Chest Of Drawers Vs. Dresser: Which One Would Be The Best?

Chest Of Drawers Vs. Dresser: Which One Would Be The Best?

Instead of throwing your stuff here and there, making a room messy, an extra utility space would certainly be the best idea, but which one to buy? Chest of Drawers or Dresser?

What if both are the same in terms of the space they offer? Is there any catch to getting your hands on more space in a budget-friendly option?

Well, of course, before buying anything, remember the dresser and drawer are entirely different from each other in terms of size as well as capacity. Undoubtedly, they are primarily used for keeping clothes, but you can also keep other essentials.

Although keeping a dresser or drawer in your bedroom becomes especially important if you have a less spacious room to increase the room’s capacity and add warm vibes to your cute little stylish place.

It additionally depends on your requirement and usage, which one can be the best for you.

If you wish to know everything comprehensively, you are suggested to read this article till the end.

When Should I Use Chest Of Drawers?

A chest of drawers is a beautiful furniture or decor item, usually made of wood, where drawers are inserted.

Most people use it for storage purposes because it comes along with around 4-6 drawers inside it. However, there are different types of chests mentioned underneath:

Vertical Chest

Vertical chests, known as Standard chests, have narrow and tall storage pieces.

However, if you have a bed on a small side and the room has a vertical cut, a vertical chest is an excellent option for storing clothes, even though it has comparatively less space than a dresser.

Lingerie Chest

This is a skinnier and tall chest, usually used to store clothing items. If you sometimes forget where you kept your socks, scarfs, and lingerie, then the chest might work for you as it has small drawers to keep items up to date.

You can also keep your jewelry or skin care products maintained with the help of a lingerie chest.

Gentleman’s Chest

If you want to store items such as dress pants, suit jackets, and much more weighted clothing or something that needs to be set vertically in your storage, a tall cabinet section called a gentleman’s chest might be the ideal option.

It is similar to a combo dresser, but a gentleman’s chest is more prominent in length and might look elegant in your room.

When Should I Choose A Dresser?

Desser is a roll-top desk where a mirror is placed in the sight of a person who can sit or relax while doing the makeup. Most people also say it as a dressing table instead of a dresser.

A dresser comes with a chair, nearly reaching the waist height so that a mirror is visible to a person sitting on that chair. A dresser also gives you enormous drawers to keep your belongings.

Here’s the list of most common dressers you will find:

Horizontal Dresser

A horizontal dresser, also known as a standard dresser, consists of numerous drawers.

This dresser can bring elegance and uplight the marine of your room by placing items such as television and lamps. Although it is not the most preferred dresser amongst people, it can also do the work for you.

Double Dresser

This dresser is like a cherry on the cake for couples because it is large and gives you ultimate storage space. A mirror placed above the dresser adds more beauty to the furniture.

But one should only prefer this dresser when they have a large bedroom or the storage space requirement is exceptionally high.

Combo Dresser

This is the most practical made dresser amongst the dresser mentioned above, as it fulfills every parameter if looked at from the buyer’s perspective.

In easy words, you can say that it is the amalgamation of a double dresser and a horizontal dresser. This dresser not only helps in storing clothes but also in organizing them.

On top of it, items including scarves, hats, bags, shoes, and belts can also fit effortlessly in the combo dresser.

Which One Can Be The Best For You?

Various furniture options are available these days, but it ultimately depends on your needs and requirements, which one can be valuable for you. If you are living in a small bedroom, you must go for a chest of drawers to save space for your room.

A dresser might be ideal for someone living in a primary bedroom, as it can be your enormous storage facility. This will also allow you to store your clothing correctly, as they are bulky and more oversized with wide drawers.

Another advantage of choosing a dresser is that you will be able to maintain your skincare every day because of the large area provided by the dresser.

However, suppose you are two people or a couple living together in a roomy bedroom. In that case, you must opt for a chest of drawers because you won’t have difficulty locating your accessory or other items.

Difference Between Chest of Drawers and Dresser:

Here is some crucial difference that makes these two furniture items different from each other:


The significant difference between a dresser and a drawer is that a dresser comes with a mirror, and a drawer does not have a mirror.


Both furniture items fulfill different purposes as a chest of drawers is mainly used for storage, whereas dressers assist in organizing and enhancing the beauty of your wardrobe.


Cost is another essential key difference in determining the object’s value; dressers are comparatively more expensive than chests of drawers.


In this modern era, furniture plays a significant role in adding charm to your place. Chest drawers and dressers are the furniture commonly used in bedrooms and serve or fulfill various purposes.

Although, there were many misconceptions regarding these furniture items, as people used to think that these items were the same and had no difference.

But in reality, these items are north and south poles, different from each other. However, it totally depends on requirements and storage needs, whether you should go for a chest of drawers or dressers. The significant differences between these furniture items are purpose, cost, and structure.

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