Cascade Complete vs Platinum: Find best Dishwasher Detergents

Cascade Complete vs Platinum: Find best Dishwasher Detergents

Washing dishes is important for health and making them appear pleasing. The specific type of dishwasher detergent you utilize can greatly impact the cleanliness of your dishes. Cascade is an prevalent dishwasher detergent brand that provides two main product lines to choose between – Cascade Complete vs Platinum.

Cascade Complete

Cascade Complete powder detergent is an affordable, reliable option that can be used regularly. It quickly cuts through grease and baked-on food. Cascade Complete gel detergent has a no-mess formula that dissolves food residues easily. It contains grease-fighting enzymes to remove oils.

Cascade Complete ActionPacs are pre-measured pouches of detergent that dissolve, eliminating the need to measure out powder or gel. They provide convenient and reliable cleaning.


  • Powerful grease-fighting enzymes break down tough, baked-on food residue for superior cleaning of greasy, stuck-on messes
  • Shine shield technology prevents water spots and calcium build up, leaving dishes gleaming and spot-free
  • Contains odor neutralizers that eliminate food smells and odors, leaving dishes and dishwasher fresh smelling
  • Built-in rinse aid helps water sheet off dishes more quickly for faster drying with less spotting
  • Competitively priced compared to other leading brands, providing excellent cleaning at an affordable cost


  • May leave some cloudy filming or spotting on glasses. The formula is not always strong enough to provide streak-free shine on delicate glassware. You may need to hand wash or use a rinse aid for best results.
  • Powder can clump if exposed to moisture. The powder variant can clump into hard chunks if stored in humid environments or if the box is left open. This makes it harder to scoop and measure out.
  • Scent is relatively mild compared to premium brands. The fragrance is present but light, and not overpowering. If you prefer strongly scented detergents, you may find Cascade’s scent lacking.
  • Cascade Complete costs between $4 to $8 for a 75oz bottle depending on formula. It provides an affordable option for most households looking for everyday cleaning.

Cascade Platinum

The Cascade Platinum line promises superior cleaning power and shine with its advanced formula.

Cascade Platinum uses a grease-fighting enzyme technology to penetrate and dissolve all foods. It actively prevents hard water spotting and buildup.

Platinum ActionPacs also have rinse-aid built in to further reduce spots and film. The Fresh Scent leaves dishes smelling clean.


  • Contains advanced grease-fighting enzymes that break down and dissolve stuck-on foods very effectively. The formula is designed to power through baked-on casserole dishes, oily pans, and other hard-to-clean dishes.
  • Contains rinse aids that help dishes come out spotless and shining, even if you have hard water that normally leaves spots and film. The built-in rinse aid helps water sheet off smoothly from dishes.
  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean with an extra glossy shine. The rinse aid helps create a spot-free shine.
  • Has a fresh, pleasant scent. The combination of fragrance and cleaning power leaves dishes smelling very clean after a wash cycle.
  • Is a premium detergent that outperforms many cheaper brands for cleaning power. The advanced formula cleans better than many bargain or store brand detergents.


  • Is significantly more expensive than Cascade’s Complete line of products. The Platinum formula costs considerably more per load/per bottle than typical dish detergents.
  • Has a very strong fragrance that some users find overpowering. The fresh scent is quite potent and lingers on dishes and in the dishwasher. Some people dislike strong scented products.
  • May not be cost-effective if you don’t need advanced cleaning power. The formula is optimized for tough cleaning jobs, which is unnecessary if you don’t have many baked-on or greasy dishes to wash.
  • May produce excess sudsing in some dishwashers, especially soft water. The formula generates a lot of suds which can lead to overflow.
  • Expect to pay $8 to $12 for a 75oz bottle of Cascade Platinum, nearly double the Complete line. The Platinum formula does contain extra cleaning technologies to help justify the cost.

Performance Comparison

Various tests are carried by experts to analyse Cascade Complete and Cascade Platinum head-to-head in real life dishwashing challenges. Here’s how they compared:

Cleaning Ability

Cascade Platinum removed more baked-on casserole and dried egg than the Complete gel. Yet Complete still performed well on greasy oils and light soils.


Platinum lived up to its promise and resulted in spot-free glasses. Complete left some minor water spots on glasses but was acceptable.


Platinum has a stronger lemon scent compared to the milder Complete formula. If you dislike scented detergents, Complete would be the better choice.


Both are phosphate-free but Platinum contains chlorine bleach while Complete uses oxygen bleach. So Complete is a bit more eco-friendly overall.


ActionPacs from both brands are preferred for convenience and ease of use. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs also have the built in rinse-aid.

When to Use Each Detergent

Cascade Complete is a solid option for the average household looking for an affordable detergent that cleans daily dishes well. It’s sufficient for light to moderate soils.

Cascade Platinum truly shines when you need to power through heavy soils like casseroles and baked goods. The premium formula gives superior cleaning and shine, making it the better choice for hard water areas prone to spotting issues.

Consider stepping up to Platinum if you host frequent dinner parties or regularly cook dishes with cheese, grease, eggs or sauces. Just note you’ll go through it faster with the higher cost.

For those with sensitive skin, Cascade Complete is likely the gentler choice since Platinum contains bleach.

Finally, if you dislike scents, go with the lighter Complete scent. But Platinum leaves dishes smelling the freshest.


While Cascade Complete provides sufficient cleaning for everyday use, the Cascade Platinum formula does outperform when it comes to dissolving stuck-on foods and hard water spotting.

Platinum is the way to go if you need maximum cleaning power and shine. But Complete gets the job done for lighter soils at a more affordable price point.


Q: Is Cascade Platinum worth the extra cost over Complete?

A: For most households, Cascade Complete provides sufficient cleaning power at a lower price point. But Cascade Platinum outperforms on heavy baked-on soils and provides superior protection against spots, especially with hard water, making it worth the upgrade depending on your needs.

Q: Does Cascade Platinum require a rinse aid?

A: No, Cascade Platinum ActionPacs have a built-in rinse-aid to help dishes dry spot-free without the need for an additional rinse aid. Complete formulas do not contain rinse-aid.

Q: Which Cascade detergent is better for the environment?

A: Cascade Complete is a bit more eco-friendly since it uses oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach like the Platinum formula. But both are phosphate-free.

Q: Can you use Cascade Platinum in a hand wash?

A: Yes, Cascade Platinum can be effective as a hand dishwashing detergent for stuck-on soils. But it’s formulated specifically for machine dishwashing performance.

Q: What is the difference between Cascade gel and powder formulas?

A: The Cascade Complete gel formula helps avoid any messy powder spills. But the powder can be more economical. Performance is comparable between the two Cascade Complete formulas.

Take stock of your needs, water hardness and budget. With either Cascade detergent, your dishes will come out of the dishwasher cleaner and brighter.

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