Step-By-Step Guide On How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner

Hello there! Are you ready to manually recline an electric recliner? You’ve found it. This step-by-step guide will let you manually recline your electric chair like an expert.

You may be wondering why this is significant. This expertise is useful in many circumstances. Imagine being in your favourite recliner on a peaceful Sunday afternoon when the power goes out.

You’d be trapped sitting straight while pining for that perfect lounging position without manual reclining. Do not worry! Master manual reclining to never miss those lovely moments of rest. Join me for a cup of coffee (or tea) as we explore how to manually recline an electric recliner.

TopicKey Point
Electric vs. Manual ReclinersElectric uses motors & controls; Manual uses levers/handles.
Need for Manual RecliningPower outages, medical adjustments, customizing comfort.
Safety MeasuresRead manual, check electricals, clear area, check structure.
Manual Reclining ProcessLocate lever, unlock, adjust position, lock in place.
Restoring Electric ReclineReset lever, press electric recline, test recliner.

Before we begin, let me explain how electric recliners function compared to manual ones. This will show you why manual recline is important.

Brief Description of Electric Recliners

Electric recliners’ inner workings should be explained first. These technological wonders offer utmost comfort and convenience at a button. Electric recliners have an electrical mechanism that makes chair adjustments easy.

How Do Electric Recliners Work?

A gearbox and lever mechanism powers electric recliners. The motor moves chair components when you recline. This movement lets you recline from upright. Electric recliners’ changeable positions are its main benefit. Just press a button to select the perfect position for reading, watching TV, or napping.

Electric Vs. Manual Recliner Mechanisms

You may be wondering how electric recliners vary from manual ones. The chair’s adjustment mechanism is the key difference. Changing the orientation of manual recliners requires pushing or pulling a lever or handle.

However, electric recliners use motors and controls for easy adjustments. Electric variants offer more accurate sitting control, which is great. Adjusting the angle is simple and doesn’t require much strength.

Understanding these contrasts will show you why manual electric recliner recline is important. Now that we know how electric recliners work, let’s look at the tools needed.

Assessing the Need for Manual Reclining

If the remote breaks or the power goes out, learning how to manually recline an electric chair can help. This article discusses five scenarios where manually reclining an electric recliner is necessary.

We will cover all situations where this basic ability can save the day, from emergencies to simple troubleshooting. If you have an electric recliner or plan to buy one, read on to learn when and how to manually recline it.

Outage Or Electrical Problem

A power outage or electrical problem might happen to electric chairs. In some cases, the recliner may not work, preventing the user from adjusting it. Because electric recliners provide comfort and mobility, this can be annoying and cumbersome.

Knowing how to manually recline the chair can aid in these situations. Following the necessary instructions, the recliner can be adjusted without electricity, offering relief and comfort during a power outage.

Manually reclining an electric recliner during a power outage or electrical fault can prevent pain and injury. Sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time in an upright recliner may cause back or neck pain. By manually reclining the chair, users may easily make it more comfy.

A totally reclined recliner may make it difficult to get out of without manually repositioning it. Know how to physically recline the chair to pull it back up without straining their muscles or falling.

Making Medicinal Or Therapeutic Adjustments

Power outages, electrical faults, and other events may require manually reclining an electric recliner. One is medicinal or therapeutic. The recliner’s angle or position can provide much-needed respite and comfort for anyone with mobility difficulties or chronic pain.

Surgery and injury patients can also use it for optimal placement. Manually reclining the chair can help manage and improve health in these circumstances.

Manually adjusting the recliner can also address medical issues that demand specialised posture. To meet medical or therapeutic purposes, you must know how to manually recline an electric recliner.

Adjusting For Comfort

In addition to the foregoing conditions, manually reclining an electric chair can help customise comfort. Pre-set reclining positions on electric recliners may not fit everyone.

Manually adjusting the recliner lets people discover the best fit for their body and needs. Finding the appropriate angle helps relieve spine pressure and tension for back pain sufferers.

Sharing a recliner may require manual reclining. With diverse body forms and preferences, people’s comfort positions may vary. Both people can enjoy the electric recliner by manually reclining it.

