Clearing a Blocked Drain Yourself (Before Calling the Plumber)

Clearing a Blocked Drain Yourself (Before Calling the Plumber)

Clogged drains can lead to flooding and wastewater that poses health hazards, damaging your home as well as being damaging for the environment. Luckily, many blocked drains can be easily fixed on your own, but remember that a professional can fix it for you with no problems whatsoever.

Fix It Yourself

Blocked drains can be an extreme annoyance, with smelly water pouring out of your home and wreaking havoc in no time at all.

They may even lead to  serious health concerns like these; the spread of bacteria – so it’s essential that they’re resolved quickly and efficiently without calling in professionals. Luckily, many fixes can often be completed on your own without incurring costs for services rendered.

If your outside drain is blocked, it may be possible to address it yourself provided its minor and you own your property (not shared with neighbors). Always wear long sleeves and gloves before beginning, as any blockages could contain harmful chemicals or sewage waste that must be handled carefully.

Home remedies to unblock a drain vary depending on what caused it in the first place. If your drain is blocked with grease, for instance, boiling water can help dislodge it from pipes more effectively than other options can.

Pouring baking soda followed by white vinegar into your drain can create a chemical reaction that fizz and foam at any obstructions, dislodging them completely.

Plungers are an effective method for clearing most types of blockages quickly. Plungers work best with smaller clogs that can be removed quickly; larger blockages require professional assistance as they have access to specialist equipment designed specifically to handle even the toughest of jobs.

If a blocked drain in your garden is leaving wet patches, the most likely source is likely an underground pipe leak. These may be difficult to pinpoint; but you should be able to spot one by looking for damp patches near exterior walls and ground level of your home.

If this seems likely, seek advice immediately from a professional on what action should be taken next; they may suggest conducting a CCTV survey of plumbing to find its source, or installing a new drainage system as a preventive measure.

Call a Plumber

An overloaded drain can create serious physical and health hazards in your home.

Without proper plumbing maintenance by companies like Gold Coast Blocked Drain Solutions – waste will build up in pipes and cause floodwater to back up into rooms, ruining furniture, carpets, walls and ceilings as well as becoming polluted with bacteria. This can cause illnesses for you or even your neighbors.

Use a snake to unclog your pipes; however, most consumer-grade snakes only reach up to 25 feet; for further clogs that extend further down, call in professional plumbing help instead.

Blockages often manifest themselves with gurgling noises and a pungent odor, caused by water and debris attempting to pass the obstruction, while an unpleasant aroma indicates bacteria has established themselves on your drain line.

Maintaining a free-flowing backyard environment will reduce the likelihood of blocked drains, while planting willow and magnolia trees and shrubs that don’t collect leaves as easily can also help.

Many people unwittingly flush items down their toilet that should not be there, such as wet wipes and baby wipes. As these materials are non-biodegradable, they will clog your plumbing system causing blocked drains.

To safeguard yourself, your family, and the environment properly dispose of these materials by placing them in your trash bin instead. This way you will protect all three.

Call a Drainage Expert

Blockages can be an enormous hassle and every homeowner will likely come face-to-face with them at some point or another. From foul smells to water that simply refuses to drain away, a blocked sink can be at the root of a wide array of household issues – and, left untreated, even health concerns for all living within your home.

While many DIY solutions ( like baking soda and plunger may help unclog drains safely, sometimes professional assistance may be required to get things flowing again.

Experienced plumbers possess the tools, experience and patience required to clear even stubborn clogs safely without risking pipe damage in the process.

Bad smells are usually the telltale sign that your drains are clogged, especially toilets. A blocked toilet usually means an item has been flushed down the toilet that should have been put out with your garbage such as sanitary items, old towels, toys or nappies that should have been taken care of during collection day.

Be wary of any bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your sink, shower or toilet – these could be indicators that air has become trapped within the system and blockages are present – as these could quickly become dangerous situations.

An overloaded drain can create serious health risks for both you and your family. Furthermore, it may cause costly property damage repairs to be needed to fix this situation.

If your drains are not functioning as they should be, immediately turn off your water until the problem has been addressed. A professional is best-suited to help remedy plumbing issues quickly; however, here are a few other things you can try before calling them:

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