How to Start Your Professional Property Management Career

How to Start Your Professional Property Management Career

Becoming a property manager can be both difficult and rewarding if you possess the appropriate skills.

The job requirements require strong work ethics, an aptitude for organization and problem-solving, the ability to meet deadlines, as well as communicating well with clients – however, there’s a lot more to get into if you want to be a professional.

Steps To Take To Start Career In Property Management

Education and Training

Property management is an area in which education and training are vital in order to succeed, from getting your real estate license (which you can learn about here) and certification from relevant organizations, all the way up to getting licensed yourself.

You can become educated in property management through earning either a bachelor’s degree or enrolling in an online certificate program.

An industry mentor can also provide invaluable instruction, helping you learn all aspects of the job while offering guidance in times of difficulty.

Since property management is a people business, strong communication and interpersonal skills are also necessary. You will need to interact with tenants, owners and maintenance/legal staff in order to keep properties in excellent condition while satisfying clients.

As part of your sales skills, it is also crucial that you possess strong selling techniques. These abilities will enable you to find and screen potential tenants as well as close the deal once they decide they want to relocate into your community.

Licenses and Certifications

No matter where you stand in the real estate field, licenses and certifications can help your career. By earning them legally and safely protecting clients against potential risks.

Property managers specialize in managing residential or commercial properties for landlords.

Their primary responsibility is ensuring the building remains in excellent condition for tenants while all aspects are operating as smoothly as possible – and any problems are quickly addressed when they arise.

Effective communication skills are also necessary ( as you will interact with various parties daily – this may include tenants, owners, contractors, banks and other real estate professionals.

Administrative duties often consume much of your time, making it important that you’re able to track all the details effectively.

Furthermore, good organizational and problem-solving abilities will come in handy, especially as you might encounter complex issues daily.

Job Searching

Property management careers can be rewarding yet difficult, involving many responsibilities such as accounting, investing, maintenance, marketing, tenant management and communication – among many others.

They also require managing work with family commitments – something many find challenging.  After shortlisting 2-4 strong candidates for your management business, you should begin interviewing them.

Interviewing will give you a great way of gaining an idea of their experience, qualifications and personality; additionally, references provide further insight into their professional background.

Ask them questions about their property management experience to gain an idea of their length of service in this industry and which types of properties they oversee.

You will also gain an insight into their level of professionalism as well as their communication style with clients.

Once you have identified potential managers, conduct interviews in person to assess their skills and expertise. This allows you to ascertain if they can meet your expectations as well as whether or not they will work effectively with you over the duration of your contract.


Like any business, experience is key. Successful property management professionals possess the expertise required to keep their properties in optimal condition, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs.

They are also involved in selecting and overseeing contractors, managing tenants effectively and ensuring all building systems operate seamlessly.

Being an effective customer service representative is also key, since you will be dealing with many clients and tenants at once.

Your goal should be to give them timely access to any needed information as well as make them feel assured that their issues are being handled appropriately.

As your job requires working with people and negotiating lease agreements with tenants and owners, keeping a positive outlook can also be essential in creating relationships with them and receiving referrals from them.

Report-writing is another key aspect of your job. Since it involves creating various reports that go directly to clients, it is vital that you pay close attention when writing these important documents.

Property managers must possess not only these personal qualities, but must also remain current with best practices and industry trends – this will allow you to face any obstacles head on as they arise during their career.

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