Are Criterion Washers Worth It: Criterion Washers Review

Are Criterion Washers Worth It: Criterion Washers Review

We are on a constant lookout for a reliable washer that can efficiently take care of all our laundry needs. Researching different options in the market might be confusing as you need to search from a variety of washers available in the market.

The salespersons can confuse you all the more by illustrating the benefits of these washers and not highlighting the differences. The Criterion washers have grown to become one of the most sought-after and popular brands of washers being used in households.

There are a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to selecting a perfect washer, and you might wish to find these answers with respect to the Criterion washers too!

Criterion washers are America’s highly-ranked washers today. These washers come with numerous features that can fasten and smoothen the laundry process for your home.

It is a brand that does not compromise on quality. Criterion washers are the perfect solution you need if you value quality over every other criterion.

So let us find out in detail about these Criterion washers. Let us also figure out if they are user-friendly or are complex washers that will require a manual for the operational explanation.

Are Criterion Washers A Good Brand Or Worth The Buy ?

The brand Criterion is a subsidiary of Menard, Inc. The parent company is a business giant that vouches for quality and convenience. Not just washers, the company also manufactures home appliances like freezers, ovens, microwaves, and a lot more.

The parent company is well-known for manufacturing high-quality home appliances and prioritizing comfort with quality assurance ratings.

The Criterion washers are being manufactured in the USA. They come at affordable prices and have managed to gain the customer’s trust over the years.

The Criterion washer comes with the ease of use, good quality ratings, and uncomplicated set-up that has led the brand to gain a wide customer base.

But, there are certain factors that this brand needs to work upon. A common problem faced by its users is the after-sales support from the parent company. The issue is also that the individuals are not capable to identifying the problem like how to tell if washing machine suspension rods are bad.

So to understand the issues its important to be aware of the signs of problem. If you identify the signs of problem its easy to resolved it. To delve into further details, let us understand the specifications of the Criterion washer offered to buyers.

Specifications of the Washer:

The Criterion washers come with a lot of specifications. These washers are tailor-made when it comes to the price, capacity, and other factors. Let us study an in-depth view of these specifications of the washers.

Criterion 4.1 cu. Ft. White Top-Load Washer

The Criterion Top-Load Washer is a 4.1 cu. Ft. washer in the colour white. This model is a best seller and is easily available in any Menards store.

The washer has some amazing and differentiating features like it comes with an automatic control coupled with a load sensing technology.

This technology is a must for a beginner as it can alert the user if they load the washer beyond the maximum load capacity. One key differentiator is that the washer comes in a stainless steel tub.

This tub can easily handle a lot of load and will save both energy and time of the user. The washer has eight built-in cleaning rounds that can be set as per your cleaning procedure.

Besides all these features, the washer comes with a clear glass lid to provide a live view while the washing takes place. The impeller of this washer is made to wash all the clothes gently, even if it runs at a high voltage.

All these specifications make the washer a good buy for a household. This washer comes for about $490 and weighs about 141 pounds. The actual depth of the washer is 29 inches, while the actual width is 27 inches.

This electronic washer has both bleach and fabric softener dispensers that need a 110 voltage to function smoothly.

Another option is the Criterion Top-Load Washer & Dryer Set in the colour white.

This appliance is a dual set of a washer and dryer that is a hot-seller from Menards. Generally, washers come with a particular or specific function.

You have to take out the laundry after wash and dry it in the sunlight. This Top-Load washer and dryer is a good option that can reduce your workload to half.

It is a great choice for beginners. You may need some assistance while installing the appliance. Call for a company technician to install the washer-dryer for you.

This set comes with an excellent capacity of 6.7 cu. ft. dryer and a top-load washer of 4.1 cu. ft. The washer can spin around a lot of clothes at once. The washer-dryer is priced at about $977 and comes with some extra accessories to simplify your job.

Remember, that you will need the services of a technician to install, but the dryer and washer will surely bring in a lot of comforts as it saves a lot of time and energy, and money too.

Remember these pointers while selecting a Good Washer:

The bottom line is to always opt for a high-quality washer. As a beginner, you may have little about the key points to look out for a while you shop for this home appliance. Always keep in mind the following tips to get a head start while buying a new washer.

1. Look out for the size of the washer. You may come across different types of washers, but you must see if the size suits the place where you are going to install this appliance.

The location mapping is necessary as if you wish to place the washer in your kitchen, you must see if the space can handle more laundry or not.

2. Always check for the spin speed because a good washer should have different speed modes. The higher the spin speed, the better is your machine.

3. Check for all kinds of leak protection, as you need to opt for a washer that includes extra precautions to prevent leaks.

4. The washer must not make a lot of operating noise. Consider a washer that comes with noise cancellation and a good service life that lasts for at least ten years.

5. Other key considerations to look out for are the pricing differences, warranty, energy consumption, and looks.


A good washer must always cater well to your laundry needs. It is a must-have appliance in today’s times.

The Criterion washers are pocket-friendly, come with an adequate capacity, and are convenient to install and use. You may seek the support of a technician to install a few models, but they are of high quality with good service life.

The only issue faced at times is with the customer service support at Menards. All in all, these washers are a great buy for a beginner.

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