3 Tips To Baby-Proof Your Expensive Living-Room Carpet

3 Tips To Baby-Proof Your Expensive Living-Room Carpet

Americans love their living rooms and are keen to invest a ton to create a tastefully-decorated place they can flaunt to visitors. Statistics show that 22% of American homeowners spend a whopping $ 2000-5000 on living room furniture and décor.

Besides furniture, wall art, and fixtures, carpets are an essential element of living room décor. They add warmth, beauty, and comfort to your space. The popularity of this décor piece can be judged from the sheer market size, considering that carpet and area rug sales in the US crossed the $10 billion mark in 2020.

As a discerning homeowner, you may spend a fortune on an expensive carpet to enhance your space. But you should also do enough to give it the TLC it deserves, specifically if you have a little one in the family.

You can imagine the pain of seeing a toddler dropping things, spilling liquids, and peeing on your luxurious investment.

With  9.23 million households having toddlers between three and five years of age, a lot of homeowners may be worrying about baby-proofing their carpets. Going more state-specific, Virginia is home to 297,991 babies, which means tons of spills and thousands of dirty carpets for the residents.

Luckily, a few simple measures can help you baby-proof your living room carpet. Here is a checklist you can rely on:

Know the Risks

On average, the regular carpet cost in the US is $2.50 per square foot, but that’s just the basics. You may spend a lot more on a luxurious Oriental rug to decorate your living room.

But you must consider some facts before splurging on it. Perhaps, you may wait a few years if you have a toddler at home or plan to start a family. Having a little one in-house translates into several risks for your high-value investment.

From food stains to pee smell, crayon marks, and damage with heavy toys, there are plenty of potential threats to your rug. Knowing the risks is a good start because you can delay the expensive investment or plan a strategy if you already have a costly floor décor element.

You can keep your little one off-limits or have a no-food-and-drink rule in the living room as a preventive plan. Covering the carpet with an inexpensive mat when the toddler is around is a good idea.

Call in the Experts

You can do your best to prevent mishaps when a baby is around, but they may still happen. Skip the idea of DIY stain removal because you may end up damaging the delicate fabric of your plush carpet with scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Calling experts sooner than later is your best option because timing is critical.

Carpet cleaning costs range between $2 and $8 per square foot, which is a small price to save your investment. You may be extra concerned if living in Woodbridge, which is among the top 2% of the most expensive places in the world.

That means home improvement services cost more in the city, but you can compare carpet cleaners in Woodbridge, VA, to find the best deal on cleaning services. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners note that quick action can restore the beauty of a carpet despite the toughest stains.

Besides timely stain removal, homeowners must invest in regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong the lifespan of expensive carpets and rugs. The best piece of advice is to trust professionals who know their job and have the right supplies and equipment.

Vacuum Regularly

Besides getting into action mode right after an accidental spill, you must do your bit to keep your expensive carpet clean and beautiful. A weekly vacuuming schedule is good enough to keep the dust and dirt out.

You may also want to do it once midweek if you have kids hanging around and bringing in the mud from the backyard. Studies show that carpeted floors have significantly more dust and allergens than smooth floors.

Regular vacuuming prevents the dust particles from lodging deep within the fibers. It makes the indoor air healthier, which matters more when you have a baby at home.

Check the vacuum settings to ensure it is good enough to suck the dust without harming the delicate material of your carpet. You can get a few tips from your cleaning pros when they come for a deep cleaning and maintenance job.


An expensive carpet is an owner’s pride, but it requires good care and maintenance. You need to go the extra mile with TLC when a baby or toddler is around.

Fortunately, it isn’t as much work as you imagine. Follow these simple measures to prolong your carpet’s lifespan, protect it from spills and stains, and keep it looking beautiful over the years.

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