommend additional structural reinforcement if required.

The best tile contractors offer an array of colors, materials, and styles to complement the architecture of your property. They will be able to provide an itemized quote so that you can see exactly what your costs include. So call one today and find out what’s available for you.

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