Eavestrough Repair Or Replacement: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Eavestrough Repair Or Replacement

Eavestroughs are an integral part of your home. They ensure the structural integrity of your property during stormy and rainy days.

Besides channeling rainwater away from your home, eavestroughs prevent several extensive and costly issues caused by water damage – from ceiling leaks to foundation problems.

However, most homeowners usually only bother thinking about their house’s eavestrough once it becomes damaged. Hence, regular eavestrough inspection and repair is a must.

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When you face issues with your eavestrough system, you have two options – repair or replace it. Since every case is different, this post shares some points to help you make the right choice concerning a problematic eavestrough. Continue reading below.

Eavestrough Repair Or Replacement: Which Is Best For Your Home

When To Repair Your Eavestrough

In general, some eavestrough issues are minor and can be easily repaired. This is particularly true if you have a newer gutter that’s only a few years old.

If you notice issues with your eavestrough, your first step is to inspect and try to repair it. But what issues are repairable? Some of them are enumerated below.

Minor Holes And Cracks

Holes and cracks are common issues for eavestroughs. Small openings can easily be repaired by using a quality sealant. Meanwhile, larger cracks and holes can still be fixed with metal flashing glued or riveted on the affected area before sealing it.

Localized Damage

If the damage only affects a gutter section or two, you can get away with a simple gutter repair. You can repair or replace those sections instead of tearing out your whole eavestrough and doing a complete replacement.

There Are A Few Broken Fasteners

Fasteners are the metal pieces securing the eavestrough to the roof and ensuring it’s level. In addition, screws and nails help secure your eavestrough to your fascia. Over time, these fasteners may work themselves loose or wear down.

If you notice a few broken or loose fasteners or discover nails and screws on the ground, you can fix the issue by replacing the loose pieces and re-fastening your eavestrough.


If a single seam or joint leaks in your eavestrough, you can  repair the issue without replacement. Most of the time, the sections must be adequately assembled or attached more tightly.

You can efficiently resolve the problem by replacing one gutter area, fastening the two regions, or using a sealant.

When To Replace Your Eavestrough

There comes the point where repairing your eavestrough is no longer an option. In this case, you’ll need to replace the system completely. But how do you know when to scrap your eavestrough and install a new one? Keep on reading to learn more.

Extensive Damage

Whether your eavestrough suffered from extensive damage due to a fallen tree or inclement weather or you’ve let minor holes and cracks worsen, severe damage on several gutter sections calls for a replacement.

You can try repairing the damages, yet it may be more expensive than getting a new one.

Aging Eavestrough

A well-maintained eavestrough can last for decades. But even with utmost care and maintenance, natural wear and tear due to old age require you to upgrade to a more modern system.

Sagging Eavestrough

Sagging is one of the most significant signs you need to replace your eavestrough. Eavestroughs should always stay on your walls and roofing.

A sagging eavestrough can be a safety hazard. Plus, if your gutter is leaning away, it won’t be able to do its job properly, causing water leaks around the area.

Mildew Growth

There’s a reason why eavestrough drains water away from your home. Pools of water near the foundation or moisture tend to find their way into your home’s walls, ceilings, basements, and foundation. These cause unsightly and unhealthy mold and mildew growth.

If your eavestroughs are clog-free but you still notice evidence of water damage and mold due to overflowing runoff water, then there may be a significant issue with the system. A total replacement may be the only solution to this.


A high-quality eavestrough installed by a professional can go a long way towards protecting your home against water damage caused by severe weather conditions.

That said, eavestrough damages and potential issues may arise due to lack of maintenance or general wear and tear.

And when you do find your eavestrough is not working correctly or as intended, keep in mind the above information. This will help you decide whether a simple repair is all it needs, or you’ll need to do a whole eavestrough replacement.

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