Kubota B3350 Problems – Is it Worth Buying?

Kubota B3350 Problems

Kubota is the word that comes into our mind when the talk is about  Tractor. First launched in1960s by the Japanese company, it has won people’s hearts in terms of efficiency, power, and quality build.

A company that ensures that all the products have longevity, durability, function, and performance.

No doubt, the company has made its name in commercial tractors but is it a controversial topic about which Tractor will be best bought for domestic use? 

Every device and tool comes with its bane and boon. Similar is the case with the Kubota B3350 tractor.

It’s popularly heard that the physical appearance is different from ordinary and has an eye-turning presence, but it’s working issues are as attention-seeking as its appearance appreciations are. 

Fixing up the curiosity will start with listing down the enormous problems that abundance faces.

KUBOTA B3350  Problems and Complaints 

  1. Regeneration issues faced by people (PDF)
  2. Electrical obstacles 
  3. Regretful dull blades 
  4. Engine various problems

Regeneration issues faced by people (PDF)

Before jumping to the elaboration of problems, would first considering explain the meaning of D- diesel P- particulate F- filter 

PDF regeneration is a phenomenon that involves the cleanliness and emptying of diesel particulate filters.

The reference is encountered when the soot that has been taken out of the filter is burnt at an exceedingly high temperature to create a spacious area needed for the continuation of collection. 

This further divides into two different types of regeneration that carry their different problems.

Passive regeneration 

This kind of regeneration takes place while driving or when you are covering your distance. In this condition, the PDF throws out soot itself and burns it on the filter by itself.

But this kind of regeneration is cured as soon as the distance is covered and there has been a stoppage. 

Active regeneration

This is somewhere in between travelling short and uncertain distances. This regeneration forces a switch when the soot touches a decided percentage.

This harms the issues as it will change its side with the high exhaust temperature by post-combustion fuel injection to burn the soot.

In this situation, a warning will also flash on the dashboard, which indicates the burning of soot just before reaching the desired destination. 

But regrettably, there will be an occurrence of blockage on the system since it’s undoubtedly curable after driving for 15 minutes at a medium speed. Everything will clear out. 

Reasons Behind Regeneration Obstacles 

#A failed component in the engine 

This Tractor’sTractor’s engine emerged in sensors that showed its existence under various parameters.

Regeneration is the result of failure in an emission system that is connected through a sensor. This also shows that the engine fails to regenerate continuously and may fall into a condition where it may not illuminate the engine management system. 

#A repeated short distance drive:

Another fundamental cause of PDF generation problems is the inability to regenerate completely.

The short-distance drive is a causing factor as active regeneration cannot complete its cycle before the destination is approached.

So it’s eradicated between the processes, so in correspondence, this oil is put into the cylinder that doesn’t allow burning but drains into the sump. 

#Driving Long distances even after PDF failure:

Initially, the vehicle can smoothly continue moving and persuading with regeneration problems, but the illuminating single will still have a place on the dashboard. 

It’s a Red alert signal. 

The persistence of ignoring the alerts will result in total blockage on the PDF filter. After all this, the vehicle won’t be able to come up with automatic regeneration. 

Tidbit of information: Driving at a low speed will induce time and help regenerate without any problem, so if any hurry doesn’t surround you, do drive slowly. 

How To fix PDF: 

Adding DPF additive 

PDF regeneration is caused by an aborted regenerate that leaves the filters blocked after some time—adding PDF cleaning additive and then driving for 15 minutes to set this issue in its space. The cost pricing of the PDF cleaning addictive is around 21$ .

Forced regeneration

Due to the ignorance towards aborted regeneration, the state gets spoiled and reaches a level where the engine cannot automatically regenerate .

And for this reason, a visit to a mechanic is a must who will in future forces regeneration using a particular software kit known as PDF delete kit•

Filling the oil 

In abundance, vehicles don’t regenerate if the oil level falls below ¼ of the cylinder. So checking the oil level is a must and fill it if needed. 

Electrical problem 

Electrical problems are easily spotted anywhere it’s as casual as drinking water. They are very commonly occurring in tractors and tend to occur when the battery is damaged.

In a few cases when the TractorTractor is unused over a week, there are few chances of draining the battery. So just a spark of battery abs all set to go speed will be ready back on the road. 

There is a possibility that wrongly connected cables and rushed terminals are sometimes the nucleus of the problems. Do keep a regular check to know if they ever need cleaning 

Engine problems

If you notice any reduction and poor condition in this, then the fault lies inside the engine as it is the leading set powerhouse of the vehicle.

The most heard problem with the engines is faulty spark plugs. The spark plugs are disturbed by dirt in such conditions and can be replaced, which is the only solution left to fix it.

By referring to the manual, start with the process of replacing. If a clogged or destroyed carburetor affects the machine’s performance, then it’s impossible to get it back on track. 

If the carburetor is in its early stage, then unclog it. You will have to spend money on repairs 

Dull blades 

Blades are the backbone of the tractor abs. If the backbone is bent downwards, then the work cannot be performed in an uplifting manner. But honestly, blades getting blunt with time is constant, and sharpening them is necessary. 

They need to be sharpened twice a year, and if you are enrolled regularly, then 4 times are more than enough for leisure work. 

If the blades are purely damaged and cannot be repaired, then buying a new one is essential, which is approximately 40$ 

In short:

The engine is the source of power responsible for performance and energy. 

Kubota B3350 tractor has an emission- three vortex combustion system engine. It uses liquid coolant and highly increased torque abs power, and in adding to all this, the engine uses a diesel particulate filter which makes it environment friendly.

It removes the hydraulic liquid concerning pressure laws to produce the energy for lifting objects. The lifting capacity is 970 kg and 760 behind the lifting point. At the very end, we have a fuel tank holding a capacity of 27.5 L, and it shouldn’t lower below ¼, or else it will meet up with regeneration problems.

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