The Most Popular Types of Showers in 2024

The Most Popular Types of Showers in 2024

In this blog we’ll look at the best types of showers on the market, their average costs, the overall average cost of a new shower installation and how to find the right installer near you. Let’s dive in!

What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Showers?

Let’s now take a look at some of the most common types of showers used in the UK including their estimated costs.

Electric Showers

Electric showers use a heat element (powered by electricity) to heat up water. Electric showers generally cost somewhere in the region of £60 to £500 in supply only cost. Along with offering a high level of efficiency, electric showers can be modified more easily.

Power Showers

The built-in pump included in a power shower is what allows it to achieve such high levels of pressure. Power showers, coming with an average price range of £200 to £600 (again, supply only cost) are ideal for households with a low level of pressure. However, power showers lack compatibility with combi boilers.

Digital Showers

A digital shower is one that employs an electronic power control panel, allowing you a hi-tech way of adjusting aspects like the temperature with ease. Digital showers usually come with a cost of somewhere between £400 and £1,000.

Smart Showers

A smart shower is a specific type of digital shower. Unlike a regular digital shower, a smart shower can be controlled through a smart app as well as with an electronic control panel, enabling remote control. Smart showers often cost somewhere between £400 and £1,200.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers combine hot and cold water sources to produce the ideal temperature. These showers are generally priced somewhere in the region of £50 to £1,000.

Mixer showers in general offer a stronger water flow than an electric shower. What’s more, unlike power showers, mixer shows can work with combi boilers as well as low pressure gravity systems.

How Much Does a New Shower Cost?

The price of fitting a shower will depend on a range of factors including the type of shower you opt for (as discussed above), the quality/brand and the price of labour near you.

Broadly speaking, the average cost of a new shower tends to land somewhere between £200 and £1,600. For pricing specific to shower types see the next section.

Returning to some of the cost factors discussed above, the cost of labour tends to be above average in the southeast of England but below average in regions such as northern England and Scotland.

Finding the Right Professional Near You

When seeking to have a new shower installed, it’s a good idea to get quotes from 3 or more shower installers in your area. By doing so, you can then compare details

of each quote (e.g. pricing, experience levels etc.) and make an informed choice as to who you should opt for.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of labour can vary depending on where you live. To have a brand-new shower installed may cost you several hundred pounds but quite a bit less (around £100 or so for a like-for-like replacement).


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