5 Unique Interior Design Tips for Bedrooms

5 Unique Interior Design Tips for Bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom can feel like a daunting task. After all, it’s the room where you start and end your day, so you want it to feel just right. While classic design principles are always helpful, these more unique tips will make your bedroom feel fresh and inspiring.

Here are 5 tips to make your bedroom interior design stand out from the rest.

Make Bold Choices

Bedrooms are private spaces where you can be daring with colour choices not suitable for more public rooms. Opt for intense shades like cobalt blue, eggplant purple or marsala red in smallish doses.

Keep walls neutral and use colour on lighting, bedding, window treatments and accessories. For a sophisticated look, match your curtains to your wall colour. Then pick a contrasting shade for pillows and shams.

If your bed frame or headboard has personality, keep bedding simple to avoid competition. Colour gives bedrooms extra vibrancy but keeps hues cohesive for a relaxing oasis.

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Embrace the Power of Patterns

One easy yet effective way to add visual interest and personality to a bedroom is through creative use of patterns. A great place to start is by selecting one striking and bold print for the accent wall or as part of the headboard. Just be sure the scale of the print fits the wall space so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Next, incorporate secondary patterns throughout the room in smaller doses to build upon your foundational wallpaper or headboard fabric. Opt for patterned sheets, shams, floor coverings, curtains and accent pillows in a colour palette that complements your wallpaper.

For example, pull out 2-3 colours from the print and use embroidered textiles in those same hues. If the patterns share similar lines, shapes and curves, it creates continuity. The overall mix of patterns adds depth, dimension and visual vibrancy to the bedroom.

Be strategic in limiting patterns to 2-3 per room for a layered, collected look that still feels curated. Work in different scales of the same pattern or alternate organic and geometric motifs. The eye will appreciate the variation.

Just take care to keep the overall pattern scheme cohesive. Bold prints can feel energising, but it’s important your bedroom continues to exude a peaceful vibe.

Display Collections Creatively

Bedrooms provide the perfect opportunity to get creative when displaying personal collections and treasures. Instead of stashing your books away in dark drawers, thoughtfully select your favourite titles, mementos, or special editions and arrange them artfully on open, floating bookshelves.

Stagger books horizontally and vertically for visual interest. Collections of rocks, shells, coral, or sea glass also merit display. Place them in simple ceramic bowls or on bookshelves where they become fascinating artefacts.

For an unexpected twist, frame your prized insect, butterfly, or pressed flower collections and attach them neatly in rows or clusters on the wall over the bed or beside furniture.

Or fill apothecary jars or glass cylinders with beach pebbles or colourful candy and display them on a dresser or console table. These homey, personalised touches spark joy and make a bedroom feel genuinely yours.

Just be sure to thoughtfully edit oversized collections so they don’t become cluttered. Rotate items seasonally if needed. The selections on display should feel curated. Take time to dust and adjust items periodically to keep your cherished collections looking artful.

And don’t underestimate the power of a few special items displayed together to represent you. Aim for quality over quantity. Let your collections make your bedroom more welcoming and infuse it with nostalgia.

Light It Up

When it comes to bedrooms, creative lighting deserves special attention for both function and style. Start with ample ambient lighting that roughly illuminates the overall room, whether from recessed cans, table lamps or a ceiling fixture.

This takes care of navigating from the door to bed without stubbing toes. Then add task lighting where needed, like articulating swing arm lamps or reading lights flanking the bed for nighttime books or browsing phones.

For drama, make a statement by lighting the wall behind the bed with elegant wall sconces or dramatic pendant lights. Sconces mounted horizontally on either side of the bed add symmetry and atmosphere.

For truly unique statement lighting, opt for vintage-inspired fixtures like metal lanterns, sculptural mid-century pendants, or even an antler chandelier over the bed.

Don’t underestimate the power of varied lighting designs and fixtures to add character and customise the lighting vibe. Dimmer switches allow you to control the ambience from bright daylight for cleaning to moody glow for romance.

Uplights in corners or built-ins provide still more directional illumination options. With personalised lighting layers, you can customise the brightness and experience to suit any activity or mood.

Just take care that overhead light sources don’t compete visually with the patterns or art you want to showcase in your retreat. Lighting keeps a bedroom functional and lets you set the perfect scene.

Create Display Nooks

Tucked-away shelves or ledges make charming display nooks in bedrooms. Repurpose an old bookcase by topping it with framed photos and leaning a large mirror against the wall above.

Set it in a reading corner for an architectural vignette. Or build open shelving packed with ceramic animals and trailing plants over the headboard. Floating wall-mounted cubbies offer handy bedside storage for alarm clocks and books.

Even a shallow windowsill can host a cute succulent collection. Find small unused spaces and get creative with compact shelving or ledges to personalise your bedroom.

In closing, bedrooms are highly personal spaces that deserve special design attention. By embracing creative ideas like artful displays, bold colours and varied lighting, you can make your bedroom into a private sanctuary.

Don’t overlook the power of patterns or small nooks to add visual interest too. With these unique tips in mind, you’ll be ready to transform your bedroom into a stylish, rejuvenating retreat.

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