Maximizing Space in Small Seattle Kitchens: Clever Remodeling Tips

Maximizing Space in Small Seattle Kitchens: Clever Remodeling Tips

For many Seattle homeowners, small kitchens are a reality. When remodeling your kitchen, you have to make the most of the square footage. Some may be able to open up walls and gain more space, but others may have limited options.

Here’s how you can make the most of your space in your small Seattle kitchen.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen To Maximize Space

Get Rid of Upper Cabinets

Cabinets offer a place for storage in your kitchen. In small kitchens though, they close off the room. Minimize the use of these in your remodel or completely remove them. You can use open shelving, a hot trend for Seattle homes. These shelves provide storage and add charm to your kitchen.

Scale Down Appliances

In a small kitchen, having a massive refrigerator or four-burner stove can eat up all your space. Replace these items with smaller versions to give yourself more room.

Go for Glass

With glass, the reflective quality helps the light in your kitchen spread, making it appear larger. You can use a mirror or glass tile backsplash to create the effect.

Explore Lighting Options

Changing up your lighting can have a significant impact on how large your kitchen looks. One focal light is not going to do anything for your kitchen. Multiple light sources are the answer to your small kitchen woes. Consider pendant lighting, or make use of recessed cabinet lights.

Evenly distributing the light in your small kitchen gives it a more cohesive look while accentuating the design. Additionally, if there are ways to maximize the flow of natural light into your kitchen, perhaps through glass doors or larger windows, you should consider these options.

Open It Up

Once the open kitchen concept took off, it became a lasting trend. If there is any way you can knock down a wall to open up your small kitchen, you should do it. You’ll be changing the layout, which is a huge advantage since you’ll gain square footage in this room.

It also creates a seamless flow into your living space for a smoother transition throughout your home. You may be able to add a breakfast nook or additional counter seating, which will make entertaining a breeze.

Think About Storage Solutions

In many small kitchens, there are unused corners that are hard to access. This wasted space can be converted into a useful part of your kitchen during the remodel.

Storage solutions can include custom designs that engage that wasted space and turn your kitchen into one that is more productive. Revolving cabinets can also allow easier access while storing away your kitchen essentials.

The trick to creating an efficient kitchen with small spaces is to make the most of what you have during your remodel. With these tips for kitchen remodeling Seattle homeowners can create the feel of a bigger kitchen that will give joy for years to come.

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