Energy Efficient Gas Heating: Tips And Tricks

most efficient heating system

During wintertime, getting comfortable through a furnace can be expensive. However, some don’t have a choice because the weather in Australia can be very extreme. As a result, some people find their utilities climbing to unexpected levels because of heating costs. See more about heating and bills on this page.

Nowadays, you can cut costs by setting the thermostat at a programmable level where it doesn’t work round the clock to maintain the heat. Once it reaches a specific temperature, it would stop cranking the furnace up and try to get the temperature even without the cold spots.

Aside from these technologies, people can also start wearing sweaters instead of paying a lot for their bills. Here’s some information about this.

Why Gas Is The Energy Efficient Choice For Heating Sydney Homes

Defining efficiency first is going to give many homeowners in Sydney a good idea of what to buy. Heat pumps may often be effective for those who are living in moderate climates, but they can’t be much help in extremely cold settings.

Know the system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency, which will tell you how much you’re expected to spend on natural gas or electricity each month. With the ones that have a 90% rating, such as the gas ones, this is going to indicate that most of the energy is going to be put to good use.

Minimum requirements by the Department of Energy are around 80%, but you can find gas units today that can be more than 98%. Manufacturing dates after 1992, generally adhere to the local standards so there’s nothing to worry about them.

Those who are planning to buy a house that’s been standing for more than 30 years, it might be the right time to call the professionals to check the ducts, vents, and boiler rooms because they might waste a lot of money if they’re going to use an older system.

Finding the models with a higher AFUE rating is only one part of the job. The second step is making sure that the home is outfitted for natural gas. See the post about AFUE at this link:

It’s going to be a cheaper alternative if the property is already outfitted with the pipelines. Afterwards, you’ll need to select among the popular systems that include the following:


Water heating appliances are still very popular today, and they have tanks where water is stored. Everything goes through radiators and pipes to distribute the heat and make sure that there are no cold spots around various spaces.

Natural gas types are more efficient because they can have an AFUE of about 100 or up. However, there are also the ones that run on oil, but they are pretty uncommon. When you have enough space in your home, this can be a good option for you because the tanks can take up a lot of space.


Efficient systems are generally found in furnaces that work by heating the environment through a series of exchangers. They will push out the cold air with a fan or blower through the ducts, which results in more comfortable and cozy rooms.

You can expect them to be more affordable too, which is ideal for homeowners who are looking for ways to save.

Heat Pumps

Modern inventions like the heat pumps comes as a heating appliance and an air conditioning unit in one. It is dual purpose, and during summertime, the outdoor equipment will grab the air inside the room, remove the heat with a refrigerant, and make sure that you’re getting a cool breeze.

In the winter months, it does the opposite to warm up the rooms. It’s not noisy, but they can be very expensive. The best ones can cost $20,000 up, and you can choose from varieties like geothermal, air-source, and split-duct.

However, one word of caution though, they are going to raise the electric bills down the road, and this might not be an ideal choice if you already have the gas type.

Regular Servicing

Winter can be around the corner before you know it, and before the season changes, you might want to get regular maintenance and servicing, so you won’t be left with expensive utilities.

Technicians are often responsible for inspection of your unit, and they will determine if it’s time for a replacement. The best one which is a service gas heater in Sydney can help identify potential issues and know the root cause of mechanical failures.

They can clean the pilot lights and line of fuel if needed and check the pressure. It’s important to call the contractors at least twice a year to prevent disasters like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

When they’ve cleaned the filters and removed the dust, lint, and other pollutants, you can count on your monthly bills to get lowered the next month because the furnace is not going to work harder than necessary to keep everyone warm.

For air filters, the recommended replacement can be from 30 to 90 days, depending on the type that you have.

Your family’s health can also improve when there are no pollutants and pollen in the air. Any contaminants including bacteria, dead skin, and dust mites will be removed on time, and you won’t have to worry about them circulating in your home.

Keeping your furnace for at least 15 to 20 years can also be worth the investment. Regular washing and tightening of the loose parts can lengthen its lifespan, making it one of the best purchases that you have made. Keep the appliance in peak condition with the help of licensed, certified, and skilled contractors in Australia.

These people have a lot of experience in cleaning, repairing, and installation of heating systems. You can also count on them when you need help with your refrigeration and air conditioning.

Having them on speed dial will also mean that you can rely on someone to keep the entire family safe and comfortable, especially during emergencies. The cherry on top is that they are affordable, so that you can save more money in the long run.

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