Guide To Luxaflex Awnings: Cost, Colors For 2023

Guide To Luxaflex Awnings: Cost, Colors For 2023

Ever wondered what luxaflex awnings are and what they can do for you? We’ll be looking into the cost, colours, and other factors that affect awning selection in this article.

Luxaflex makes excellent awnings as they last up to 25 years without any deterioration – perfect for those looking to invest in longevity.

Things You Need to Know About Luxaflex Awnings


The cost of an awning varies depending on the size of your chosen model, as well as its features – such as whether it’s motorised or not.

This price will also vary depending on how many areas you require it for, the type of roof and finish, whether there are vents installed in the roof and more.


Luxaflex awnings come in a wide range of colours, most commonly shades of black and white.

They can be customised with any colour, pattern or design you want! The most popular colours are blue, green and violet – but there are many other colours available including red and yellow.

Other features

Wind vents

Wind vents are built into awnings to allow air to flow through the fabric. This allows for much more air circulation, so keep this in mind if your home will be hot during the summer months. The vents are designed to reduce the heat of a building by as much as 95%.


If you’re looking for additional security, an awning with our smart lock system is recommended. This will allow you to lock your door from the outside, making it harder for intruders to get in.

Also, if you have kids around and would like extra security when they’re playing on the lawn or in your backyard, you can also opt for a swing door lock for extra protection.

Customized sizes

Luxaflex can make custom awning sizes to your exact requirements. If you would like to choose the length of a particular section, they can do this for you as well!

They also have many other customisation options, such as colour and pattern. Luxaflex awnings by Art blinds come in a wide spectrum of colours, so you can be sure to find one that suits your home’s needs!


A motorised awning can make all the difference to your life. Motorisation allows you to open and close an awning at will, which could be useful in the event of an emergency – especially if you have a special diet!

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a motor, they also come with a manual option. If you’re looking for extra security and would like to easily lock the awning, we recommend opting for the smart lock system.

Fabric choices

There are many different types of fabric used by Luxaflex, including aluminium and PVC. The aluminium fabric creates a very smooth look and is particularly good at resisting heat, whilst being light in weight.

This material also makes it especially resistant to mould and fungi. PVC, on the other hand, is a fabric that is easy to clean due to its soft texture. Luxaflex awnings have very durable fabric, but you’ll need to keep it clean!


Overall, Luxaflex is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality, durable product. They make many different types of awnings and can tailor them to your specific needs. The luxaflex awning is a safe, easy and aesthetically appealing way to cover your home.

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