This is ideal for multi-family families and couples with various reclining inclinations. Manually reclining an electric recliner makes it more comfortable and personalised, boosting its relaxation and rest benefits.

Recliner Reset After Malfunction

Electric recliners may fail and not respond to remote or button controls. If you need a comfortable position for back discomfort, this can be frustrating. Resetting the recliner may fix the problem before contacting for professional help.

Remove the recliner from the power source and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This resets electronics and may fix the problem. A manual release lever or button on the recliner may allow manual recline if this fails.

The manufacturer’s documentation explains how to find and use this function. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer or a specialist.

Preventing Transit And Storage Damage

To avoid damage, move and store an electric recliner carefully. Improper chair handling is a leading source of shipment damage. Do not drag or dump the recliner, since this can damage the motor or other systems.

The recliner should also be protected from moisture, harsh temperatures, and sharp items that could pierce it during storage. You can keep your electric recliner working by taking these measures.

These variables can help you decide if manually reclining your electric chair is right for you. Find and operate your electric recliner’s manual recline lever or button in the next section.

Security Measures

Electric recliners are popular for relaxation and comfort in many families. These creative pieces of furniture make it easy to relax after a long day. As with any electrical item, safety precautions must be taken before use.

If done improperly, manually reclining an electric chair might be dangerous. The last thing anyone wants is to hurt their recliner while trying to get comfy. Thus, before manually reclining your electric chair, you must take safety precautions.

Read And Follow Manual

Please read and follow the user manual before manually reclining your electric chair. The recliner’s manual contains important safety information. It has pictures and instructions. Learn all chair functions to avoid accidents and injuries.

Before manually reclining your electric chair, read the user instructions and follow safety precautions. Keep the recliner’s weight limit in mind and remove any obstacles. The recliner should also be avoided by kids and dogs. Follow these safety precautions to relax in your electric recliner.

Make Good Electrical Connections

Electric chairs need correct electrical connections to operate safely and efficiently. Before manual recline, examine electrical connections for damage or wear. Ground all plugs and outlets and examine power cords for fraying or tears. Your recliner’s safety may be compromised by loose or damaged connections.

Electrical connections should be checked along with physical damage. This requires following manufacturer instructions and using the proper tools and methods.

For accuracy and safety, engage a professional electrician when connecting electrical devices. Relax on your electric chair knowing it’s safe and efficient by inspecting all electrical connections.

Completely Clear The Area

Clear the space before manually reclining your electric recliner. This includes removing furniture, loose objects, and cords that could restrict the recliner’s movement. Not doing so may harm the recliner or injure you or others.

In addition to a clear area, further safety procedures must be taken. Check that the recliner is linked to a dependable power source and that all electrical connections are secure. A fire extinguisher is also advised for electrical emergencies. These procedures can keep your electric recliner running smoothly and safely.

Check For Structure Damage

Before manually reclining your electric recliner, check its structure for damage. Check for loose or broken pieces and frame cracks or dents. Use of a recliner with structural deterioration might cause catastrophic injuries or accidents.

Before manual reclining, the chair must be thoroughly inspected and structural faults addressed.

A Second Person Helps

A second person is recommended while manually reclining an electric recliner. This is crucial if the recliner is hefty or you have physical restrictions. Another person can help disperse the weight and prevent strain or damage. A helping hand is also helpful when moving the recliner into a reclined posture.

After covering these safety measures, let’s discuss electric recliner manual overrides.

How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner

An electric recliner is convenient and comfy because you can alter your seating position with a button. However, the electric mechanism may malfunction or you may want to manually adjust the recliner.

Knowing how to manually recline an electric recliner can help in such instances. Let’s start learning how to manually recline an electric recliner like an expert.

Look For Manual Recline Lever

Find the manual recline lever to manually recline an electric recliner. This lever is usually on the recliner’s side near the seat bottom. A little lever or handle can be pulled or pushed to alter the recline angle. For help finding the lever, see the manufacturer’s manual or customer service.

Lever Unlocks Recliner

If the power goes out or the motor fails, you must know how to manually recline an electric recliner. First, find the manual recline lever on the side of the electric recliner near the bottom and manually recline it.

