Gutter Apron vs Drip Edge: What’s the Difference and When to Use Them?

Gutter Apron vs Drip Edge: What's the Difference and When to Use Them?

For better convenience of living we install many solutions in our houses, whether it is about all appliances in a modern kitchen or even looking for the pristine material for the flooring. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that ethnic living requires ethnic components.

Gutter Apron and Drips Edges are the two components popular as housing components. Being the elements of the roof installation system, they provide prevention from roof leakage.

Through these two effective components, the water is all channelled up the water in the attic straight to the gutter, without making a mess or roof leak.

However, being similar in their services, these two installation systems still differ from one another, whether it is about their shape, size, or properties. Therefore, it leaves us with a slight dilemma of which one to pick for our household.

So, it is necessary to look into the differences between these two installations in order to set them apart and make our choice. But first, let’s dive into knowing what are these two elements all about.

What is a Gutter Apron?

These components are being designed to prevent water from making a mess in our houses by directing the water down from roof edges straight to the gutters.

Gutter Apron is an L-shaped installation with metal strips featuring aluminium as well as steel sheets, all effectively being developed to keep our roof and entire house devoid of water leakage.

Looking out for more user convenience and requirements, it is widely available in various colours as per the theme or aesthetic of your house. White, bronze, and black are the shades considered as most popular among all.

What is a Drip Edge?

On the other phase, Drip Edges are watertight seals, with T-shaped flashing instalments to take away water from the perimeter of your roof.

These metal steel flashing, being designed to protect your house or précised roof, from moisture to make any damage, rotting, or even taking water away from all the internal areas of your home.

It could also be added that it isn’t necessary to make sure that the drip edge is being installed in the core construction of your house. It could easily be installed verily. Moreover, it is available in many colours, whether it is brown, black, or white.

Differences Between Gutter Aprons and Drip Edges

Being similar in almost all aspects of directing the water straight into the gutter and preventing our houses from leaks, these two components are still somewhat contrasting in their shapes and parameters.

So, now it turns to go through various properties that set these two systems apart:


The process of installation is essential for any kind of housing component, in order to prevent future inconvenience, same is the case with these two systems of roof leakage prevention.

Both of these systems are easy to install within the frame of your house. The gutter apron is somewhat bigger as compared to the drip edge, but that doesn’t indicate that it is any harder to put to work.

It is being built at the corner of the decking on your roofs and takes away the water. On the other hand, drip edges are being connected with the trim and usually installed straight past the gutter.


The utmost differences that set these two components apart are their shapes and sizes, as they differ entirely when it comes to their shapes and area of the undertaking.

The gutter is usually designed in an ‘L’ shape, with metal steel flashings, and slightly bigger coverage on the entire house.

While drip edges are ‘T’ shaped elements to prevent water from ruining the entire house, they are slightly smaller installations when compared to the others.

Although they are different in their shapes, the role of these roof systems is to target the same convenience and ease to the house.


Another difference that could be a contrasting point is their pricing. The cost differences between these two systems aren’t related as drip edges are more expensive than a gutter apron.

Although, have significantly different properties, choosing the cheaper option isn’t the wise choice when it comes to housing facilities. They both tend to be affordable systems to prevent our roofs from rotten.


Being designed with the same elements as aluminium and steel, both installations offer compelling durability, either to humidity or UV rays.

All you need to do is make sure the systems are being installed in the correct manner, if not then choose the alternate option effectively.

While the gutter apron is being set somewhat wrong then choose the drip edge in your house, but be aware that the latter option couldn’t be reinstalled. So, install either of the two and access their durability with ease.


Therefore, being effective ways to prevent our house from moisture, and our roofs leakage free, both of these installations are similar in providing convenience. They both prevent water from making a mess in our houses.

Being the metal steel systems, taking away all the water into the drainage or gutter, gutter aprons, and drip edges are still contrasting with one another.

Whether it is about the shapes and sizes, durability, or even pricing. So, it would be more efficient for us to make our choices between the two while knowing the difference.

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