Enhancing Curb Appeal: How to Prepare for a Siding Upgrade Project

Enhancing Curb Appeal: How to Prepare for a Siding Upgrade Project

The American residential real estate market is back in big business after the pandemic slowdown. While things look good in most states, some are grappling for stability.

The Texas real estate market is struggling in 2023, with a loss in sales due to slow construction activities and sellers’ unwillingness to give in to low rates. An increase in mortgage rates is another factor putting the brakes on the housing frenzy in the state.

With concerns regarding an impending real estate crash, potential sellers need to find a way to maximize the value of their properties. Those in big cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi must go the extra mile.

Fortunately, curb appeal can get you brownie points when it comes to getting a high selling price. A report by the National Association of Realtors notes that 94% of real estate professionals suggest improving curb appeal before listing a house for sale.

As a seller in Texas, you can take steps like painting the outdoors, sprucing up your garden, and landscape upgrades to get your curb appeal on point.

The siding upgrade takes the curb appeal a notch higher, making it a worthy investment for homeowners seeking a good deal. But before calling siding professionals for the project, you must do your bit to ensure the best outcomes. Here are a few steps to make the most out of the project.

Tips on How to Prepare for Siding Replacement

Research Local Siding Contractors

Siding installation is a complicated project, so DIY is the last thing you should consider. That holds even if you want to save dollars and don’t expect to live in the house forever. Search for a trustworthy local contractor for the job.

If you want an upgrade for your home’s  siding in Corpus Christi, look for someone in the city because they know factors like the weather and guide you on the best time to start.

According to Americraft Siding and Windows, homeowners must check the track record, licenses, and warranties before hiring a contractor. Getting referrals and going through reviews can also help.

Additionally, homeowners should compare a few good ones to choose wisely. Finding a reputable contractor is half the work done.

But you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest contractor because they may not be the best. Look for someone who will complete the project quickly without charging big money or cutting corners so that you can get your curb appeal game on point.

Get an Estimate

A Forbes article states that the average cost of installing new siding is between $2 and $9 per square foot. The total amount can be significant if you have a big house.

You may not want to invest big money in a house you plan to sell sooner than later. That makes sense, but you must consider the value a siding upgrade can add to your property. You may get a far bigger offer than the project’s cost.

Remember to get an estimate from your contractor before starting with the project to be financially ready. The figure may vary according to the location because some cities are more expensive than others.

Expect the cost of upgrading home  siding in San Antonio to be reasonable because it is among the country’s most affordable metro areas.

Besides getting a cost estimate, you must ask for a project deadline. After all, you expect to put the property on the market sooner than later and get the best price whenever things look up in the housing landscape.

Prepare Your Place

Once you finalize the contractor and get the estimates for the budget and timeline, you are ready to take the project ahead. At this stage, you must get down to the basics with the practical aspects of the job. Here are a few measures recommended by contractors before going ahead with the installation:

Time It Right

Start by choosing the right time for the project. It depends on several factors, such as the outdoor weather and demand for services in the area. Also, consider your selling timelines.

Homeowners looking to sell in the peak season (September to December) must consider installing new siding in Austin homes before fall. It gets your curb appeal in place before potential buyers start dropping in.

Clear the Outdoor Area

Clear the outdoor area by removing furniture, potted plants, and gardening equipment. Trim trees and shrubs as they may get in the way of the installation. Arrange an alternative parking spot for your vehicles. Anything that obstructs workers from installing the siding shouldn’t be around.

Keep Pets and Children Away

Siding installation can be noisy and risky if pets and kids are around. You must ensure that they are nowhere around the work area. You may consider sending them to a friend’s place during the project so that you don’t need to supervise them besides checking the contractors.

Wrapping Up

A siding upgrade is a savvy move for homeowners looking to get the best deals for their properties. Although it may sound like a lot of work, adding curb appeal can increase the value of your selling check by thousands. Following these tips can help you minimize the cost and hassle of the project and make the most of it.

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