Why Australian Homeowners Are Turning to Ducted Air-Conditioning

Why Australian Homeowners Are Turning to Ducted Air-Conditioning

Global warming is as real as ever and we can all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint; many homes are cooled by old a/c systems that are inefficient, not mention expensive to run. If you would like to save money and energy, consider installing ducted a/c in your home and you won’t regret it.

Exploring the Shift: Why Australians Embrace Ducted Air-Conditioning

HVAC climate control

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems are a game-changer; you no longer need separate systems for heating and cooling and with the best ducted air conditioning in Brisbane from a leading supplier, your climate control issues are over.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology with the latest generation of heat exchangers, a single system can send cool or warm air through your home via concealed ducting, which is a super-efficient way to keep your living space comfortable.


It makes perfect sense to be able to close ducting at specific locations in the home; you can, for example, warm up your bedroom for a couple of hours before sleep, or you could reduce the a/c to a single room.

This gives you complete control and with a super-accurate thermostat, the system kicks in when required. There is no point in using climate control in a space that is not occupied, that is throwing money away! Zoning saves you energy and gives you more control.

Government incentives

The Australian federal government has a firm plan that sees solar energy integrating into the infrastructure and that can only happen if home and business owners take the plunge and switch to clean and renewable energy.

Your state government is offering financial incentives to property owners that wish to install solar panels; talk to a leading Brisbane climate control specialist that also offers solar energy system design and installation.

Make yours a smart home

Smart technology has been around for a while and sooner or later, you will start to integrate digital tech to control systems in the home. The sooner you do this, the more money you will save and your smart home will be a shining example to others.

Solar energy is readily available, talk to a provider about MyAir, a cutting-edge technology to manage climate control and you can switch from the national grid (fossil-fuel-based energy) to the clean and renewable energy from the Sun.

Arrange for a technician to pay you a visit and he can show you the many options when it comes to smart home technology. You can transform your home in stages, starting with climate control, then solar panels and use smart tech to manage your clean energy system. You can even sell excess electricity to the National Grid.

Free assessment

Every home is unique and when you approach a leading supplier of ducted a/c systems, they can design the system around your home and quote an all-inclusive price.

You could merge this installation with solar panels and battery storage to become energy independent, which enables you to receive a government grant, a financial incentive to switch to clean energy.

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