Delta Touch Faucet Not Working? Check This

Delta Touch Faucet Not Working? Check This

Delta faucets, the creators of Touch2O technology, use the new-age resources and innovation to benefit its consumers and make life easier by presenting the touch faucet. These brilliant faucets are here to stay and reign over the ordinary taps, being more accessible, convenient, and hence user-friendly.

Activating the delta touch faucet with just a tap on the spout or kitchen faucet handle with the forearm, hands, or wrist sets the water in motion.

Besides this, the led installed in some models of this product makes the user aware of the water temperature by changing colors. This convenient, hygienic, creative, and easy-to-install device has made its utility more comfortable and smooth.

However, customer complaints regarding the touch faucet not working have witnessed a surge since it profoundly affects their daily chores. Are you one of these users?

Do you have no clue how to resume the touch faucet’s functioning? Worry not, we got you. Read this article to learn about the probable causes and viable solutions to this upsetting problem.

What could be wrong?

After all, the delta touch faucet is a child of science and technology, and it is bound to break down once in a while. There are various reasons why your delta faucet might not be working as desired. Enlisted below are some of the common problems and the probable reasons for their occurrence:-

Touch not working

You may be facing the problem of the touch-sensitive areas or either one of them -the faucet and the handle, not responding to the touch.

This may happen when the electric cables that go to the touch sensor of the handle and the faucet are touching each other or are in contact with something metallic, which can block the touch system.

Additionally, it should be noted that the touch only works when the faucet handle is in the on position. Without that, the touch function won’t serve you.

Red Flashing Light Visible

The light at the base of the faucet signifies the device’s status. Usually, you see a blue light which illustrates that the appliance is working correctly.

However, when you see the otherwise blue light flashing at the base of the tap turning slightly red, know that the system’s battery is low.

On the other hand, if the color of the light is solid red, it indicates that the batteries have been thoroughly utilized and hence have been exhausted.

No water coming

Sometimes, even with the blue light on, you may not be able to receive water in the faucet. This issue could occur if there is any blockage or hindrance between the pipes or wires underneath the sink.

This issue may even arise if the system’s wires are somehow brushing against each other or there is clogging in the water pipes.

LED not working

If the led light at the bottom of the faucet stops functioning, check if it is securely plugged in and in the correct manner. If the connection is alright, you may need to replace the light.

How to fix the problem?

The problems mentioned above can severely hamper the working of the product. Here are some solutions that might help you restore the functioning of your delta touch faucet:-

Isolate the wires

Check beneath the sink if any wires are poking each other. If yes, try to separate them as much as possible from the others.

Plastic clips are beneficial in this situation since they would help keep the cables in place and avoid their contact. Check for loose wires, tighten them, and see if they are connected to the correct sockets.

Reset the solenoid

If changing the batteries does not work for you, you can try resetting the solenoid. Start by disconnecting the terminal from the battery and ensuring that the solenoid is connected appropriately.

Followed by disconnecting the solenoid from the battery and letting it reset for 30 seconds. This way, you will start to receive water in the faucet while the touch-sensitive areas would still be non-responsive.

Next, put the batteries back and insert the batteries correctly into the correct terminals and re-plug them. This may bring your touch faucet back to functioning correctly.

Checking the water supply and battery

Ensure that the water for the device is turned on since cutting off the water from below the sink would not allow any water to come out of your delta touch faucet.
If you see the red light on your device, replace the batteries with the new ones to bring it to work like usual.

Clearing the area

Often, overcrowding beneath the sink can lead to pipe blockages that may lead to water supply interruptions. You may want to clear some space down there to ensure that your appliance works without restraint and the right amount of water leaves your tap.

If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek professional help since the product may require the replacement of some damaged components.


The delta touch faucet can be a beneficial friend with its excellent ‘touch on touch off mechanism’ but may also be a significant annoyance source when it stops functioning properly. The article provides the various ways to troubleshoot your delta touch faucet and fix its vices.

The primary cause of most of the problems is the wires touching or crossing each other, and preventing that would be of assistance to the user considerably to get rid of these problems.

Knowing the real reason for the problem would help you eliminate it from the root and prepare for such inconveniences. It would also familiarize the consumer with the machine’s working, which would help them in its maintenance in the long run.


How do I replace the batteries of my delta touch faucet?

The battery pack is generally present in the cupboard below the sink.

1.Open the pack and remove the old batteries.

2. Put in the new batteries while making sure that you connect them to the proper terminals.

3. Put the pack’s lid back on and keep it back in its place, making sure that it remains free-standing and is not obstructed by any cables or pipes.

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