Guide About Ledger Board Flashing & Ensure Deck Durability

Guide About Ledger Board Flashing & Ensure Deck Durability

It is important for your house to have the most aesthetically pleasing decks that overlook the front yard. It is a dream to sip down a nice glass of beer or ice tea on a sunny summer in your newly constructed deck.

Of course, you can make your own modification for specific weather needs such as adding a jacuzzi or a swing to savor in the fresh autumn air.

There are many things that you could do by adding a deck; however, while many focus on its aesthetics and usage, the aspect of ledger board flashing is completely left out. Yes, it is also important to take care of ledger board flashing while you plan on constructing a deck.

What is ledger board flashing?

The construction of decks require a great deal of planning and in these plans it is vital that you also consider ledger board flashing. Typically, a ledger board acts as a support to connect the deck to the house. In design aspects, it has a horizontal frame and gives one sided support to the porsche.

It is a required component that guarantees the structural integrity of the deck and its future maintenance. This component is also responsible for preventing any leakage issues into the house as the deck is an exterior extension of your home.

Ledger board flashing allows it as a barrier that blocks water seepage into the house structure. This is quite important as interaction of excess water with your home can lead to a ton of problems including molds, premature rotting of metallic components, and many more.

This compromises the structural integrity of your house and increases your expenditure for recurring maintenance in the future. Hence, you can easily avoid it by also taking into account ledger board flashing.

How to flash a ledger board?

Here are some of the aspects that you need to consider before you flash the ledger board and build a perfect deck. These include;

1) Keep Tools handy

It is quite important that you have the right toolkit to begin flashing the ledger board.

Some important tools include tin snipper, measuring rulers, a flat surface, some mounting material, and other necessary tools that you will require. Once you are equipped with the right toolkit, it is time to go ahead with the initial steps to mount the flash.

2) Take the right measurement

You will now need to lay the ground for your flashing material. You will need to take precise measurements of the house exterior based on your deck designs and plans.

This is quite an important step as it is the foundation that will determine the precision of the placement of the flash. After taking the measurements, you will need to slice the flashing sheet with the tin snip in the right dimensions so that it fits right in.

3) Bend at appropriate corners

Another thing that you need to consider is that the flashing material needs to be bent at the corners instead of cutting it into separate pieces. Therefore, the measurements are quite important and you need to make sure that it rightly fits the corners.

This will also determine the success of your flashing. If you need a perfect bend, make sure you mount the flashing sheet and then gently perfect the corners.

4) Mount the flash

Once you have taken the measurements and cut the flashing sheet at appropriate scales, your task will involve mounting the flashing material. You can either use the latest gluing technology or you can simply screw the panel.

While doing this make sure that you are protecting your house from water leakage. Hence, ensure that there are no minor holes or cracks affecting your design. Please take close attention when you are establishing this strong base for your deck.

Things to Consider To Perfect the Ledger Board Flashing

There are various other things to consider if you are planning to perfect the ledger board flashing. These include;

1) Flashing Material

You can choose between a variety of flashing material in the industry. One of the most popular ones include galvanized steel and aluminum. While choosing the material you need to consider its durability, water resistance, corrosive ability, and many other aspects that can threaten the integrity of your structure.

2) Sealant

The whole idea of installing a ledger board is to prevent leakage of water affecting the structure of your house. While this is the case, you need to consider picking the right sealant that provides weather-resistance and high-effectiveness. Hence, it is quite important that you pick a sealant with the highest quality in the market.

3) Screw Type

As you are aware, there are a variety of screws available in the market depending on the task at hand. You can opt for stainless steel screws for this scenario as it won’t corrode easily.

The size of the screw depends on your mounting plans and your approach. Hence, depending on this you can choose the right screw type that will help you mount the flash perfectly.

4) Ledger Board

It is also crucial that you pick the ledger board so that it does not decay easily. Further, you also need to ensure that it is insect resistant and supports the highest-quality build. Apart from this, you can also optionally include a waterproof membrane for further protection.

The Bottom Line

Ledger board flashing is truly quite important as it also includes the compliance with building codes and regulations. You will not face any problems with insurance or county rules in the city hall for illegal structure if you flash your board ledger.

Flashing ledger board goes along with safety codes for building structures(Section R703.4 in the International Residential Code 2021) and also guarantees long-term stability and reduced maintenance. You can prevent future hazards and also be prepared for natural disasters involving storms and heavy rains.

You will set a strong foundation for the future and spend less money on maintaining the deck. Hence, it is quite important you flash the deck in the right manner and guarantee its longevity.


1) Is Ledger Board Flashing Easy?

No, it requires a series of processes. However, by following the right steps and equipped with the necessary toolkit you can add this component easily.

2) What Is The Main Purpose Of Ledger Board Flashing?

The main purpose involved prevention from water leakage causing further damage.

3) Where Can You Install The Ledger Board Flash?

It needs to be installed at the exterior portion of the house where the deck will be attached.

4) Which Is The Best Material For Flashing?

The recommended material for ledger board flashing is galvanized steel and aluminum.

5) What Is The Major Benefit Of Flashing Your Ledger Board?

One of the major benefits involves prevention of further damage to the house which thereby reduces maintenance charges.

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