Quick And Easy Ways How to Remove Moen Shower Handles?

Quick And Easy Ways How to Remove Moen Shower Handles?

Does cleaning the Moen shower handle bother you, or are you stressed with the leaks? The task can be tiresome and confusing. But this should not haunt you once you know the step-by-step process to remove and clean a moen shower handle.

Mostly the issues that crop up while doing the task can be easily solved on your own. You simply need to understand the step-by-step process to do the same. Following the right steps will make the job smooth and easy. So, let’s understand the process of how to remove moen shower handle.

Steps How To Take Off Moen Shower Handle:

Taking off a Moen shower handle may seem to be difficult, but the process can be simplified if you follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Take hold of the cap or button

You must start the process by checking the handle and locating its button or cap. The cap or button is usually present on the top of the handle.

2. Remove the cap or button with the help of a screwdriver

Use a small screwdriver to penetrate the hole. Rotate the screw slowly till it comes out. The Moen shower handles are not very sturdy, so remember to handle them carefully to avoid any breakage.

3. Close the water supply valve

You need to make sure that the water supply valve is shut while you remove the Moen shower handle. You must also cover the drain before you start the process.

4. Pull out the screw

Once the cap or button has been pulled out, you now need to remove the inside screws using a spanner. Measure the size of the screw so that you can use an appropriate spanner to do the job.

Remove the screw skilfully as they are very small and might just go down the drain. Ensure that you have closed the drain before you start the job.

5. Pull out the handle

Now that you have carefully removed the screw, it is your turn to remove the Moen shower handle. You can use a plier to do so if you are not able to pull it using your hands.

Be careful while using a plier, as it might lead to some scratches on the shower handle. You may wrap the handle with a towel or soft cloth before using a plier.

This is it! Removing your Moen shower handle with screws was this easy. But what needs to be done if the Moen handle does not have any screws?

How to Remove the Shower Faucet Handle With No Visible Screws?

Usually, a Moen shower handle is considered to be without screws if these invisible screws lie hidden below the lever. Thus, you need to adopt a different approach to remove such Moen shower handles.

These handles are usually bent at a 90-degree angle and need a hex wrench to remove the same. The steps that need to be followed in such a case are:

1. Shut down the water supply

You need to shut down the water supply valve before you start the process of removing the shower handle. This will avoid common bathroom accidents.

2. The Moen shower handle needs to be twisted from below

Hold the handle arm and start rotating its base in an anti-clockwise direction. This will help you to remove the base easily.

3. Take out the invisible screw

The screws in such handles are hidden inside the faucet. They are visible once you remove the base. You may need a screwdriver to do the job.

4. Take out the cartridge

You will see a cartridge once you have taken out the hidden screws. Use a plier to remove this cartridge and then pull out the Moen shower handle.

Are You Facing Difficulty in Twisting the Moen Shower Handle?

At times the Moen shower handles can be blocked, old, worn out, or damaged as they are being used for a long time. The handles may be difficult to twist due to a lot of reasons.

Accumulation of mineral deposits like calcium can clog the screws inside, making the handle stiff and difficult to twist. Also, the residues from bath products and toiletries can get deposited on the handle and make it challenging to twist.

The handle may become stiff if there is any leak in the working mechanism that leads to a build-up over time. The handle might also get rusted or have a broken screw or rubber lining that might tighten the shower handle.

Loosening of a tight Moen Shower Handle:

It is easy to loosen the tight shower handles by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Stop the water supply

Shut off the water supply before you start any such job. Open the valve and empty all the water till the flow ceases completely.

2. Remove your shower handle

Now you need to remove the shower handles using the steps mentioned above. The handle may be with or without screws. It can be done quickly if you follow the steps thoroughly.

3. Examine the problem

Examine the handle and see if you can find any accumulation on it. Use a white vinegar solution to soak the handle. This will help to clear all the build-up.

Check if any screw is broken or the rubber is cut at the base. You can loosen the nuts and clean the handle to make its functioning smooth and easy.

4. Replace the handle

You can now tighten the shower handle back using a set of new screws if needed. Ensure that you tighten the screw to keep away any leaks. Do not tighten it too much; otherwise, it might break.

Once done, please check if the valve is now working smoothly. Turn on the water supply and check for any leaks. If the handle is old or rusted, then you must replace the same with a new one.

Does Moen provide a Shower Handle Parts Warranty?

Moen provides a lifetime warranty on shower handles. The warranty covers drips, leaks, and finish flaws. The shower handle will be replaced without any charges if it leaks within the warranty period.

You need to keep the billing details intact, as it will accompany the warranty claims as proof of purchase. The comprehensive warranty covers finishes and all damaged parts but will not cover any damage caused by replacing the parts with non-genuine parts.

It also does not cover installation errors, misuse, or product abuse.

Adjusting a Moen Shower Handle:

Moen shower handles come in different styles, shapes, and valve systems. It provides you with a great, personalized shower experience. You can adjust a Moen shower in the following ways:

1. Check the Pre-set Temperature

You must check the pre-set temperature range as the temperature valve can adjust temperatures from 70 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Adjust the temperature according to your preference

You can easily remove the plaster cap from the flow and temperature valves. Set the maximum water temperature limit by turning the valve anti-clockwise.

Repeat the same process clockwise if you need to set a low-temperature limit. Once set, put back the plaster cap.

3. Adjust the pressure of the water

You can even adjust the water pressure if you feel that the waterline has been clogged. The clogging is evident when the water drips very slowly from the shower faucet. Check the water lines to see if they are open, and also check for the stop-check valves.

4. Remove the foreign items that lead to clogs

Turn off all the water lines and remove the balancing spool to remove any items causing the clog. Ensure that the shower piston is easily moving around before you reinstall the spool. Now tighten the screw back to keep the shower handle in place.

Swapping Moen Shower Handles:

Moen shower handles comes in large varieties. The type of handles comprises four different single-handle shower valve styles.

The values may look almost the same, but their trim is different and cannot be used interchangeably. The handle operation and screw location is different for all.

Perfect Way to Cleaner Your Moen Shower Handle:

You can easily clean the shower handle using mild dishwashing soap and a damp cloth. Rinse it well and wipe it using a soft towel.

You must avoid using cleaners made using ammonia, bleach, alcohol, or harsh chemicals. Read the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer.


The attractive Moen shower handles can give your bathrooms or kitchens a glamorous appearance. They come in versatile designs that may or may not have screws.

You can follow the detailed steps to understand an easy and convenient method to remove the Moen shower handle while you clean, repair, or replace them. So, don’t worry; just grab your tools to get the job done!

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