7 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Sound Absorbing Panels

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Have Sound Absorbing Panels

When renovating, facilities such as HVAC, electricity, and internet connectivity usually take a high priority to provide an enjoyable work environment.

However, it’s vital to control the acoustics within your indoor spaces. The following article will detail the importance of indoor acoustics and why you should have the best sound-absorbing panels.

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

Before moving on to the benefits of sound-absorbing panels, you should understand the differences between soundproofing and sound absorbing.


Soundproofing refers to the prevention of sounds from going into your space.

So if you’re having problems with traffic noise, construction, or other sounds that maybe leak into your room, you should look into soundproofing tips and other materials instead of using sound-absorbing panels.

Sound Absorbing

On the other hand, sound-absorbing refers to making the acoustics within a space better by reducing echo and reverberation. In an indoor setting, especially with plenty of people gathered, noise tends to bounce off hard surfaces such as floors, ceilings, and walls.

Sound-absorbing panels reduce or even eliminate this problem by introducing a soft surface for the sounds to be absorbed instead of reflected.

Benefit #1 – Reducing Residual Noise

The problem with residual noise is that even if it is unintelligible, it still causes issues with communication and focus as the sounds get amplified after reflecting off a hard surface.

The primary benefit of sound-absorbing panels is preventing sounds from bouncing off walls by soaking up the sounds.

This characteristic of sound-absorbing panels is vital, especially in meeting rooms, as you’ll have an easier time understanding the topic of the meeting itself and not be distracted by any noise.

Benefit #2 – Improving Audio Clarity

Suppose you intend to use the space as a movie cinema. In this space, getting the most accurate sound possible is essential to provide the best experience for the listener.

However, sounds from speakers end up bouncing off the walls, and instead of only hearing the sounds from your chosen media, you also hear the echo, which ends up muddling the sound.

The same problem is if you intend to use the space as a recording studio where the microphone will pick up your voice and echo.

Sound panels work by dispersing the energy of these sounds through soft, absorbent materials. Once the sounds have no more energy, they also cease their propagation, so you end up hearing or recording the cleanest possible sound.

You’ll also need to ensure that you have steel flush acoustical access doors installed within these spaces, as they tend to have plenty of vital wall-hidden utilities that need maintenance.

Installing a sound-rated access panel ensures you have access to these utilities while maintaining the sound signature you need.

Benefit #3 – Stress Reduction

Have you ever tried to enter an office or restaurant during peak hours? In the short time after you go inside, you try to gauge the atmosphere and whether you’ll have a pleasant experience or a stressful one.

If you want to provide the best experience for your clients, the first impression you should give them is peace and calm.

When you have the proper sound-absorbing panels installed, you give your customers and visitors the best impression, as they don’t get bombarded by all the sounds that come from your space.

Additionally, sound-absorbing panels come in all styles and have some aesthetic customization. You can order panels that fit perfectly with the rest of your space to give great visual cohesion.

Benefit #4 – Increased Productivity

Noise is one of the contributors to stress within the workplace. Numerous studies conducted by various reputable sources show that workers have higher stress levels with daily exposure to office noise.

Studies conducted by the University of California, Irvine, revealed that workers handling or using information only have around 11 minutes of focus between distractions.

The increased popularity of open-concept workplaces exacerbates this problem. While the improved collaboration between employees has benefits, you also reduce the number of objects that could catch these noises.

By reducing the amount of noise spreading across a workspace, you also improve the morale of your workers and ensure they maintain productivity throughout their workday.

Benefit #5 – Healthier Working Environment

Excessive noise within your workspace increases stress levels among workers as the added stimuli from these unwanted sounds add to mental fatigue and impairs judgment.

One of the expected benefits of installing sound-absorbing panels is the reduction in overall noise levels. Preliminary studies at the University of Michigan Health System show a noticeable drop in overall noise levels in hallways.

Our current technology makes a quieter work environment achievable by installing sound-absorbing panels and combining them with other strategies to reduce noise.

Lower stress levels attributed to lower noise levels reduce workers’ stress in many situations, giving workers the healthy and optimal working conditions they deserve.

Benefit #6 – Better Privacy

The sound-absorbing material found in panels applied on floors, walls, and ceilings is adaptable to other uses. For example, you can use acoustic partitions to divide your workspace and provide visual and acoustic privacy to employees.

Respecting privacy within the workplace is essential as it shows respectful handling of private information to both clients and stakeholders. Sound-absorbing panels allow employees to focus on confidential tasks and ensure that information remains secure.

Moreover, acoustic dividers allow employees to work with some personal space. Workers who do not have personal space feel uncomfortable and are likely to get distracted.

For this reason, the benefit of acoustic dividers ensures your workers work efficiently with fewer distractions on their work.

Benefit #7 – Uplifted Aesthetics

Manufacturers typically wrap acoustic panels with a sound-transparent fabric. As such, you can choose from various colors and looks when installing acoustic panels.

Because of this, you can choose the look of the acoustic panel to complement your existing aesthetical installations and give your indoor space a fresh look without going through an expensive and labor-intensive renovation.

You can also choose to have acoustic panels made in bespoke shapes and sizes if you want a unique and functional wall or ceiling pieces that increase the visual interest within a space.


Sound-absorbing panels achieve various benefits, from minimizing noise, increasing audio clarity, reducing stress levels in the workplace, improving productivity, and even complementing indoor aesthetics.

If all these benefits fit within your requirements, perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing and installing sound-absorbing panels for your indoor spaces.

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