The larger electric recline buttons may be more obvious than this lever. After finding it, lift the lever to unlock and recline the recliner.

Lean Back To Recline

After unlocking the recliner, recline to your liking. Push the backrest gently with your torso and the footrest with your feet, if applicable. This will allow a smooth recline without straining the recliner’s mechanics. A comfortable position that supports your back and lets you relax is crucial.

You can try several recline positions to find the right one. After settling in, release the lever and the recliner will lock into place, letting you relax. When adjusting the recliner, take careful not to lean too far back to avoid tipping.

Let Go Of Recliner Lever

To maintain stability and safety, lock the electric recliner. After reclining the backrest and footrest to your comfort, release the lever to lock the recliner. This keeps the recliner from moving and falling.

Check Recliner Stability And Comfort

To ensure safety and comfort, test a recliner’s stability and comfort before buying. Sitting in the recliner and shifting your weight will assess stability. Recliners should not wobble or fall over.

To ensure the recliner doesn’t recline too much, try reclining back and forth. Electric recliners may feature a stronger reclining mechanism that could injure if unstable.

Recliner May Be Adjusted For Comfort

Perfect chair adjustment is key to optimal comfort and relaxation. The preset reclining positions on most electric recliners may not be suitable for your body. It may be time to adjust your recliner if you’re shifting or fidgeting.

Reclining Fully Requires Caution

Fully reclined electric recliners should be used with caution. Laying back and relaxing can strain the recliner’s motor and system. The recliner may malfunction or be permanently damaged. Reclining to a comfortable angle rather than fully extending the recliner reduces system stress.

Have Fun With Your Manual Electric Recliner

Owning an electric recliner allows you to manually recline when the power is off or the motor is broken. This feature lets you rest in a recliner without power. Adjust the recliner to your liking in a few easy steps for a comfy seat.

Restoring Normal Electric Recline

After enjoying manual reclining, reset your electric recliner to normal. Switch back easily using these steps:

1. Push the lever back to its original position to release it. This will disable the manual mechanism and let the electric recliner take over.

2. Some electric recliners have an “Electric Recline” button or switch. Press this button to activate automatic reclining.

3.After pressing the Electric Recline button, let the recliner reset for a few seconds. As it resets, you may hear a click or mechanical sound.

4.After completing the preceding instructions, test your recliner by pressing the appropriate recline button on your remote control or using another control method given by your model. The chair should easily recline electronically.

If you have any problems or your flexsteel electric recliner doesn’t return to normal, visit your manufacturer’s manual or customer support.
Follow these simple steps to switch from manual to electrically controlled reclining!


1. Why Is Manual Electric Recliner Reclining Important?

Electric recliners must be manually reclined for numerous reasons. You won’t be stuck during a power outage or electrical trouble. It’s essential for medical or therapeutic modifications, especially for mobility-impaired or chronic pain patients.

For some who dislike fixed positions, manual modifications can improve comfort. System failures and recliner resets benefit from manual reclining.

2. What Makes Electric Recliners Different From Manual Ones?

Electric and manual recliners differ mostly in adjustability. Manual recliners are oriented by pushing or pulling a lever or handle. However, motors and controls in electric recliners allow exact adjustments with a button. This permits electric variations to provide more accurate seating control without much effort.

3. Should I Take Safety Precautions Before Manually Reclining My Electric Chair?

Read and follow your recliner’s manual. Inspection electrical connections for damage or wear. Avoid obstacles around the lounger. Look for recliner structural deterioration. If the recliner is heavy or you have physical restrictions, you should have help.

4. How Do I Manually Recline My Electric Recliner?

Find the manual recline lever on the recliner’s side near the seat bottom. Lift this lever to unlock the recliner. Push the backrest and footrest gently with your torso and feet. After positioning, release the lever to lock the recliner.

5. How To Return To Regular Electric Recline After Manually Reclining?

Push the lever back to first. Press the “Electric Recline” button or switch on your electric recliner. Give the recliner a few seconds to reset; you may hear a click. Test the recliner with your remote or other control. For difficulties, consult the manufacturer’s manual or customer support.

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