8 Best Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House

Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House

Enclosed breezeways are quite an interesting concept for home design. It adds elements into housing structures spanning throughout your property. Besides, breezeways between home and garage also add space to your carpet area. It is a great idea to connect the detached garage of your home with a breezeway.

It gives you a corridor to walk to your garage while not stepping out of your house. This idea of constructing a breezeway between your home and garage is perfect especially if you live in regions which have cold temperatures.

You can step into your car without the chilly winds grazing through your skin. You should enter and exit your home directly from your car parked into the garage and straight into the living room.

Top ideas for Garage-House Breezeway

It is likely that you have decided to add a breezeway between your home and garage and you are searching for ideas that will transform your home.

You need no worry as you will get the best ideas for constructing exceptional breezeways that will upgrade your home and add value to it. Here are some of the top ideas for Home and Garage Breezeway.

1) Glass House Breezeway

This is one of the most recommended designs for breezeway constructions. It has an amazing outlook and a transparent set-up. While walking towards your garage you will be enclosed in a glass tunnel protected from the weather while also enjoying nature.

Besides, glass house styled breezeways are perfect to add value to your Real Estate. The construction is sturdy with a transparent roof concept. For the support, wooden blocks are used.

It gives the appearance of a crystal house. You can also add a seating arrangement along the corridor provided you have enough space.

2) Bricked Corridor

If you are a fan of Victorian architecture, then this bricked breezeway corridor concept is for you. The resources you will need is good quality mortar and cementing material.

The idea is inspired from the Victorian ages and many old homes in the UK have this concept. Those days horse carriage access was connected to the home with a bricked corridor to the castle or the home.

However, while choosing design you need to remember that it integrates well with your home. You can also grow creepers on the outer walls of the breezeway. This will make the design look flawless.

3) Traditional Roof Breezeway:

There are many homes that yet have traditional roofs which are covered by clay tiles or slate. It gives an appearance of going back in time allowing you to stay connected to your roots.

If you have such a property, it is a great idea to reflect this in newer constructions in your property. You can construct a breezeway connecting your home and garage with a traditional roofing.

In the interiors you can include warm color lights and a wooden bench to get a 19th century vibe. You can also add windows and make place for some flower pots and wind chimes. It will add value to your property.

4) Contemporary Patio Cum Breezeway:

A patio-breezeway integrated design is quite compact and completes your home. You can complete the path between the house and the garage by adding a patio which also does the function of a breezeway. The construction costs will also be reasonable and it will help you save on money for separately constructing a patio.

You can add a swing and use a retractable roof for the patio. Hence, you will also get an open-look and it won’t give a claustrophobic appearance. This type of construction is quite popular in regions which are sunny and tropical. Hence, you will find it in tropical countries.

5) Wooden Breezeway:

A complete wooden breezeway looks perfect for your home. It is easy to construct and makes a sturdy breezeway. However, ensure that the wood is of good quality and is water-proofed.

This will make it ready for all weathers and allow durability. You can also consider wooden following; however, remember that the flooring needs to be durable for all weathers.

For instance, you wouldn’t want it dripping with water. The design looks complete with a contemporary chandelier in the breezeway. You can also opt for fairy lights to add elements to your breezeway.

6) Flat Surface Breezeway with Terrace:

This design will help you add additional room to your home. It makes it look open while also giving you extra space to relax. You can construct a flat roof which is sturdy to also make a foundation for a terrace on the first floor.

You can hang creepers on the ceiling of the breezeway and hang fairy lights. You can either keep the lateral walls open or closed completely depending on your preferences. Hence, you get added terrace space where you can use it for exercising or reclamation purposes.

7) Rustic Vibe Design:

Well, the rustic vibe is quite underrated. It looks gorgeous and gives you a feeling of vacation and mountain top home. The vibe is precious and helps you integrate well with your home.

You can opt for red colored bricks with white combination. It will look gorgeous. You can go for a wooden roof as it adds to your rustic vibe design. If you have a vintage car, definitely, go for this design.

8) Mediterranean Themed Breezeway:

This Mediterranean Theme Breezeway looks gorgeous. The sand construction appearance with a garden and lamps looks like a dream come true. If you are into mediterranean architecture you should definitely go ahead with this design. It will add to the beauty of your home and it’s fairly budget-friendly to construct it.

It has a sandstone Yellow ochre appearance. If you are going with this design ensure that the exteriors of your home are compatible with the design. Besides, it is always a good idea to construct this themed architecture if your home is perfectly compatible with the design.

The Bottom Line:

There are various breezeway designs allowing your home and garage to be connected without any hassle. However, while choosing a design idea ensure that it goes well with the existing architecture of your home and garage.

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