How To Hire HDB Registered Contractors For Residential Renovation

HDB Registered Contractors

A good HDB registered contractor can complete a remodeling project within the desired time and budget. However, most people don’t know how to hire reputable HDB Renovation Contractors suitable for their requirements and preferences.

For this reason, we have mentioned some tips below that will help you hire an experienced and skilled one. So, let’s check them out.

Tips To Hire HDB Contractors For Home Renovation

Look For Recommendations

Getting recommendations is the simplest and most effective tip for hiring a good renovation contractor for a residential property. Therefore, look for recommendations from your friends, relatives, and social circle who have recently got their home renovated.

Because, by following this approach, you can save all the time and effort required to find the best renovation builder.

Moreover, one can communicate with a building inspector and know about good options. Because the inspector is familiar with which renovation builders routinely follow the specified rules and guidelines.

Hence, they can provide good recommendations. Furthermore, you can head to the nearest hardware store to get recommendations. By communicating to the people working at the store, the customers can know which remodeling contractor buys quality material and pays the bills on time.

Interview The Contractors On Phone

Once you have gathered a handful of recommendations, you can start interviewing the HDB contractors. This way, one can better understand the company’s services in advance. So, one should ask the following questions with the contractor.

Can you Provide The List of The Previous Clients?

You can contact the previous clients and ask about their experience working with the renovation contractor. Also, the customers can ask about the service quality and the expenses.

How Many Ongoing Projects Do You Currently Have?

Reputed renovation builders always have a lot of projects going on with various clients. It implies that their services are in high demand. Therefore, one can consider hiring them.

Do you Have Experience Working on Residential Projects?

Remember that every renovation contractor cannot work on home remodeling projects. Thus, one must avoid the commercial ones as they have no experience renovating the residential property.

Meet The Contractors Face To Face

After making the phone calls, select a few contractors to meet face to face. Because by interacting with the HDB contractors, one can check their confidence and behavior. Moreover, a credible renovation builder can confidently answer all the questions.

On the other hand, scammers and frauds get caught on one question or the other. However, don’t let the renovation builder impress you by faking confidence and credibility.

Therefore, confirm the information provided by the renovation builder with the consumer protection agency of the locality. Also, visit the local business bureau to ensure that the renovation builder has a clean track record.

Furthermore, the renovation contractor must have good communication skills to help you properly convey the requirements to the construction team.

Cross Check The Facts

After further sorting the contractors, one should start researching and cross-checking the information provided by them. Moreover, the best approach is to make a site visit to see if the renovation builder’s services are actually good or not.

Notice if the workers are taking care of the safety of the property and following all the specified government requirements. Additionally, carefully examine the finishing in the work and quality of the services.

In addition, you can visit one of the renovation builder’s previous clients to see the quality of the finished project. This way, you can effectively judge the renovation contractors’ skills.

Compare The Bids

After shortlisting the best HDB contractors according to work ethic and track record, one can move forward by comparing their bids. This way, you can conclude which one offers the services at the best price.

Experienced and skilled ones always ask for a detailed blueprint of the remodeling project. Because it helps them effectively implement the minute details in the project according to the clients’ preferences. In addition, the contractors also suggest the best materials and remodeling practices according to the house owner’s budget.

To compare and choose the best bid, ask the contractor to break down the remodeling expense into smaller, easy-to-understand parts. The total budget consists of material cost, profit margins, labor charges, etc. Hence, by carefully going through all the expenses, the customers can ensure that the renovation process is transparent.

Make A Payment Schedule

You must split the total expense into smaller installments and schedule the payments. Never pay the total amount of the renovation project altogether. However, the contractor can ask for an advance amount to start the project, and there is no problem in giving that.

Moreover, the payment demands of the contractors also portray a picture of how well their business is going. If one demands half of the bid in advance, it symbolizes the company is facing financial problems.

Furthermore, do not pay the final installment before the project completion. Instead, examine the site and check that everything is according to the specified requirements. Afterward, make the final payment. This way, one can get the finishing touches on the project effectively.

Don’t Make Price The Only Criteria

The contractors bidding at unbelievably low prices use cheap quality equipment or are not getting enough projects. As home renovations require a considerable investment, some offer services at lower rates than the industry’s standards. They do so to attract clients, but they are generally scammers and fraudsters.

A good approach is to hire a remodeling contractor well within the budget. Moreover, it is better to invest a few dollars extra but get the renovations done with quality materials and skilled construction workers.

Ensure Proper Documentation

It is essential to ensure that the HDB contractor maintains proper documentation related to the renovation project. It includes proof of liability, project start date, insurance proof, project budget, details of required materials, etc.

Maintaining all the records in writing ensures no irregularities in the remodeling project. Consequently, there are no disputes about the price of a particular product, delay in the project, and many more things.


By following the above tips, you can hire a suitable contractor for renovating the residential property. However, one of the most crucial things is selecting the one registered with the Housing And Development Board (HDB).

By choosing from HDB Registered Contractors, the customers can expect quality services because they follow government guidelines.

You can find a reputable HDB contractor near your location with the help of an online search. This way, one can transform the look and feel of the house with the help of renovations.

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