Ideas for Changing Up Your Living Room

Ideas for Changing Up Your Living Room

It might serve as a play area for young children. It could be where you and your spouse cuddle up to watch a good movie. It may serve as the home base for game night when a group of friends come over.

Or it may be the perfect setting for enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book for pleasure before starting your day. The living room in your home can serve many functions, making it one of the most used spaces in the house.

For that reason, it should be a priority to make that space as comfortable and well-suited to your taste as possible. A living room is a key feature of any home, no matter what your lifestyle looks like.

It can provide a safe retreat from the outside world and a place to gather with those that you love. But is your living room living up to its potential? There are a lot of ways to change up your living room so that it has a fresh feel or aesthetic.

Some of them are simple and small, while others require a bit more investment of time and resources. Here are a few ideas for changing up your living room to elevate this space in your home.

Ways To Give Elevate Look To Your Living Room

Embrace Unique Features

Since the living room is the most likely spot where your family or guests will congregate, having some memorable features that make the room unique is a great way to improve the home in general.

You could install a cool fold-out gaming table for some friendly competition that hides behind another structure or decor element so that it does not take up space when not in use.

Install a color-changing light fixture behind the television to create a home theater atmosphere. Have a piece of furniture that secretly acts as storage for toys, games, or books, like an ottoman.

Chances are your TV is one of the centerpieces of your living room. Consider getting a wooden TV unit in your home. TV units allow you to maximize your storage space and ensure your TV is housed safely and stylishly. Plus, you can never go wrong with wood, no matter the motif of your home.

Having a unique feature in your living room can wow your guests and make the whole space a little more interesting.

Invest in a Sectional Sofa

Comfortable seating is perhaps the most important element in a living room. After all, why would you want to “live” in it if there is no place to rest or relax? There’s something about a sectional sofa that can make a room pop.

It can serve an important function as seating for a good number of people of course, but it can also adhere to some unique color choices that match or complement the rest of the room.

Sectionals are popular because they have a lot of room for people to sit or for you to lie down once the party is over. When buying living room furniture, keep these pieces in mind to change up your living room style while serving a crucial purpose.

New Window Coverings/Decor

A living room most likely has a decent number of windows, or at least a large window, to work with. Since this space will be used a lot by you, your family, and potential guests.

It is important to have plenty of natural lighting during the day, as well as decorative elements that bring the space together.

Whether that means installing new drapes that fit a more modern style, adding roller shades made by Hunter Douglas to regulate the lighting, or updating the blinds, aesthetic features that adorn your windows can make a stylistic statement in your living room.

Paint an Accent Wall

Many rooms in your house probably have the same color on all four walls. It makes sense when you want to make the space feel unified. But an accent wall can make part of your living room pop and create a broader color scheme for the space.

This allows you to match more themes with your choices for furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows, and other decorative elements. It all starts with choosing a bold color that contrasts well with the other three walls.

While it may seem crazy to have a completely different color on one wall, the effect is often very appealing if you choose the right shade.

New Lighting

Lighting has advanced a lot as a concept in the 21st century. There are so many new ways to light up a space that are both economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Some unique ideas for lighting include recessed lighting with a fade switch, color-changing LED bulbs, modern chandeliers, and wall uplighting.

All these options present different style possibilities for your living room, so choose an option that matches well with the overall theme of your common area.

Weighing Form Vs Function

For any home improvement project, you have to consider the form and function of the changes that you plan to make. Are you updating something merely for the aesthetics or is there a functional purpose that you want to obtain?

You’ll also have to weigh these two categories with the amount of time and resources that are needed to complete the project.

Simple changes like painting an accent wall and installing new window decorations may be cheaper and quicker while buying a whole new sofa is going to be costly.

Whatever your motivation is, making changes to your living room can affect how you and others experience your home, so take the time needed to come up with a good plan.

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