Exploring 8 Different Foundation Repair Methods

Exploring 8 Different Foundation Repair Methods

Foundation issues can arise due to numerous factors, such as insufficient drainage, poor construction, plumbing issues, poor soil stabilization, etc. You should prioritize foundation repair to maintain the house’s structural integrity. Thus, here are some common foundation repair methods to help you start.

What are the Different Foundation Repair Methods?

You can solve all kinds of foundation problems by using the following major and minor foundation repair methods:

Some Major Foundation Repair Methods are:

Steel Piers Foundation Repair Method

Steel piers are the everlasting foundation repair method. In this method, galvanized steel posts are installed deep below the foundation.

Even if the structure is on poor and uncompacted soil, the piers can go as deep as necessary to reach the compact enough ground to provide support. These piers stay permanently in place; as a result, they permanently stabilize the foundation.

Thus, steel piers provide the best long-term solution if you are looking for a permanent foundation repair method. However, some drawbacks of this method are that they are costly and tend to be destructive.

Helical Piers Foundation Repair Method

Similar to steel piers, helical piers are another permanent foundation repair method. These piers are also known as anchors. Helical piers are used as an alternative when the soil structure is difficult to bore using other steel piers.

The foundation repair company will screw several helical piers below the foundation in this method. These piers twist on the ground resembling a screw. This method is useful in transferring the weight of the house to these piers.

However, some drawbacks of the helical piers are that these piers have limited load capacity and are thus unsuitable for heavy building. Helical piers are difficult to install and might not be suitable for fixing horizontal issues.

Finally, helical piers are relatively expensive compared to other foundation repair methods.

Pressed Concrete Piling Foundation Repair Method

In the pressed concrete piling foundation repair method, The foundation repair company will install several pre-cured cylindrical concrete below the foundation of your house.

After that, they will stack the concrete on each other. The number of concretes depends on your requirement. Typically, this concrete has to be installed 12 ft deep.

Pressed concrete filing is also one of the most durable foundation repair methods. These are also more cost-effective as compared to steel piers and helical piers.

However, one drawback of the pressed concrete piling foundation repair method is that they only work on some soil. The cramped concrete piling foundation repair method is especially unsuited for a place like Texas, where the ground has little organic matter.

Poured Concrete Foundation Repair Method

Poured concrete piling is another long-lasting foundation repair method. This method is also known as the cast-in-place concrete pier method. In this method, they start by digging several holes around the foundation.

Then concrete is poured down these holes. After that, this concrete will be allowed to harden for several days. As a result, solid vertical columns will form, creating a stable foundation support.

Poured concrete piling method had a high load-bearing capacity, making it also suitable for big buildings. Compared to other permanent foundation repair methods, the ran concrete method is also cost-effective.

Belled Concrete Piers Foundation Repair Method

Belled concrete piers are another high-load-bearing foundation repair method. This method is also known as drilled shafts or caissons method. This method involves drilling a cylindrical hole resembling a bell shape in the ground.

Like the poured concrete foundation repair method, the foundation repair company will pour concrete through these holes. The only difference between the poured concrete method and the belled concrete method is the shape of the holes.

Due to the increased diameter at the base, belled concrete piers provide the highest load-bearing capacity. Thus, the belled concrete piers foundation repair method is suitable for heavy structures and challenging soil conditions.

Some Minor Foundation Repair Methods are:

Slab jacking or mud jacking Foundation Repair Method

The slab jacking foundation repair method effectively adjusts the uneven concrete slab with minimum destruction. This method is called mud jacking, concrete filling, or slab levelling.

In this method, you have to drill two about half-inch wide holes into the foundation, and a solution of materials, such as mud, cement, etc., is pumped into these holes.

The slab jacking method will fill the gaps and help the foundation to sit at the level by temporarily lifting the concrete slab, which is suitable for any weather condition.

Alternatively, polyurethane foams can also be used instead of soil and cement. This foundation repair method is known as the polyurethane injection method. The foundation repair company will inject polyurethane into this hole instead of mud and other elements, which will help slowly raise your foundation’s foundation.

Thus, if you are looking for a non-destructive and cost-effective foundation repair method, slabjacking and polyurethane methods should be considered.

However, one drawback of both slabjacking and polyurethane methods is that this is a temporary solution foundation repair method. Another disadvantage of these methods is that they are not widely available.

Shimming Foundation Repair Method

This temporary foundation repair method is popular for settling insignificant issues such as minor misalignments. This method treats the misalignment by applying a layer of concrete paste on the surface. Thus, it is unsuitable for wooden, plastic, or metal foundation bases.

However, before going ahead with the shimming foundation repair method, it is advised to seek an expert opinion. You should ensure that the foundation’s unevenness does not indicate a major underlying issue.

Sealing Cracks Foundation Repair Method

The method generally treats non-structural cracks caused mainly due to water intrusion, soil movement, and other climatic reasons. Different types of creak sealants are used depending on the kind of crack.

This method is a temporary solution. However, this foundation repair method can help to prevent further damage. However, it is worth noting that the sealing crack foundation repair method is only suitable for minor issues in the foundation.


Foundation repair is a high-priority issue that can be solved using minor and major foundation repair methods such as steel piers, helical piers, concrete piling, slab jacking, sealing cracks, etc.

Investing in a foundation repair method according to your requirement is crucial to maintain the long-term structural integrity of your house.

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