Deck Mounted Vs Curb Mounted Skylights: Pros And Cons

Deck Mounted Vs Curb Mounted Skylights: Pros And Cons

It at times becomes difficult to choose a skylight for your home. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, such as the amount of natural light required for the space, your budget, how big a skylight you wish to install in relation to the room, and a lot more.

It is difficult to choose between a curb-mount and a deck-mount skylight as both come with certain pros and cons.

These skylights can transform the look of the home as they bring along a lot of natural light. But, you need to analyze the pros and cons of these skylights before finalizing either curb mounted or deck mounted Skylight. Let’s delve into further details!

Difference between Deck Mounted and Curb Mounted Skylight:

Installing a skylight provides access to better natural light and fresh air. They will make the space look bigger.

Skylights are a good fit in both cold and warm climate zones as they allow the space to be warmer with all the sunlight entering the room and filling the room with fresh air to keep it cooler.

In addition, these skylights also add to the aesthetic value of your interiors, so before deciding on to pick a skylight, let’s find out the basic differences between the two:

1. Difference in mounting:

The curb-mount and deck-mount skylights have different mounting methods that bring about a difference in their appearance. A deck-mount is the one screwed to the roof with the help of nails.

They provide a cleaner look and come with some amazing energy-saving properties. A Curb-mounted skylight will be attached to the roof with the help of a wooden frame. It sticks out a little and gives a bulky look.

2. Difference in roof pitch:

A deck-mount and a curb-mount skylight have different roof pitches. The deck-mounted Skylight is apt for areas with high pitch roofs while the curb-mounted skylights are suitable for flat or low-pitch roofs.

Generally, a commercial space will have a flat roof, thereby making curb-mounted Skylight a better choice. Your roof pitch is a key consideration while choosing a skylight for mounting.

3. Interior design of the space:

Deck-mount skylights are secured on the roof with screws and protrude less outside the roof, giving a pleasing appearance. On the other hand, curb-mounted skylights give a more traditional feel to the wooden structure, which is also a cost-effective solution.

The Pros and Cons of These Skylights:

Let us also understand the individual benefits and disadvantages of the two skylights.

Deck Mounted Skylight:

The main advantages of opting for a Deck Mount Skylight include the following:

1. Energy-efficiency

The word itself is so attractive! It is one of the biggest benefits of choosing a deck-mounted skylight. These skylights have some superb energy-efficient features.

They are not very fancy and do not allow much heat to escape from the room, making it an excellent choice for places with colder temperatures.

2. Attractive Looks:

The deck-mount skylights are preferred by a lot of people as they are visibly attractive. They stick to the roof and do not protrude out, giving a cleaner look. They definitely enhance the aesthetics of the home.

3. Security of home:

Another advantage of choosing the deck-mounted Skylight is the security they offer to the home. They stick to the roof with the help of screws and are not quite visible from the outside, making it more secure.

4. Multiple Installations of Skylights:

Deck mounted skylights are easy to install, and you can easily add a lot of them to your home. They give a modern look and gel well with shake roofs, shingled roofs, tile roofs, or metal roofs.

Deck Mounted Skylight:

The main disadvantages of opting for a Deck Mounted Skylight include the following:

1. Budget:

Deck-mounted skylights are highly priced and need a lot of labor to install. Thus, deck mounts are not a budget-friendly option.

2. No size customization:

Deck-mounted skylights do not offer customization of shape and size. The range is limited in comparison to curb-mounted skylights.

3. Removal of Shingles:

The deck-mounted skylights require shingle removal when you replace or install them. This involves a lot of labor and will increase your expenses. It may also need some touch-ups to make the interiors look clean.

Curb Mounted Skylight:

The main advantages of opting for a Curb Mounted Skylight include:

1. Easy Replacement:

Curb-mounted skylights are easy to replace in comparison to deck-mounted ones. You can easily change and replace it with a new skylight without any difficulty.

2. Design Options:

Another advantage is that the curb-mounted skylights come in numerous design options that bring in a lot of versatility. They also come with a condensation control located in the corners.

3. Customizable:

The curb-mounted skylights can be customized easily. You can get specific skylights made as per your size requirements without any trouble.

4. More Light:

The curb-mounted skylights come with a bigger glass area; thus, they provide more light to the room. The natural brightness and outdoor view add aesthetics to the room.

Curb Mounted Skylight:

The main disadvantages of opting for a Curb Mounted Skylight include:

1. Higher protruding profile:

The curb-mounted skylights do not stick completely to the roof and come with a higher profile. They may not look visibly appealing as they give a traditional feel to the space.

2. Low on Energy-Efficiency:

A big disadvantage of curb-mounted skylights is that they are less energy efficient. They have more heat loss in the cold climate and do not keep the rooms warm.

Comparison Of Price between Deck Mounted and Curb Mounted Skylight:

Budget is an important consideration while you choose a skylight. The curb-mounted Skylight is more cost-effective as compared to deck-mounted Skylight.

The main reason is that the curb-mounted skylights are easy to install and need low labor costs during the installation. The deck-mounted Skylight, on the other hand, is labor-intensive and requires more maintenance too.

You will not experience a leak in a curb-mounted skylight, and they are more durable too. A deck-mounted skylight may cost you about $150 to $3000 while a curb-mounted skylight costs about $150- $1200.


A skylight increases the natural light in your home. It can also lower energy bills significantly and provides ample fresh air. The two skylight options that are most common include curb-mounted and deck-mounted skylights.

You can compare the use case, price, and usage to decide what is the best for you.

Curb-mounted skylights are more economical but less energy-efficient, while deck-mounted skylights are expensive but highly energy-efficient. They are also visibly appealing. Always finalize one as per your needs after considering all these factors.

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