Ways To Get Rid Of Early Bed Bug Stains On Sheets

early bed bug stains on sheets

Do you find your sheets stained with rust-coloured spots? Or do your bedspreads smell weird and moist? If your answer to the above questions is a definite yes, chances are that your bed is under the attack of incredibly stubborn and sneaky bed bugs.

It is a task to find bed bugs and they are not quite friendly when you ask them to leave. Sounds unhygienic right? Not to worry, your problem will be resolved in this article.

Keep reading this article to know whether your bed is home to bed bugs and learn methods to counter this issue and make a bedroom a clean and sound space.

How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

Sneaky as they can be, bed bugs show signs of their existence which land on the bedsheets or sometimes, as marks on the skin. You may find these tiny creatures in or below your pillows, on or beneath bed sheets, headboards, bed frames or springs, or in the seams of your mattress among other places.

Here Are Some Warning Signs Which Point To The Fact That Your Bed Is Inhibited By Them.


If you come across unexplainable rust-coloured round blots on your sheet, probably you squashed one of them while changing your sleep position. In this case, you might see a small, bloated, round structure which is the bed bug.

No, they may not necessarily die due to this squeezing, they are tough. However, some blood that is fed on by them may leak on the sheet, hence the bloodstains.

If there is no other theory as to why your sheet turned spotty red, know that the bug is here to live.

Bed Bug Bites:

One of the most certain signs that bed bugs live in the same bed as you are bumpy, red, irritating bug bites, and somewhat crowded in one place. Search for these bite marks on the skin left uncovered during the night- hands, legs, arms.

Biting marks may not be a good enough signal to detect bed bugs since there is little difference between bed bug bites and that of other insects. Also, the symptoms and effects of the bed bug bites may vary from person to person.

Nevertheless, usually itchy, red bumps appear on the skin in small groups which should make one realize that they are being fed on by bed bugs.

Very Much Alive Bed Bugs:

If you are lucky enough, you may find these disgusting creatures in action which very clearly would mean that a larger number of them would be hiding somewhere, waiting for you to sleep. Usually, bed bugs are non-traceable since they occasionally ever come out of their hiding place, until it is tampered with, that is. It is hard to distinguish a bed bug from a spider or carpet beetle, hence it is a challenging task to get hold of these nasty little organisms.

Fecal Matter Stains:

small, brown, and much smaller than the bloodstains, the fecal matter stains, also referred to as fecal marks or fecal spotting, are bed bug droppings that are synonymous with digested human blood. These fecal marks contribute to the not-so-pleasant odor during pest infestation.

You can find these all over your bed sheets, pillows, box springs, mattresses, headboards, and even on your nightclothes. These marks can be really hard to wash and most definitely leave your sheet stained in dark coloured spots.

How To Get Rid Of This Pest?

Now that you have cited the problem, or in this case, managed to track down the hiding place of the bed bugs, it is time we take action against them for making our lives miserable.

Even though the methods to terminate this pest are not instant and may be slightly expensive, they are extremely necessary to undertake to stop the swift infestation of your living area.

Before calling the pest control, here are some ways you can use to get rid of bed bugs:-

Vacuum and Steam:

These methods may not terminate the entire race of bed bugs in your space, though they might help reduce the number. Vacuum the probable places where bed bugs can hide and make sure to clean them after use to prevent the infestation from spreading to other parts of the house.

Applying steam to the seams of the mattresses, bedsheets and pillows helps in killing bed bugs and their eggs as the eggs sie at 50 degrees celsius whereas the bugs die at 100 degrees Celsius. However, make sure to keep steam away from electronics.

Invest In Pest-Proof Materials:

Bed Bug proof mattresses and spring box encasements are highly useful in preventing the bed bugs from entering the bed because of almost no room for them to enter, thanks to the small zipper.

Natural Pesticides:

Using natural pesticides, like silica dust, can help a great deal to curb these bugs from making your life hell. The sharp edges of silica dust/diatomaceous earth cause harm to the bed bug exoskeleton by cutting and piercing it.

Gradually, the bedbug dies out of dehydration. This dust can be sprinkled around the room in cracks and small openings, the mattress and box spring. This is a slow method but highly effective if left undisturbed.

Although these methods work fine, nothing beats professional help. Though it takes 4-6 weeks for you to enjoy a pest-free space, it will be worth the wait. Ensure that you choose a reliable, experienced and licensed company to control the pest in your home.


Although bed bugs are extremely hard to search for, if you look in the right places, you may find them early enough to prevent the spread of the problem. Using this article, you can not only locate bed bugs but also get rid of them using accessible and simple techniques.

If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your cozy place of sleep, take action immediately by putting the given resolutions into the application and saying hello to a pest-free bed.


Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?
No bed bug bites are not generally hazardous and do not result in the diagnosis of any disease. However, some people may encounter allergic reactions to the enzymes and other substances in the bug’s saliva.

If you experience blisters, swelling, severe itchiness, fever, or flu-like symptoms, seeking medical care is strongly recommended.

How do I identify a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs possess a narrow head with a flat abdomen, usually oval-shaped. They have 2 black eyes emerging from the sides of their head, 2 antennae, and 6 legs. Bed bugs cannot fly. Pale-coloured nymphs are precursors of dark-coloured adults. They turn reddish and increase in length once fed

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