Your Guide to Leather Ottomans: How To Select a Style and Keep it Looking Great

Your Guide to Leather Ottomans: How To Select a Style and Keep it Looking Great

A leather ottoman is a timeless piece, capable of becoming a treasured heirloom for generations. Leather ottomans come in various shapes and styles, such as round, square, rectangular and even pentagonal, and serve many purposes.

Here is a guide to help make selecting the perfect ottoman a breeze.

Leather Ottoman Styles

1. Flat

Flat ottomans are a neutral but noteworthy accessory that can function as a coffee table, footrest and more. A flat square leather ottoman pairs nicely, but not exclusively, with a modern interior design.

2. Plush

A plush leather ottoman provides a comfortable place to kick back at the end of the day or for your guests to land when you need more seating.

3. Tufted

Round or square tufted leather ottomans are an elegant way to elevate a space. Tufted leather can blend with any decor but is an ideal way to amp up an area that lacks warmth and texture.

4. Elevated

Leather ottomans with legs can add depth and dimension to a space. Elevated leather ottomans work well with mid-century decor, especially those with tapered legs.

5. Storage

Leather ottomans with hidden storage work equally well in cozy, small spaces and airy, expansive rooms.

This multipurpose furniture piece functions as a seat, footrest, coffee table and hiding place for blankets, books, magazines and more. Some ottomans even have a movable table overlay to add extra surface area.

How To Choose

1. Examine Your Space

The layout of your space plays a significant role in which type of leather ottoman you choose. Think of the area like a puzzle. Which ottoman shape will fill the gaps in a satisfying way?

2. Determine Your Goals

Pinpoint what your home or office lacks, whether it be the functionality of a footrest, storage, surface area or a combination.

If your space is short on places to put things, you might opt for a hidden storage ottoman. Areas that need a place to set or display items may benefit from a flat ottoman or an ottoman and table combo.

3. Factor in Your Style

Functionality is only one factor in your ottoman selection. The leather ottoman you choose should also fit your taste and your home’s design aesthetic.

Leather Ottoman Care Tips

1. Clean Gently

While some scuffing is desirable to add to the leather’s natural finish, some may be bothersome. You can gently buff light scratches with a moistened finger or damp cloth.

2. Place in Indirect Light Away from Heat

Direct sunlight and heat contribute to the degradation of leather, so keeping your leather ottoman in indirect light is best to preserve it. If the leather gets wet, allow it to air dry to prevent cracking.

3. Condition Regularly

Applying a conditioning treatment, such as leather oil, to the ottoman every three to six months can help protect its leather. Conditioning oil moisturizes the leather to keep it supple and durable.

Find the Perfect Leather Ottoman

Now that you’re in the know, it’s time to branch out and select a stylish and functional leather ottoman  to enjoy. Poly & Bark has an abundance of leather ottomans to fit your needs and taste and to inspire.

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