Crushed Granite vs Decomposed Granite? Which One be a Smart Choice?

Crushed vs Decomposed Granite

Are you getting shuffled between crushed Granite vs. decomposed Granite? They are evidently two closely associated.

No doubt, they resemble the fundamental properties that arise from the same component, but it is more like deciding between the lamp’s shape that would best indulge in with the interior.

One significant difference that can help you to find out between crushed Granite and decomposed Granite instantly is the presence of gravel texture.

Decomposed Granite is economical and credibly has more impact. The majority of people, if encountered with the difference between the two, go for Decomposed Granite.

But why? Which one should you identify as more beneficial? To get the answers to the questions, read the article till the end. 

Difference Between Crushed Granite vs. Decomposed Granite?

Crushed Granite and Decomposed Granite are pretty similar when discussing their names but their shapes and characteristics are surely antonymous.

As discussed, their properties are the main variant that draws the line; read the difference to understand both of them. 

Physical Appearance:

The first and foremost way to identify different granite is to understand what decomposed Granite looks like? 

Decomposed Granite has an appearance similar to crushed stone and hence is placed accordingly.

It’s sold as landscaping material, and the size falls between 3 to 8 inches or less. Some of them, including in them, may not be bigger than a piece of grain or sand. 

On the contrary, what is crushed Granite? It is undoubtedly a mixture that consists of sharp edges and shapes, making it different and more expensive.

Both of them are unsimilar and hence can be picked up according to the user’s needs. 


Decomposed Granite is easily decomposed over a period that remarks its appearance. They tend to be very natural and aren’t sturdy due to their varying properties.

At the same time, Crushed Granite is contradicting as it could be because its proportional value isn’t as similar to decomposed Granite.


Both the materials have their capabilities, which further decide their calibre into the choice for a user.

If you wish to use Granite on your underground surface area, decomposed Granite would be the right choice. Varying in the shades of grey, too, it looks aesthetic in the landscapes. 

Then what is decomposed Granite used for? Well, decomposed granite uses are infinite.

They can be seen in pavement building material, driveways, garden walking lanes, bocce courts, pétanque terrains, urban, regional, and national park walkways, and heavy-use paths. 

On the other hand, Crushed Granite includes definite shapes and is accompanied by sharp edges, usually used in walkways, patios, driveways, drainage solutions, septic systems, road bases, stormwater management systems.

It also occupies the exit and entrance of dry wells, called tracking pads. Many people love to have crushed granite driveways and crushed granite fire pit areas.

Colour Choice:

Decomposed Granite precisely holds up three different colour variations. Widely famous for Buff to brown, hues of grey, decomposed Granite do have remaining primary and straightforward colours: black, red, and green.

At the same time, you do get a variety of colour choices to choose from in crushed Granite. 


There isn’t any maintenance you need for decomposed granite. They are low maintenance and also relatively rigid.

Surprisingly, it’s straightforward to operate if the layer has eroded or weathered in any circumstances.

The best way out is to add up more decomposed granite to get back to its normal state. 

On the other hand, crushed granite is a sharp and definite shape requiring slightly more requirements than decomposed granite.

If cracks start showing up after a short period, then the best fix to negotiate is adding up decomposed granite. This will compensate for the empty spaces between. 

Benefits Of Using Crushed Or Decomposed Granite Over Other Materials Like Mulch Or Gravel?

One should consider multiple factors before determining the benefits of crushed or decomposed Granite over mulch or gravel.

Physical Characteristics:

The way they appeal to the eyes is extremely important. Decomposed Granite is more like gravel but has a more nuanced and stable approach.

Giving the most ensuing results when it comes to drainage because of its water permeability, it ensures that water won’t pool upon it as there is an easy flow of resumption.

This clearly means that due to any certain cause water flow won’t get defective or slow. 


Decomposed granite offers versatility that can’t be overlooked. It offers the opportunity to cover the surroundings of your tree as mulch.

But many of them won’t reach well to mulch, so be ensured while installing one. It’s very promising as an excellent ground cover for low water landscaping projects.

Crushed granite, in comparison to decomposed granite, stays weaker in versatility. It does comprise it but isn’t a winner in comparison. 

Cost of Crushed Granite vs. Decomposed Granite

While concluding about the prices, on an average 400 square foot area, crushed granite costs from $125 to $300 or, in simpler terms, $0.30 and $0.70 per quads foot.

The material cost is between $35 to $60 per inch coverage. The high cost of crushed granite abs may vary depending upon the Fluctuation of the rate. 

Whereas decomposed granite is way too inexpensive compared to crushed granite due to its properties and proximity. It’s the size of gravel, minimal and tiny.

However, it is cheaper than any other solution, such as pavers or concrete. The costs of decomposed granite generally vary between $40 to $50 per cubic yard for locally sourced options.

But if you want something more exotic and in demanding colors, the costs will be higher than the basics ones.


Crushed granite is water permeable which usually means it’s accessible for eco and budget conscious homemakers and us quite pocket friendly.

But if you want something to last long and have low maintenance standards, then Decomposed granite should definitely be your call. With a variety of applications, decomposed granite proves to be effective, valuable and a need of every household. 

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